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Updates: T.I.E CONFERENCE UGANDA Getting Hotter! The midmorning session with the Esteemed Pastor Theo Owase was remarkable as he made clear the vision of our great Loveworld Nation to the delegates, teaching on the topic; RUNNING WITH THE VISION... . A clear understanding of the vision will increase your results, energize you, make you focused on what is really important. Our vision is our identity; it’s why we are the way we are, do what we do and think like we do. That’s why you can immediately identify someone from our LW nation anywhere in the world. • Vision gives you a sense of direction and purpose. • It inspires, drives and motivates. • It forms your conviction. • It gives you focus. • It gives you a mind-set, character and attitude. He also highlighted 3 important things in running with our vision; 1. Catch the vision 2. Localize/personalize the vision 3. Run with the vision (produce results with it ). With so much more flowing, the delegates received the teaching with eagerness and readiness to apply. Uganda to the rest of the world! #Happeningnow #TIEUganda #Fireinuganda #blwcampisministryrocks

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Updates: T.I.E CONFERENCE UGANDA Special Q & A Session with the Esteemed Zonal Secretaries! The Special Q & A segment with the esteemed Zonal Secretaries was a glorious time of learning for the delegates at the ongoing T.I.E Conference Uganda! With questions ranging from relationships in Christ, increasing financial relevance, proper dressing, covering of hair etc., the young leaders have been commended to the Word, which is able to build them up. Glory to God! #Happeningnow #TIEUganda #Fireinuganda #blwcampisministryrocks

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LEVITATING FURTHER @ the TIE CONFERENCE UGANDA!! And guess who was in the house? The highly Esteemed Virtual Zonal Pastor Of CE EWCAVZ3 - Pastor Louis Osademe was at TIE Conference UGANDA for a Spirit-laden session with the young campus leaders. Exhorting the leaders on the LIFE & MINISTRY OF DAVID, he gave inspiring illustrations from his life, walk with the Holy Spirit and the vision of our Man of God. He reminded the excited delegates that they are not too young to take over nations! David was but a lad when God gave him a nation. He mentioned 5 key qualities of David that every young minister should emulate; • David was busy when God found him. • David desired God's word. Psalm 27:4, Psalm 63:1-3 • David was a consistent worshipper. • David was a LEGENDARY giver. • David was loyal and had respect for the anointing. What is expected of me; • Never be ashamed to identify with Jesus • There's no student Holy Ghost. Put the word of God to work in your life, and you'll come back with a testimony. • God has trusted you with UGANDA! Don't let Him down! Glory to God! Stay glued for more updates... #HappeningNow #TIEUganda #FireinUganda #Blwcampusministryrocks

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TIE CONFERENCE CAMEROON Heating Up!!! With over 500 leaders of various BLW Campus Chapters in Cameroon present, and a glorious outpouring of excitement, the first plenary Session of the T.I.E Cameroon held with the Esteemed Pastor Airen Ekhosuehi, Zonal Secretary BLW UK Zone A! Teaching on MAKING THE NECESSARY IMPACT AS A YOUNG MINISTER ON CAMPUS, he took the hungry leaders on a word Journey! “God is looking for the one who will take action on the word; Until you take action the work won't be done" The desire and drive for results makes you fruitful and productive. Many young people on our Campuses are in the valley of decision and God has put us here to help them make the right decisions. The best time to serve the Lord is now! Take advantage of your youth and serve the Lord... Don't over think the word of God; MY CONFIDENCE IS THAT GOD SAID IT! God won't force you to do the work, you have to decide by yourself. 1) You must have a dream. 2) You must hear the cry 3) You will receive strategies 4) Take action Immediately. The entire hall erupted in prayer & prophecy following the extraordinary exhortation. ... More to come!!!! #TIECAMEROON #FIREINCAMEROON #BLWCAMPUSMINISTRYROCKS

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Prophet Uebert Angel Takes Over Uganda with the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ! Build Up To World Evangelism Conference with Pastor Chris & Pastor Benny Hinn with the Messenger Angel, Rhapsody of Realities! ''It's about evangelism in a new way with a message for our world today''-  Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Watch this video below!

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Happy birthday darling Pastor Doris. You're an aboslute GEM, delight and most valuable asset. Thanks for being so resourceful, dependable, loving and exceptional. I love you very dearly 😘

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TIE CONFERENCE CAMEROON - GETTING HOTTER!!! The sessions went higher as the Esteemed Pastor Alfred Goletlanwe, Zonal Secretary BLW South Africa Zone, took the delegates on a super ride with the Holyghost, releasing strategies from the Spirit for LOCALITY CAPTURE; DOMINATING YOUR CAMPUS! “Localities are captured through mindsets..” If you appear defeated then you can’t capture your campus. I am the man with the essence and every other thing is nonsense.. It’s time to move to the next and higher level! Reading from Acts 15:36, he inspired the delegates highlighting 4 steps for taking their campus; 1) Earnest Intercessory prayers 2) Outreaches-massive corporate outreaches & personal Evangelism. 3) Intense Follow up and visitation 4) Ministry Materials- Radical & sustained Circulation. .... Cameroon is on FIRE!!!!! More to come... #FIREINCAMEROON #TIECAMEROON #BLWCAMPUSMINISTRYROCKS

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Happy birthday ever cheerful and dependable Pastor Doris. Thank you for your commitment to the Lord and His work. And now He has taken you even higher, 1000 times greater, new levels of grace , glory and impact. Enjoy it to the full! I love you😘

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#AfricaForAfrica #A4AYouths #PSGBootcamp1.0

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TIE CONFERENCE CAMEROON - Going High on the Holy Ghost!!!! In a riveting class on SOULWINNING AND DISCIPLESHIP, the Esteemed Pastor Emmanuel Oche took the sessions to an even higher momentum! Drawing references from the classic book on soulwinning by our Pa-Pa, Rev. Dr Chris Oyakhilome, 'JOIN THIS CHARIOT', he declared boldy that there's a level of joy a christian will never know until he becomes a soulwinner! encouraging the delegates to get the book, and study the timeless manuscript on soulwinnning! He went further sharing on how to be an effective in Soulwinning and also gave important tips on; 1. Intercessory prayers for the lost 2. Passion for the lost. 3. Use of ministry materials as evangelical tools. 4. Out where the sinners are because most sinners don't come to church. 5. Bringing in the harvest & retaining it. He admonished the delegates to launch out as the time is short and the need is urgent! And they left into the action Halllelujah! ....There's been a supernatural swift shift. Stay tuned for more... #FIREINCAMEROON #TIECAMEROON #BLWCAMPUSMINISTRYROCKS

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Dearest Charl. Today begins another glorious year for you, as you bear testimony of His love, grace and faithfulness in your life. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and for speedily helping others, even when it's adventurous to do so. The Lord bless you more and more to fulfill His purpose and calling. Happy birthday. Dad.

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🥰 OUR SECRET IS OUT IN THE OPEN LOVE!!!! 'Am totally inlove with you!!!💖💃💃💃💃💃💃💃 Thank you babes for a most beautiful outing...😍

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Happy birthday Pastor Uche! A perfect gentleman with a beautiful spirit. You are a blessing to us. Thank you for your unwavering commitment and always available to help . You are indeed blessed and greater works will you continue to do.I love you dearly. Happy birthday

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Dear Pastor Uche,Proverbs 22:29 resonates with you.With a calm disposition you produce extraordinary results&now you've MOVED,1000* greater!!!God's indeed mindful of you; always remember as you continue to live in&by the Word. Happy birthday! You will do more👏 I love you much❤

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... Still Celebrating #PLAthe4thMan A great blessing and an inspiration! Happy Birthday My Darlyn We love you so very much❤

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...Still Celebrating a special treasure! Happy Birthday Dearest Pastor Treasure. You are a blessing and I Thank God for you; ever so resolute and result-oriented. Its 1000 times greater; for the glory has increased. The Lord bless you more and more. I love you❤⚘

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It’s GOAL!!!! 2m Copies in One Month! 2000 islands taken for Jesus! #peeayforever #sonofpastorchris #kingdomconsciousness #yourloveworld #rhapsodyofrealities #yourloveworld #rhapsodyofrealities #lightupindonesia #2mcopiesofror

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Celebrating a dearest sister and Friend! You have been a blessing to me from day one. A true and a godly friend, heavenly ,kind, selfless and too much. I love you dearly ❤️. Happy birthday Pst Doris. #queen #toomuch #pastordoris #specialperson #bff #superstar#beautiful

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A NEW LEVEL @ the T.I.E Conference UGANDA. The highly esteemed CMD in an online live stream took the leaders at the TIE Conference Uganda on yet another levitating session on DISCIPLINE FOR EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP. A beautiful training session it was as he taught the leaders that DISCIPLINE is so important for young leaders because if you can get it right at this time, you have it made. Discipline refers to training; the moulding, refining of character. Discpline is also the subduing, control, mastery of raw or base instincts, drives, passions & desire through conscious training or practice to bring forth inner excellence. The disciplined leader is a soldier! He doesn’t engage in civilian affairs. The Ministry, the gospel, the Kingdom is our life, it’s what preoccupies us. Areas of Discipline/training: 👉🏻 The Discipline of Prayer 👉🏻 Discipline to study 👉🏻 Discipline with time 👉🏻 Discipline in conduct- language & behaviour, relationships 👉🏻 Discipline to plan; "failure to plan is planning to fail". 👉🏻 Financial discipline- learn how to manage funds & grow wealth. 👉🏻 Discipline of the mind. Ur mind is a tool! Manage ur mind as a leader. You are your thoughts. Your thoughts will give birth! As a leader, you must be; o Loyal to the leadership. o Loyal to the vision. o Loyal to the ministry. o Loyal to the message. Discipline distinguishes a leader, sets him apart and causes the inner excellence of his spirit to shine through. ...the hearts of the young leaders are burning for the Lord!!! More to come... #FireinUganda #TIEUganda #Blwcampusministryrocks

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