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Happening Now! ITPLC 2019 DAY 3 Morning Session is underway. Awesome moments of prayers. #ITPLC2019 #LWTeensMinistry

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ITPLC was indeed a success i tell you

#Update: An inspiring panel discussion on Strategic Outreach Meetings @ the afternoon session of ITPLC DAY 1. #ITPLC2019 #LWTeensMinistry

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4th of May we are shaking, marinating the teenagers with the word of God.they will swallowship it on another level.The devil is in trouble we are raising the teens that are dangerous in speaking in tongues.its time for change #Sandton group teens ministry #SA zone1

ITPLC its my time to be marinated to a new ready ready ready.phaaaaaaa come on now Mr will be at the ITPLC vraneskieeee phaaaaaaaa #SAzone1


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Sis Blessing marinating her results with 2 Distinctions and Bachelor .in 2019 we are moving to a new level of 7 distinctions #sandton group teens ministry #sazon1

Thami was won to christ few weeks before his final exams for matric.He had so much fear,been told that he will not make it in life and he will fail.When he came to teens church his life was total changed.his eyes were opened and glorry to God he got a D. #sandton group #SAzone1

Producing winners.teenagers that are dominating their generation.the lights teens. #sandton group teens ministry #sazoƱe1 #Phaaaaa phaaaaa

Congratulations to my teens ministry soldiers for being on top of your generations,Getting distinctions and a Bachelor.we are chowing every subject like we are eating pop corns in the sandton group teens ministry #Sandton group teens ministry #SA zone1. #phaaaa phaaaa

ITPLC was so mind blowing with my director Pst Biodul.the things i learnt from this meeting.Im going to shake teens ministry in Every school.The world has not seen anything in this world.we are squeezing out the devil in everys school. #SA zone1 #SA sandton group # phaaa phaaaa

Tembisa teens coordinators and leaders training was indeed great.teens leaders received the training to another level.They are ready to impact other teens with the word of God.Sandton group teens ministry is flying. #Sandton group teens ministry #SA zone1

My man of God.My Pastor is in town next month and I can't wait to receive everything for my self #SALPC2018 #CESAZone1 #CESandton

LPC with our man of God ..Cabayayayaaaa .Ghuzuvaaaa #SALPC2018 #CESAZone1 #CEsandton

Burning for Christ teens program in East London was indeed a great success, teens received the word of God with so much Joy.Pst Ose used to say like a goal keeper. I would love to thank my zonal Pst,Pst Freedom Group Pst Pst Moe Pst Mike for making it possible And my Pst Favour

East London teens programs. #3days to go #its on

New life centre for Girls,what a time in the holy ghost with Deconess Norah,28Teevos were distributed to them #sandton church #SAzone1

1 can you worship God .yes i can 2Can you fly and grow your teens church-yes I can 3-yes I can,yes yes yes #sandton group teens camp

Sandton group teens camp.raising future Pastor.The anointing of God just took over and teens drunk in the holyghost #SAZone1 #Sandtn group

What a time in the holyghost .Sandton group teens camp.One to remember in the years to come. #sandton teens ministry #SAzone 1. #New levels

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