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Dear Self....Since we r surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses let us also lay aside every weight n sin which clings so closely...Selah

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IT'S A BOY!!!! Hearty congratulations to Mr and Mrs Nonso Okobi. Welcome to our Love World!

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Happy Birthday to my one & only Sweetheart brother, friend & husband rolled into one! We give thanks for a new phase of flourishing! I πŸ’– u

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Congratulations to my sister & friend Tolu Alabiβ€οΈπŸŽ“ First Class in BA (Hons) English Literature & Creative Writing. YOU GO GIRL!πŸ’‹ #blwzonem

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Happening Now! Thanksgiving Service in honour our Highly Esteemed Regional Pastor, Evangelist (Dr.) Eddy Owase! Celebrating Impact, Celebrating Passion, Celebrating Excellence!!! #FollowPastorChris #CeWarriZone #EvanginWarri

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🎊HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!🎊 Happy Flourishing Birthday to a Spirit-filled, Super-Intelligent, bright and shining Star! Celebrating our dear & precious Natasha DARA! We thank God for your life of flourishing, luxuriant growth, significant attainments, persistent productivity, success and victories. It's your season of expansion! We love you so much! #CeKenya

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Special birthday greetings dear Pastor Lanre, It was such a joy and blessing to be with you most of today at the thanksgiving service and reception. The Lord has given you a life worth celebrating. I was specially touched by the testimony you shared, it was more than a testimony, it was a life lesson for any wise hearted person who was listening. Thank you for following Pastor with all your heart. Relating with you 'off the platform', it's obvious to see that Pastor's message has moulded your principles, relationships and actions. I have so many examples of your excellent way of reasoning, and communicating. You're a man of honour, no wonder the Lord honored you with special words from our man of God today. As you always remark, I'm glad we're on the same team. I join the entire BLW family in wishing you a happy birthday with #flourishinggrace I love you dearly

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The irreplaceable highly esteemed Director of Cooperate Affairs, Pastor Ifeoma Chiemeka. A Bible Standard Christian. #PIC0907

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HBD my dearest sister! Celebrating you my PChioms is always a joy. You are a sweet person inside out and I love you superblyyyyyyyy

Stolen moment just before anyone else came #welcomingthe14thceo

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Still celebrating a BLW exceptionalism personality Dcn Felix.... Your passion for the gospel is unique & inspiring with great humility. πŸŽ‚β€οΈβ€οΈ

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CELEBRATING MY BABE! Dudu, You have been an especial blessing to me in all the years I have known you. Your passion for Jesus has always been contagious, never waning. An inspiration to all those associated with you, you motivate us all to love Jesus more and to follow our Man of God, Pastor Chris more closely. You have The strength of an ox. The tenacity of a bulldog. The speed of a cheetah. The loyalty of an Alsatian. The commitment of a soldier. The passion of an activist. The conviction of a disciple. The addiction of an avid soulwinner. The vision of an eagle. The patience of an oyster. The heart of a pastor. The delivery of an expert marksman. The intelligence of a supercomputer; And you have swag, just like your father, Pastor Chris. Your works and your results in expanding the frontiers of the gospel and the influence of the BLW Nation earn you a place of pride among the mighty men of the Man of God Pastor Chris. I specially celebrate you today. You are worth celebrating everyday, and moreso on the day you interrupted the quietness of the vicinity and lighted on this planet with a scream. A scream that has since evolved into a rallying cry for the salvation of souls; a passion to which you are addicted like opiate and intricately connected like a tortoise and it's shell. Happy birthday Modupe. And as your name suggests, I give thanks to the Lord, now and always for blessing me with such as thee. Ride on my Baby. Keep impacting this world with the investment of your personality. Keep standing shoulder to shoulder with our Man of God, contending for the faith of this gospel. Keep being a delight and a source of joy to Pastor and the Holy Spirit. Happy Birthday Dudu. I love You. From your Darl. Ambrose.

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Unique, beautiful, spiritual, witty, smart, strong, loving, playful, stubborn, intelligent,committed, reliable, dependable ....PSA-J

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HBD esteemed Br Robert, you are a great blessing to us. I celebrate you today. You will always be celebrated in Jesus Name. Much loveπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸŽ·

Celebrating a very passionate Pastor Steven CE Gabon. Thank u 4 all u do in Ministry & 4 ur passion 4 d indigent children. We love u dearly!

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Happy Birthday ma, Thank u for all u do in ministry and for all u re to me from the day I came in Contact with u. I love u so much ma

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Insightful Discourse by young orators on 'Media Evangelism', 'Nation Building' and 'The next 20 years in the eyes of a visionary teenager'. #teensconference2017

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"Chad is beautiful because the people are beautiful! It's not a country that makes the people beautiful, it's the people that make the country beautiful" Pastor Lanre "When a Nation receives a Man of God, the blessing of the Man of God rests on that Nation" It's a new day for the Nation of Chad! #AllForJesus...

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#Total Experience Chad!!!#March 25th 2017 Significant Attainment Memoirs#Thank you Dear Lord;You're the only One Like YouπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

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