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Happy Birthday Pastor Abby! Thank you for spreading this our gospel without limits. Your believe, passion and the push to ensuring this gospel enters every villages is worth emulating! Thank you for running with the vision of our man of God. Happy Birthday ma!!! #pastorAbbyPHZ2

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Happy Birthday Dearest You are the Best Gift The Best Husband The Best Father The Best Friend anyone could have We Love and celebrate you today 🎂🍾🎂❤ #Cephzone2 #OCM #PstEmeka

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Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday We Love you I Love you specially #BestHusband #BestDad #BestFriend

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Hip Hip Hip! Hurrah! Happy Birthday to My hero My Petal My Man of God Thank you so much for Showing the children & I the right way Always standing for the Truth I Love you for being the Fathè & a Loving Husband.❤❤🎂🍾🎂🍾 #OCM #Cephzone2 #PstEmeka

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CEPHZONE2 RON PRE LAUNCH IN VIEW The Rhapsody of Realities, our messenger angel has set a standard as a major penetration tool for the gospel in the Nations of the world, and as we approach this period again in our beloved Nation (Nigeria), where we celebrate our independence as a Nation on the 1st of October, We in the Loveworld Nation uses this opportunity to distribute copies of the Rhapsody of Realities to the Nation at large, Seeding Our Country with the word of God contained in the messenger angel. CHRIST EMBASSY PORT HARCOURT ZONE 2 has been a major influencer and distributor of the Rhapsody of Realities on this special occasion. Stay tuned.. as we bring You some of out exploits during the 2018 Reach out campaign. #Cephzone2 #WEC

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Happy Father's Day to the best Dad in the whole world. Thank you my father for making my life beautiful. I Love you Sir #Cephzone2

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Happy Father's Day to my Precious Beloved Fathers who through Faith have shown me how to Love my Man of God and God. Thank you Sirs for all you do. I Love you & celebrate you Sirs #Cephzone2

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Happy Wedding Anniversary To Pst Emeka and Pst Abigail Okonicha Of The Haven Zone D1. Congratulations!! We love and appreciate you. From all of us in The Haven Nation

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It's 9 days to the most anticipated Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris, and our delegates from all around the world are ready and excited to receive words and impartation that will change their lives and nation forever. Thank you esteemed partners for making this possible. To sponsor a youth, please call +2348025013854, +2348033882790,+2348086783283 #IEYC2019 #Campingwithpastorchris

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8 DAYS TO GO 💪💪 It's not too late, you can still give a youth the opportunity to attend the camp. To sponsor a youth please call +2348025013854, +2348033882790,+2348086783283 #IEYC2019 #Campingwithpastorchris

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Dear Father, I thank you for the understanding and insight your Word has brought to my spirit today. My past, present, and future sins are remitted in Christ. Thus, I’m forever blameless in your sight. Thank you for the righteousness of Jesus Christ in my spirit that gives me right-standing with you, in Jesus’ Name. Amen. #ism #SpeaktheWord #PastorChris #WEC2019

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TAKE A HOLY-GHOST RIDE! Read Today’s Devotional Monday 8th, April 2019. https://rhapsodyofrealities.org/en/todays-daily-devotional As you yield to the sway of the Spirit in your life, there’s no telling how mightily He’d use you. Beyond inspiring and blessing you, He can divinely transport you in the spirit to accomplish divine tasks in distant lands…Learn more: https://rhapsodyofrealities.org/en/todays-daily-devotional Have you given today? Visit https://rhapsodyofrealities.org/sponsor #rhapsody #devotional #dailydevotional #rhapsodyofrealites www.rhapsodyofrealities.org

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💃💃💃Still celebrating a golden Luminary...Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Linda Okocha Thank you for lighting up many with the Pastor Chris Digital Library...We love and appreciate you dearly 🤗🤗🤗 #celebratinggold #hbdpastorlindaokocha #06042019

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WE ARE LIVE!!! Listen to the Best of Isreal Strong on CETUNES. To listen, simply click on www.cetunes.org Or download the cetunes mobile app from the google play store using this link https://goo.gl/GfaKyV. Hurry now!!!

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LIVE NOW!!! On set today with #Sophia is the highly esteemed deacon Sylvester and the supernaturally talented #IsraelStrong himself live in the #Lwplus studio. Don't miss a moment.... Hit the link below to participate www.cetunes.org Or download the cetunes mobile app from the google play store using this link https://goo.gl/GfaKyV to join us LIVE. Hurry now!!!

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NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD.... The best of Isreal Strong album vol 1 is now up for download on CETUNES... Click here http://cetunes.org/best-of-israel-strong-v1h to download!

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STAY THE COURSE NO VACILLATING Let your strong desire to fulfill God's calling, purposes and plans for your life keep you on track. Joseph's visions kept him on track in the most difficult times and when he was faced with great temptations. God's dream and purpose will inspire, motivate and help restrain you from the wrong choices and decisions that may pull you away from God and out of His pre-ordained paths for you. Don't be surprised though that some of the fiercest opposition will come from those closest to you. It did for Joseph. As a servant in the house of Potiphar and in the depths of the dungeons of Egypt God's word prophetically declares that “Joseph was a prosperous man”. This was at the time he was serving as a slave!✍ POWER, INFLUENCE, PROMOTION - AMPLIFIERS: True prosperity is actually knowing that God is with you! It is keeping his vision alive in your heart! It is not wealth in itself but God's favor, anointing and power at work in your life. (Deuteronomy 8:18) Joseph instead of licking his wounds, whining, backstabbing, complaining in jail, served others and ministered wholeheartedly to their needs. As he diligently labored, God blessed the work of his hands.      Joseph maintained his integrity. He cared what God thought of him. His main concern was what God would think. He understood that he was accountable to God for his actions. Joseph lived a dependent life on God. As he lived in the midst of great adversity, he knew his future rested in the hands of the Lord. Psalm 75:6-7 Joseph's life was about to take another turn, his dependence on God would open a great gate of opportunity that would literally change the course of Egyptian History (Joseph an immigrant Jew becomes Prime Minister in a nation not of his birth place) and become an even greater amplifier of his own character. Do you know that responsibility, promotion, leadership just like money amplifies character- negative or positive? So, promotion truly comes from God and immediately Joseph finds himself promoted to a position of power second only to Pharaoh. It's worthy to note that by this time, Joseph has served 17 years of his life in jail for a crime he did not commit. It's not until after 17 years that God's purpose for him is revealed and fulfilled. It is very tempting to become weary, offended or impatient and abandon God's chosen path for you, for something seemingly thought to be easier, but is it really easier? Going on another path God didn't plan for you but chosen by you is far riskier and there, really nothing truly is promised; a much harder road to travel at the expense of life's tortuous experiences, leaving behind your spiritual guide on the preordained path mapped out for you. If you stay faithful, you'd reap both here and in heaven. (Galatians 6:9) Joseph even in the midst of such power, prosperity and wealth served others wholeheartedly and remained totally dependent on God. Why because he had a vision that required fulfillment.✍ JOSEPH'S BROTHERS COME KNOCKING -   God was going to use this slave to save his family and a nation. It was 9 years from the time Joseph was placed in power before his brothers came to Egypt seeking help. Think about the various options that were available to Joseph - revenge? He could have had a field day taking his revenge. He could have acted in pride and demanded an audience with his father and brothers humiliating them and forcing them to bow to him. But Joseph did nothing, refusing to act according to his flesh, he stayed true to God's testimony of him. But how many of us would have exercised that kind of restraint? You now, begin to see yourself as God sees you, perfect, excellent and full glory. A prosperous person regardless of your physical circumstances.✍   Recognize and acknowledge the fact that God is with you, that you are anointed and favored. Serve others with all your heart through or by any means or platform made available to you, as unto the Lord. Eliminate strife, offense, murmuring, complaining and replace them with praise, thanksgiving, worship, laughter, joy knowing God perfects all that concerns you and He which began a good work in you is faithful to finish it. Through Joseph's example, we understand the deep spiritual need and importance of seeking God in prayer when things are not going well and even more when all seems to be going well.✍ It seems prosperity and success will test your character infinitely more than hardship. When one is in trouble and their back is against the wall, you will know that you need help. But did you know that success has corrupting influence more than hardship ever has? Even with extreme wealth and power at his disposal, Joseph guided by the Lord is gracious to His erring siblings and brings God's purpose to fulfillment.✍ #bookexcerpts #walkinginthelight #thensingsmysoluvol1and2 #mysoulsaysyesvol1and2

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The best of Isreal Strong album vol 1 is now up for download on CETUNES... Click here https://goo.gl/76kr6J to download!

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'The Best of Israel Strong' album launch, NOW Live on CeFlix!!! Click link HERE 👉 https://CeFlix.org/videos/watch/1848641 Live CALLS @ +2348128712893 & +2348090912962

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