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Participating in the Global Day of Prayer 🙏

I celebrate you Sir. Happy birthday Pastor Sir. I love you so much. #PSDsonofPastorChris #PSDLWExceptionalism #PSDourFather #PSD254

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Glory to God!!!

Glory to God!

You are uplifted to a higher level of operations in your life as you put the Word to work!

CELEBRATING THE WORLD’S GREATEST DAD! An icon of Christ, a father of fathers, a quintessential man of God, and an unparalleled light in the world! Today, we join the host of heaven and earth to celebrate your surpassing and extraordinary impact in the Body of Christ and in every nation of the world! Happy Fathers’ Day Sir! We love you dearly Sir. #ism #PastorChris #happyfathersday #WEC2019

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#HappyFathersDay On behalf of the Esteemed Zonal Director, Pastors, Deaconry, Staff and Members of Christ Embassy Kenya Zone...Showers of love and appreciation to God's Voice & Apostle to the Nations, Our Man of God, Rev.(Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome D.Sc. D.D. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DEAREST DAD Our lives have been given a meaning and through the concise, consistent, loving teaching and training in the Word, we've been given a purpose for being! Thank you Sir for exemplifying Jesus to us in every way. Thank you so much Pastor Sir! We love you immeasurably sir! #CEkenyaZone

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2019 Year of Lights Feb Month of walking in the Lights #CEJHBCRL #SAZONE1

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IT'S 2 DAYS TO GO! Learn secrets to raising a healthy and happy congregation at the 2018 ISM Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris. REGISTER NOW @ DATE - 24TH NOVEMBER, 2018. #ism #gmc2018

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Happy birthday Pastor ma. Your are uniquely different in so many ways. Your passion is super inspiring. Thank you for the blessings, privileges and graces I enjoy being identified with you. I love you very much ma.

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"Happy Sweet Birthday SIR!!!" ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ - A Swahili Birthday Song - ...We're celebrating God's gift to us in every unique & special way! Video Credit: Sis Rihana, Christ Embassy Nairobi 1, Kenya Zone #CeKenyaZone

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR SIR! Thank you so much for being such a great great blessing to us! God bless you so much! We love you so dearly Sir.

8 Days of Meditation Day 2 ...SUPERNATURAL SUPPLY... #PCDL #Supernatural2018

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A MUST READ THE RAIN'S COMING – A Story About Preparation There were two farmers, Hank and Joe, who lived on adjacent properties. They were in the middle of a long drought that had left their land parched, making it almost impossible to grow crops. One day Joe looked over his fence and saw Hank working on building a new dam. “What are you doing that for?  There’s no water.” Joe said. “The rain’s coming.” replied Hank. Joe looked up at the cloudless sky, shrugged his shoulders and walked away. A couple of weeks later, Joe looked over the fence again and saw Hank working on a new irrigation system. “What’s the point of doing that?  There’s still no water.”  Joe shouted. “The rain’s coming,” replied Hank. “That’s what you said last time,” Joe muttered under his breath as he turned around and walked away. A few weeks later, large black clouds started to fill the sky and then the rain finally fell, breaking the drought with a massive downfall that had the potential to change the future for all of the farmers in the region. Hank looked out from his farmhouse as his new dam and irrigation system filled with precious water, ensuring that he would benefit from the rain for a long time in the future. Joe was relieved to see the rain, but he was unprepared and his property soon dried up again. A few months later, Joe looked over his fence at Hank’s luscious farm with envy.  “Why is he so lucky?”  he asked himself. Hank looked back at his neighbour’s dust bowl of a farm with pity.  “Why is he so foolish?”  he asked himself. Don't be that Christian who only listens to the testimonies of others wondering when yours will be heard. The time to water your clouds is here; speak forth words of Grace, Favour and Blessing into your 2018. Saturate the clouds. The Scripture in Eccl 11:3 says, 'If the clouds be full of rain, they empty themselves upon the earth'. The best way to predict the future is to create it and prepare for it. As we approach the last few days in the Year 2017, take time to pray, fast, plan and prepare for 2018. Always remember what Pastor Sir: PRAYERFUL PREPARATION PREVENTS POOR PERFORMANCE. #blwzonej #prayer #fasting #prayerandfasting #vision #pastorchris #2018 #vision400 #prep #prophecy #faith #hope #results #blwuniben

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BEAUTIFUL THINGS ABOUT PRAYER YOU NEED TO KNOW. 1. When you pray you see visions 2. You receive direction 3. Driving force 4. Focus 5. Resources (human / financial resources) are channeled towards you. POSITIONS OF PRAYER 1. LYING DOWN: when you lie down to pray, it’s a position of prayer of worship/praise. 2. KNEELING DOWN: Kneeling down to prayer is the best position to take, when you have an issue to settle. God can't bear to see his children kneeling before him and not respond to them fast. 3. STANDING: A position of authority. You stand to issue command and declarations. Hallelujah! @PastorChris at PRC2016 #blwghzone

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We celebrate our President and Founder, Rev Dr.  Chris Oyakhilome. Thank you for your investments in the lives of ministers around the world and raising champions through the Gospel. We are truly blessed to call you Father. We love you, Sir! #dec7 #PastorChris #CelebratingPastorChris #ISM

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I affirm that I've been raised in rank, in character and in status. My spirit, soul and body are in sync with the will of the Father.

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