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⚡️We are SOULED-OUT for Jesus!⚡️ “Souled-Out” Cell-ebration! is a special celebration service hosted by the world’s best Cell Ministry @ #CENorthYorkGroup. #CENorthYorkGroup Cells get ready to show off your life of service in Christ. Sunday June 9th is your time to shine and demonstrate your passion for reaching the the lost, disciplining your members, and seeing the reproduction of faith at work in your Cells. Here are some "buzz words" to get you thinking: Growing · Developing · Motivating · Supporting · Leading · Offering · Equipping · Validating · Adaptability · Servant Leadership · Appreciating · Empowering · Mentoring · Coaching · Delegating · Multiplying · Reaching #CENorthYorkGroup #CENorthYork #CECityChurch #CERichmondHill #CEMalton #CEMossPark

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There is a sound & frequency of the spirit that vibrates with Life & Light; it brings forth something out of nothing, shaping physical matter into our reality. God spoke creation into existence in this frequency. Your spirit is fine tuned to this frequency. Create what you want!

🌸We are so grateful to the Lord for a beautiful Mother’s Day service with our Spiritual Mother, Pastor Taba Peña. Hosted by our GLOW Women’s Ministry and serviced by our IRONMEN. Our spiritual mother ministered to us quoting from 2 Corinthians 10:3-5. “Have you ever watched a sports match and felt like the game was fixed? You were pretty sure the referee was paid off? Well, I’m here to tell you that your game is fixed; your referee is paid off! People may not like it, but the Bible says “The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong…” It doesn’t matter how skilled the opposing team is … it’s a FIXED FIGHT and your victory is guaranteed. Why? Because Jesus paid off for your win! They can try to come against you with all they have. They can try to false check you, cross check you, jab you … but the game is fixed! The referee is already on your side!” Hallelujah! Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful women in #CENorthYorkGroup. Thank you Pastor Taba Peña for ministering the word with power today! Thank you GLOW Women’s Ministry and IRONMEN Men’s Ministry for celebrating our women today! #CENorthYorkGroup #CENorthYork #CECityChurch #CERichmondHill #CEMalton #CEMossPark

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Dearest Charl. Today begins another glorious year for you, as you bear testimony of His love, grace and faithfulness in your life. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and for speedily helping others, even when it's adventurous to do so. The Lord bless you more and more to fulfill His purpose and calling. Happy birthday. Dad.

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Happy Birthday Dearest Charl! A Lover of People! A Fighter for People! Bold & Confident! On a Mission to change the World! You are called for such a time as this! I Love you dearly.

No-one can tamper with you! Jesus sealed you & marked you by His Spirit. All principalities & powers have been informed: You are His own chosen possession. You are endorsed, affixed, authenticated, approved & affirmed RIGHTEOUS! His seal on you can never be broken! Hallelujah!

LET THIS SINK IN👌 YOU ARE A GREAT LIGHT💡...LIGHTING THE DARK PLACES OF THE INNER-CITIES. See the impact of your partnership at the Hope Mission Zimbabwe, where your partnership provided hope to survivors of the devastating flood caused by cyclone Idai. The goal, as a member agency of the Chris Oyahkilome Foundation International is to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ, and provide relief materials in form of food, clothes, clean water and hygiene kits, continued learning and more for those who lost everything during disasters, particularly the children. Click this link➡️ to support this vision. #EndChildpovertynow #EveryChildisyourChild

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📣 It will happen in an instant; in the blink of an eye. The very moment we’ve been waiting for: The skies light up; the thunders peal; the choirs of Angels’ sing; the trumpets sound in Heaven & earth. An announcement: “Christ the Risen King is Come!” In that moment, we are gone!

Our celebration of Easter is our celebration of Christ, our PASSOVER! Jesus was sacrificed for us so that we could live as the unleavened lump: new men in Christ, born of the Spirit of Truth & Life! He is the Living Word; the unleavened bread of Sincerity & Truth. HAPPY EASTER!

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