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#Kingschatrecommends Jesus is my Vaccine. Credit: @lolworld Got great content? Hashtag KingschatRecommends to have your post considered for the next round of recommendations! 💫💃🏻🎉

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Happy birthday beautiful Sis Isabella.....You are such a beauty and delight. Thanks for all you do for the gospel, Cebarking and Swan Family. We celebrate specially. Much love always ❤ #Cebarking #SwanFamily

HIGHLIGHTS FROM OUR WEDNESDAY SERVICE/LOVE FEAST WITH OUR ESTEEMED PASTOR TONY ADUROJA 💥💥💥💥💥 THE LOVE FEAST HAS BEGUN!!!!!! #SpecialwednesdayServiceWithPastorTonyAduroja #Centralchurch #ukzone2 Kindly follow our superuser page @ukzone2 for ministry updates

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Love Feast......a Feast of Fellowship@ce_barking It is indeed our Month of Joy. #Cebarking #UKR2Z4FASTEST #UK2Z4 #pacesetterchurch

THANK YOU ESTEEMED PASTOR KEMI ADESINA📣 We express our gratitude and appreciation to the Esteemed Pastor Kemi Adesina for partnering with Loveworld UK to propagate the Gospel through project EMAS.💫 We love and appreciate you Ma! Stay connected to Loveworld UK for additional updates and highlights ⁣⁣⁣ #thetruthprotagonists #monthofprayer #loveworldnetworks #yearofpreparation #LoveworldUK #SpreadingLoveChangingtheWorld #Loveworldnetworks 🧑🏾‍💻: Watch Loveworld UK on ⁣⁣⁣ 📲: LIVETV Mobile App 💻: www.loveworlduk.org/watch-live⁣⁣⁣ On-Demand: https://loveworlduk.org/watch-live/ 📱: Loveworld UK 3.0 Mobile App⁣⁣ To Partner/Contact us⁣⁣⁣ Call: +442075115830⁣⁣⁣ Email: sponsors@loveworlduk.org; info@loveworlduk.org

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We are empowered to lead We are the light of the world.. #ICLC #UKR2Z4 #ILFORD

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Happening Now!! LOVEWORLD CHURCH OF THE YEAR TOP 15 CHURCHES 14th Position Christ Embassy UK Region 2 Zone 4. Congratulations to our Highly Esteemed Zonal Pastor, Pastor Kemi Adesina #ICLC #6BILLION #UKR2Z4FASTEST #2021PREPARATION

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❤🥳Happy Birthday Pastor Wilma🥳❤ You have truly been an amazing Pastor and example of what it means to carry the presence of God. Thank you so much for caring about me and my spiritual growth. Thank you for being a light.Love you Pastor Wilma❤🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

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King are coming to the brightness of our rising... We are Favoured and Graced... We love you Pastor Chris..... ICLC Day 2 #ICLC2021 #Cebarking #CellMinistry #SwanFamily #UKR2Z4FASTEST

Our History Empowers our Destiny.... #RevKenOyakhilome #Heb11 #ICLC2021 #CEBARKING #UKR2Z4FASTEST

'The Church is our Pulpit and the City is our Auditorium'. 'A LITTLE ONE 5 BILLION AND A BIG ONE THE WHOLE WORLD'... #ICLC2021 #Cebarking #UKR2Z4FASTEST

We are the Provision for the Vision..... #PastorLanreAlabi #ICLC2021 #Cebarking #CellMinistry #SwanFamily #UKR2Z4FASTEST

Happy Birthday To Our Beloved Deaconess Kilsy Okogba of Christ Embassy Barking / Regional Office, UK Region 2 We celebrate the exhibition of His excellencies, virtues and perfections That shall be seen in you in ever increasing measures in this new year. We love and celebrate you!! #2021PREPARATION #UK2ZFASTEST

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Happy birthday my lovely Dncs Kilsy. Sending you much love today and always ❤. Keeping Winning ❤ ❤ #Cebarking

My Crew is ready to cruise the online Crusade!!! Back to back Gospel!!! No room for th devil!!! #loveworldchildrensministry #LTCCC #childrenschurchrocks #Cebarking #SwanFamily

We bless God for a beautiful Rhapathon with Pastor Kemi!!!! We are indeed set on a mission and benefactors of this Grace.... #Rhapathon2021 #RORineverylanguage #UKR2Z4FASTEST #2021PREPARATION #Cebarking #SwanFamily

#TALKINGSESSION 15TH MAY. KINDLY SAY THESE WORDS OUT LOUD. Dear Father, Your Word is truth, and it’s eternal. I am the reproduction of the Word, and my life is the expression of Your will, thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Your Word is my life! I have the divine life because I am born of Your indestructible and incorruptible Word. I am immune and impregnable to the darkness, troubles, and corrupting influences in this world. Greater is He that’s in me than he that’s in the world. I live in glory and eternal victory. My life is the manifestation and testimony of God’s grace and glory; His wisdom and righteousness are revealed and evident in me. I am His light in a dark world, and I...https://wp.me/p9v28c-5du

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RHAPSODY OF REALITIES SATURDAY 15TH MAY. RECEIVING PROPHECIES This charge I commit unto thee, son Timothy, according to the prophecies which went before on thee, that thou by them mightest war a good warfare (1 Timothy 1:18). In our theme verse, the Spirit of God admonishes Timothy to war a good warfare with the prophecies spoken concerning him. Since this is God’s Word, it then means it’s not peculiar to Timothy; it applies to you just as much. What have you done with all the prophecies that have been spoken over you, including the ones written concerning you in the Scriptures? *TELEGRAM*...https://t.me/dailyaffirmations The Scriptures are replete with words of blessings and prophecies concerning the new creation; take them seriously. Use them in your fight of faith. Some have said, “You know, I’ve never really had anyone prophesy to me”; then prophesy to yourself! God said every one of us in the Church should covet the gift of prophecy, because it’s such an important gift in the Church (1 Corinthians 14:39). The Bible says prophecy edifies the Church, and you’re a member of the Church. So, if anything edifies the Church, it should edify you. So, when there’s a word of prophecy in the church, receive it and personalize it. Sometimes, the word can come to you in a song while the choir is ministering, or while the preacher is preaching or teaching. It can come to you in your own spirit, because God is talking all the time to each one of us. Don’t forget where He is—He lives in you. If you pray and listen to Him in your spirit, the prophetic word will come to your spirit. *PRICELESS*❤️...https://wp.me/p9v28c-1X0 Besides the prophecies you receive in the church, the written word—the Bible— is full of prophecies. Get into your privacy, open a portion of the Bible that’ll exhort you, and begin to read the scriptures out to yourself. The Psalms have a lot of exhortation and prophecies. As you read them aloud, put your spirit with it; trust and believe the Word. Your spirit will immediately be in sync with the Spirit of God that authored the Word that you’re reading, and pick up words from the author of the writings and you’ll continue to prophesy. Prophecy is one of the ways to bring the supernatural power of God into manifestation. CONFESSION As I speak in tongues now, the grace to prophesy comes on me strong; I declare that the wisdom of God and His glory are evident in my life and in all that I do. His righteousness is established in the hearts of men around the world; and through the truth of the Gospel, salvation, healing and health, prosperity and success, deliverance, wholeness, preservation, peace and joy spread in the nations of the earth, in Jesus’ Name. Amen. FURTHER STUDY 1 Corinthians 14:3-5; 1 Corinthians 14:39 NIV; Psalm 81:10 1 YEAR BIBLE READING PLAN: John 7:1-24 & 1 Kings 15-17 2 YEAR BIBLE READING PLAN: Mark 10:23-31 & Numbers 18 #healingschool #wehavemoved #alignment #completeness #wordfest3 #yourloveworld #affirmationtrain #hspc #themonthoftruth #theyearofpreparation #talkingsession #thankyoupastorchris #8daysofmeditation #rhemafortoday #globaldayofprayer #8dom

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Just in a Couple of hours..... Rhapathon!!! The World needs 'US' Reaching out with the gospel in all Languages.... #Rhapathon2021 #RORineverylanguage #UKR2Z4FASTEST #2021PREPARATION #Cebarking

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