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It's a season of celebration #UKR2Z3 #thelovezone #cestreatham #PTL190421

Celebrating a Rare Gem Happy birthday to our Esteemed Pastor Toun Ladega. Thank you so much for the sweet, loving, caring and humble Spirit with which you do all that is committed to your trust. Through your influence and passion, we have accomplished so much! Your special love for the brethren is notable and many have been established in righteousness! As you celebrate today, we pray that God's Spirit fills you with so much joy to the overflow. We love you dearly! Enjoy your day! #CESTREATHAM #UKR2Z3 #UKR2ZONE3 #THELOVEZONE

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We celebrate you ma: your kindness, deep consideration of others, humility, passion and followership of our Zonal Pastor Elizabeth and our Man of God Pastor Chris. You are naturally graceful with noticeable swag. You are original and delightfully beautiful. We love you Pastor ma.

CELEBRATING GRACE & MAGNANIMOUS INFLUENCE Happy Birthday to Our Highly Esteemed Zonal Pastor, Pastor Elizabeth Akinwolemiwa We thank God for blessing us with such an amazing Woman of God. We are so filled with the knowledge of God’s Word because of all you’ve taught us through your ardent followership and commitment to our Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. We thank God for your beautiful life; for your passion, your zeal and your faithfulness. You Ma have continued to exemplify what excellence looks like in all your endeavours and in the service of God's house. You labour fervently for your children and continue to produce trees of Righteousness and we are the evidence of it. The Lord who has begun these great and marvellous works in you will see to its perfecting until the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. You will always flourish like the cedars in Lebanon by the power of the Holy Ghost. You will be continually be spared from wicked and unreasonable men. You will remain and abide in perfect health and experience continuous prosperity with peace - Shalom! By the power of the Holy Ghost, your influence is unstoppable and your impact resounds through Generations of men and women in Jesus name, amen Thank you for all that you do for us and the ministry at large. We Love you dearly Ma! Pastors, Members of Deaconry, Leaders & Members Christ Embassy UK Region 2 Zone 3 ❤️❤️ #CEUKR2Z3 #PEA2021 #UKR2ZONE3 #THELOVEZONE

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She is excellent She is adorable She is full of glory She is a delight She is a full time lover of God She is a lover of the bretbren PEA030421 UKR2ZE I love you ma

#Cellministry #cellministryprayerhour #UKR2Z3

warming up

CELL MIINISTRY SOUL WINNING HIGHLIGHTS ■ A soul a day ensures your heart is prepared and you are ready to meet the lord! ■ The Holy Spirit compels us to reach and save others. ■ Be vitally involved in winning others everyday ■ A soul a day is a healthy and heavenly habit #cellministry #asouladay #globalcellministryoutreachweek #5Bmandate

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CELEBRATING OUR ONLINE PRAYER CONFERENCE SPONSORS! 💯 ✍️ Thank you Esteemed Pastor Elizabeth Akinwolemiwa and the beloved partners of Christ Embassy UK Region 2, Zone 3, for your sponsorship of the Healing School Online Prayer Conference. We love and appreciate you dearly! You too can be a PROUD SPONSOR of the Healing School Online Prayer Conference. Be a proud sponsor today! God bless you. #HSPC #HSOPC #thankyoudearpartners #healingtothenations

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Day 2 of 14 Days of Prayer and Fasting You are sharpened. You are fine-tuned, and in perfect synchronisation with the Spirit of God, fulfilling all He has preordained for you - Pastor Elizabeth declared at the early morning prayer. Join us today at 12noon and 5.00pm as we make tremendous power available and also receive the guidance of the Spirit. God bless you #UKR2Z3 #TheLoveZone #14DaysofPrayer&Fasting #YearofPreparation

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UKR2Z3 IS MAKING SO MUCH POWER AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW. HALLELUYAH! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 #cellministryprayingnow #UKR2Z3 #TheLovezone #1msouls #globalcelloutreachweek

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In Acts 2:47 the scriptures says "...And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved." This testifies to the desire of our heavenly father's delight in seeing the transformation of lives as we preach the Gospel and win men to him Psalms 68:11 says "The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it." Yes!!! It is our priority to publish God's righteousness and as we count up to the first Global Cell Ministry Outreach Week in our glorious year of preparation, our anticipations are heightened as there will be a massive harvest of souls into the kingdom of God throughout the outreach week. Get more details from your Zone and be prepared for exploits. Post pictures on kingschat using the following hash tags #globalcellministryoutreachweek #yourcell #yourzone #cellministry

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It's a quick work!

I am getting built and I am building.

I am in sync with the father, the son and the Holy Ghost. Glory to God!

I am given 'wholly to these things'

CELEBRATING OUR FATHER, OUR CHAMPION, OUR HERO, OUR SHEPHERD, OUR ADVANTAGE, GOD'S GIFT TO THE CHURCH. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR!!! REV. CHRIS OYAKHILOME DSC.DD No one knows like we do, how immensely blessed we are to have been born of you, and to be raised in your dispensation of the gospel - a dispensation of clarity, un-ambiguity and absolute practicality of God's word. You have made Jesus so real to us and led us in a perpetual victory parade even as the coming of the Lord draws nigh! We are delighted to be a partaker of your grace, teachings and inspiring leadership. Our hearts are full of joy and we are eternally grateful to God for raising up for us a man of God after His own heart. We are proud to be your children. Pastor sir, you are the move of God's Spirit, you are a dispensation, because of you, our world has been reset for a greater tomorrow and Jesus is mightily glorified. We love you dearly. Happy Birthday Sir!! #CEUKR2Z3 #CEUKR2ZONE3 #THELOVEZONE

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Inspiring times on PCDL I checked in already!💃💃💃💃😀😀

Pray-A-Thon 2020 - Mon July 27 Death has no dominion over you. Learn more in this Monday's Rhapsody. "For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world:and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith" (1John 5:4). At our prayer times today, we'll pray fervently in tongues of the Spirit, and also for the Church of Christ around the world, re-affirming our everlasting victory in Christ Jesus over the world and it's dark forces. Remember, 'Your Loveworld Specials' Season 2 Phase 3 begins today. Get ready and invite others to participate from 7pm GMT+1/ 2pm EST, on all Loveworld Networks, ministry websites, Ceflix, LiveTV app and various social media platforms. God bless you.

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#exposeonprayer #globaldayofprayer #watchonpcdltv

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