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Esteemed Pst Karen Victor! Thank you for Extending the love of our Man of God, to unchartered mission territories. Thank you for building a happier world with love based on THIS GOSPEL according to our Man of God. A happy birthday to you as a special asset in our great nation!

Happy Birthday Pst Buss Buzuzi. Thank you for your serious zeal in the Lord and a son of consolation! Always ready to be sent to do God’s work. You do the work with joy and willingly!Thanks for the Prison Ministry and much more work you have pioneered! I love you

To the Highly Esteemed Pastor Ambrose, thank you for being an extended beacon of our Man of God, Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome. Your dedication is ever contagious and always inspiring! We celebrate you now and always!

Celebrating my Regional Pastor! Happy birthday Pastor Ose! #POSE1115 #Singingchallenge

Happy Birthday Pastor Tayo! You have been a great inspiration and true blessing to me personally. Thanks for your love over the years! Do enjoy your day in celebration.I love you dearly!

HBD Pst Schola! You are a true blessing in the house! May God continue to increase you in wisdom and understanding! Thank you for looking after God’s children and your loyalty to the ministry is unquestionable. Always ready to run to do the work! Enjoy your day.I love you dearly!

HBD Pst Mike. Today I celebrate a son of consolation. A son in the house. Always ready to be sent! Thank you for your love of our Man of God, the souls you touch and change effortlessly! Thank you for our work is easy in having you tying all cords for the Zone. I love you dearly!

Happy Birthday Sis Cecilia! Thank you for all you do to make the ministry move forward! Thank you for your love for the work! May the Lord reward you exceedingly! I love you dearly!

Happy B/Day VC. Thank you for your uniqueness and self drive. In silence and in confidence you serve the ministry and stand in for us effectively! Thank you for making my work easy, enjoyable and smooth! love you dearly.

HBD Pst Miranda. I celebrate a galant soldier in ministry and a Ruth in my life. Thank you for your love, support and loyalty. Your love for the Lord is amazing! May God reward you ! for He alone can! I love you!

Happy Birthday dearest Pastor Eddy Moyo! Thanks for inspiring many young people in Zimbabwe! Keep spreading the zeal! I love you dearly

Happiest Birthday Brother McKeith! You have been great blessing to the body of Christ for the past years! May you continue to grow in leaps and bounds! I love you dearly

Happy Birthday Pastor Clement Hikwa! You are such a joy to work with! Greatness is yours! There is more grace in your life! I love you dearly

Happy Birthday my lil girl Thank you for being my helpful daughter in my walk of faith. May goodness and mercy always follow you and May the Lord bless you and multiply the works of your hands. I love you

Happy Birthday to my friend . Sis Ntsoaki! You have been a great blessing to me over the years! Thanks for being part of the beginning of my journey into ministry. Keep shining for Jesus! I love you!

Celebrating the best teacher in the whole world! Thank you Sir for teaching us the word with so much simplicity! I’m so glad that I met you! I love you so much Sir!


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Happy Birthday Sister Ruvimbo! Your worship ministration is full of the Holy Spirit. Thanks for being a great blessing to me and for always making me look beautiful! I love you dearly!

Happy Birthday Highly Esteemed Pastor Kemi! You are beautiful inside out! Thanks for being a life time partner to our SG! It’s always a pleasure to be around you! I love you dearly

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