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Dearly Beloved, Kindly find below the official invitation for the funeral arrangements of Deacon Tokunbo Odimayo. Warm regards. Pastor Kay Adesina Sec. Gen BLW Inc

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Happy birthday to God’s general. Thank you sir for teaching us by example. I love you sir

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Today I celebrate a General so special & devoted. Thank you sir for leading and showing me how to follow our dear Man of God. You thought me loyalty, and stewardship I am privileged to be called your son & to have been raised by you Happy Birthday Highly Esteemed Rev Sir I ❤ U

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#And we are LIVE! #YOURLoveWorld Tune into YOUR LoveWorld on all LoveWorld Networks, LTM & Radio Networks and on CeFLIX, LiveTV, CLoveWorld & CeTunes Mobile Apps. Spread the word and keep following this SuperUser for updates.

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Happy Birthday to the pride of the Father. Your reign is endless. I love you

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Happy Fathers Day to my wonderful Fathers!!! ❤️❤️

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I love this picture like I love the person who makes this picture beautiful. You are as beautiful as you look dear Sister Helen. I just couldn't keep it but to share it. Very lovely! Kingdom Activist!

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BLW UK ZONE 2 'KINGING & REIGNING' TEENS CONFERENCE with Pastor Tony Aduroja Extraordinary, Life Changing, Captivating, Insightful and Inspirational were some of the words used by the teens to describe the just concluded UK Zone 2 Zonal Teens Conference with The Highly Esteemed Pastor Tony Aduroja.  The conference was well attended by teens across UK Zone 2 who engaged in exciting moments of prayer, praise and worship, talk-shows, rap and dance.  The Zonal Pastor then transformed the mindsets of the teens with a thought provoking message on the life of a Christian. He reiterated that despite what science may say, the world was not formed by evolution but rather was created by God. He created man in His image and gave man dominion over everything. The Zonal Pastor further taught the teens on the significance of being born again and filled with the spirit. In his closing remarks, Pastor Tony encouraged the teens to be Bold and not Quiet because quiet people don’t the change the world. "You are the solution to your world. Serve Jesus the right way and with a passion. Preach the Gospel, Change People’s Lives, Lead Your World to Christ. You’re Kings, Kings Reign. So Reign Over Everything in This World.  Indeed the Teens of UK Zone 2 have been elevated to a new and higher level of glory and are ready to takeover this world for Jesus Christ. Hallelujah #KingingandReigning #ukzone2

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Counting up 🕺 🕺 🕺 🕺 🕺 🕺 #UKZONE2 #Teens #Kinging #Reigning

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Happy Birthday to my delightsome son.Fortune Aduroja.Thank you for always blessing us with your sweet and agreeable personality.Your desire to excel in all you do for God and Ministry has brought so much joy to us.I love you so dearly.Shine on for the Lord is with you.

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Happy Birthday🎉🎊to a great friend and awesome brother. Its a new level 4 u and I thank God for a friend like you🙏🏽HBD fam. I love you❤️

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Happy Birthday to the king, me! I'm grateful to God for his words and grace and to my Father, Pastor Chris for his teachings, love and guidance words can't express my love for you. I Love You Sir❤ #FA

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BLW NORTHAMPTON SPECIAL SUNDAY SERVICE with Pastor Tony Aduroja It is indeed the month of FAVOUR for the brethren of BLW Northampton Church as they had the pleasure of hosting the Zonal Pastor of BLW UK ZONE 2, the Highly Esteemed Pastor Tony Aduroja at their Special Sunday Service. The day began with a warm reception for the Zonal Pastor of UK Zone 2 upon his arrival at the BLW Northampton Church. An inspiring and Spirit-filled moment of worship followed, ushering in an atmosphere for the miraculous. Teaching from 1 Chronicles 15:13, the Zonal Pastor taught that 'God's things must be done God's way. He admonished the brethren to always do the things of God according to God's prescribed order. Following the message, the Zonal Pastor released words of blessings and power up on the congregation, empowering them to outdo their past. Indeed BLW Northampton Church and UK Zone 2 as a whole, has been elevated to a higher level and set to produce more supernatural results in this year of the Supernatural. Glory to God!! #SpecialServicewithPTA #UKZONE2

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Happy Birthday Bro Ben Akhigbe.You are unique.Thank you for your love for the gospel.You will continually experience the supernatural in all that you do.God bless you

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Happy Birthday to a Special Staff.The indefatigable Sister Joislen Emuraye.Than you for your love, commitment and passion to the gospel and to work.He who started this work in you will be faithful to complete it in you.God bless you

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Happy Birthday Sister Esther Orekoya.Of your increase there shall be no end.Thank your passion for the things of God.Especially to our teens.God bless you richly

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Happy Supernatural Birthday Pastor Gbolahan Oluyinka.I thank you so specially for all you do for us in the International office ,in church and for me .May the Lord Strenghten and bless you richly.I love you

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Today I celebrate God's general.i met you over 24yrs ago.Thank you so much for all the impacts you've made in my life.You are my super mum.Pastor Tony and I love you so much.Enjoy your day ma.Happy birthday.

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Special thanks to the esteemed Pastor Tony Aduroja and partners of BLW UK Zone 2 for your partnership towards the Healing School Autumn Session 2018!  #hspartner #healingtothenations #hspn

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HBD dear Pst Tony Aduroja, a man of faith and influence in the gospel of Christ. Thanks for all u've done & many more feats for the kingdom

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