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Happy birthday beautiful Dcn Christy. I celebrate your commitment to the gospel and to our beautiful zone.. Your light shines on from glory to glory. unto perfection. I love you endlessy.🥰🥰

Happy birthday ever amicable and loving Pastor Carol. Thanks for being such a huge blessing and beauty in the Loveworld nation. We are blessed to have you. Your light shines from glory to glory. God keeps perfecting the works of your hands.We love you.💃💃💃❤❤🥰🥰💃💃❤

Happy wedding aanniversary to a beautiful couple.Grace and Peace prevails in this marriage from glory to glory. Excellent wisdom are the wheels of this marriage...Garrisoned with so much joy. We celebrate you always. God bless you.

Happy birthday to a beautiful daughter of Zion. You have been a great helper of the work behind the scene. Thanks for believing in the vision of our MoG and strengthening bro George's hands to sponsor it. We love you dearly and celebrate the Limitless grace on you.🥰🥰🥰

Happy birthday to my little Chidera. Wow you have grown into a beautiful lady..You are God's handiwork. Created unto good works. Grace this new year. You will function with excellent wisdom and will make the right choices.None of your steps will slide..Love you🥰🥰

Happy birthday dear Dr Peter king. God has ordained you for glory and honor. Thanks for all.the glorious labor of love you our Zone. It's from glory to glory. You will surely excel in Grace and ability to do greater works this year. God bless you. we love you dearly. ❤

Happy birthday dear Phenomenal Dcn.. You are indeed a burning and shinning light. Thanks for all you do in our great zone and our beloved nation. Enjoy excellent wisdom and grace in this new year. God is perfecting all that concerns you. We celebrate you today and always. 😍🥰❤

Happy birthday to my very dear and beautiful Dcn Dr folashade. You are such a blessing to me and everyone in our great zone. We celebrate your zeal and dedicated love and care for God's people. Always ready any time of the day when called. You are one of a kind. We love you🥰🥰

Happy birthday to my beautiful and uniquely made Pastor Kossi. I celebrate your zeal and strength for the kingdom . Thanks for all you do in our great Zone and Sierra Leone. Excellent wisdom and Perfection are your hallmarks this new year. Grace your advantage. Love you loads🥰🥰

Happy wedding anniversary to a beautiful couple. Glorious things will always be.spoken about you. Grace has found her stay in you and will.take you from one level of glory to another. . We celebrate you always. We love you dearly. ❤❤

Happy birthday esteemed Dcn Grace Peprah. You are a burning and a shinning light Kings will come to the brightness of your rising. We love you dearly.

A Perfect and glorious birthday to a beautiful daughter of Zion. You are uniquely crafted of God. I admire your meekness and your tenacity to the work and the vision of our MoG.. Grace will be your testimonies this new year as you're enabled to do things supernaturally.🥰🥰🥰

Happy birthday my dear sweet Bubune. You have grown so fast. Glorious things are spoken of you. You are growing with the wisdom of God. Your lips will always tell of the goodness of God. You remain a blessing to the family of God. We love you.❤❤❤❤

Happy birthday dear Sister Comfort. We celebrate God's grace and excellence in.your life. Your testimony is from glory to glory. We love you.endlessly.

Happy birthday my baby Phenomenal. Watching you grow from birth to 2years has been awesome! Every day of your life is the story of Grace. You will preach the gospel strong. We love you dearly. ❤❤❤

Happy birthday dear Dcn of the most high God. You are wonderfuly and uniquely crafted of God. Thanks for your commitment to the BLW. nation..Thanks for your dedication to our Zonal Pastor. You are one in a million. Happy birthday. We love you dearly.

Happy birthday dear esteemed brother David. It a new year with ever increasing levels of grace. A new year of Perfection. Your life is full of illumination. God floods every area of your life with His light.. Great are your testimonies. We love you.

Happy wedding anniversary to a beautiful couple. Wow you look great. You are truly blessed of God and great are your testimonies. Keep radiating that glorious beauty of God. of the increase of His peace in your home there will be no end. We love you dearly.

Happy birthday to a Phenomenal Sister and daughter of Zion. You are crafted by God Himself. A dependable Pillar in the BLW vision and committed to duty. You are being transformed from Grace to greater Grace and from Glory to greater Glory. This will always be your testimony. 🥰

Congratulations to the EWCAZ5 Women on a hugely successful Conference hosted on all our zonal online portal,several Social media handles and aired on Radio and TV stations with over 6 Million Participants from 112 countries.This is really Phenomenal💃 Thanks and God bless you

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