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#CEabujazone #yourloveworld #yourloveworldspecial #CEAZ #Graceliveshere

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We can pray all we want but until we demonstrate the importance of this kingdom by our giving, we've done nothing! #CEAbujaZone #YourLoveworld #GraceLivesHere

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#Abujazone #Graceliveshere #Yourloveworld

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Your Loveworld ,Day 1 With the Man Of God Pst Chris ... A time of Strength & Inspiration: Preparing for His Coming Boy I am So Blessed #your loveworld #yourloveworldspecial #ceaz #graceliveshere

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Bishop Clarence McClendon πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’«....LIVE on Your Loveworld #ceaz #ceabujazone #aheadship

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AHEADSHIP convention day 2 on mind! Thank u my esteemed zonal pastor for this timely convention. I love u sir. #ceabujazone #aheadshipconvention

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HUGE HUG OF CAPTAINS! The captain of loveworld nation, esteemed pastor Amaechi storm Abuja zone with ozugbo ozugbo annointing. #ceabujazone #aheadshipconvention

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Wow! My son is not left out, we are all looking forward to day 2 of this convention happening this evening! #ceabujazone #aheadshipconvention

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Live @ AHEADSHIP convention ,Abuja zone where we are downloading AHEADSHIP software from Esteemed Pastor Amaechi . #ceabujazone #aheadshipconvention

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*Happy Birthday Pastor Fokuke* πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸŽ‰πŸ’žπŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸŽ‰πŸ’žπŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ’ƒπŸ» 🎊I join the Host of Heaven to celebrate you ma 🎊You are the epitome of God's beauty, championing all the way. 🎊May your light continuously shine brightly to the glory of God. 🎊I love you Pastor ma. #PFE0103 #CEKUBWA

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Today is my Pastor's birthday, and I want to use the opportunity to thank her for the investment, love, teaching correction, direction and all she has given and shown. Thank you so very much and I say happy birthday ma.

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Happy Happy Birthday to my Darling wife, friend, esteemed pastor Minnah Okali,God has perfected all that Concerns you, it's a new day for you, congratulations! I love you big! #cedutsegroup #cekubwa3 #ceabujazone

*Happy Birthday Pastor sir* 🎊Words are not enough to express how wonderful you are. 🎊Simply put, you are the express image of God. 🎊I love you Pastor sir. Keep reigning from glory to glory in Jesus name. #PEE #CEKUBWA

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Happy birthday to an excellent tutor, coach, boss & Pastor. I'm eternally grateful to God 4 bringing me under ur mentorship. Words ain't enough 2 express how deeply grateful I am 2u 4 loving me specially. I love U dearly Sir. Congratulations & Merry Christmas. #PEE #CEKUBWA

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Celebrating an ICON of our time! Happy birthday Esteemed Pastor Sir, I and my family, love you dearly

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Happy birthday dear Esteemed Pastor Emmanuel Eze. Your ardent followership of our Man of God, Pastor Chris and your firm support for our HIGHLY ESTEEMED ZONAL PASTOR, in carrying out every instruction given, has made you stand out. Greater doors of ministry have been opened up for you and of the increase of your impact, there shall be no end. Your faith has given you the victory and your testimony will evoke worship. God bless you Sir... #abujazone #GraceLivesHere

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...For unto us a Child is born and unto us a Son is given... The Government is upon His shoulder; And we rule and reign in Him. He is the reason we are the reason for the season... Born so that saviors shall arise to make known His glorious gospel... Make your life count for Him like never before this season; turning men to righteousness and establishing His kingdom here on earth. Merry Christmas! dipo & florence fisho [psts]

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My Dear Father, Pastor & Coach 4 Life, The prophet of our time. I'm forever grateful to God for the opportunity of been your beloved son a privilege many of the 7 billion people of the world was not given. What a honour! My Father Sir, I celebrate you specially everyday of my life but like you once said, there's a day set aside to celebrate the physical birth of a person. For you Sir, that special day is December 7th and I'm always excited to join the host of heavens,my brothers and sisters of our Beloved LOVEWORLD nation and every creature in the world as they testify of a gift so priceless given to humanity. Pastor Sir, we begin the Excitement Extravaganza with your birthday as you have ushered Us into the Excitement mood for 2021. Celebrating our flawless victory from this WAR. A story you have revealed to Us the ending from the scriptures. Thank you for been our Commanding Officer. For this WAR has been WON. Happy Birthday once again my Father Sir, I proudly celebrate you on this day and Special Year of Perfection. It's been indeed a Perfect one with many revelations to the body of Christ and achievements as God's peculiar chosen people. Thank you for winning this war for Us and the whole world. I Love and celebrate You so specially Sir, you mean more to me than this whole world sir! Your Son, Your BattleAxe, dipo fisho #dec7prayingforpastorchris

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#Abujazone #Ippc2020inmycity #Happeningnow

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