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1. 1st video 2019 Christmas eve Service with Pastor Chris 2. 2nd video- 2019 3. The Fourth Man 4. Ada, Testimony Jaga, Frank Edwards, Eli J, Israel Strong 5.The song in the video was done by Auxano and the dance was done by LMAM kings Can dance #christmaseveservicewithpastorchris

1. Year 2019 Christmas eve with pastor Christmas 2. 2019 3. Ada, Buchi, Eben, Frank Edwards 4. Auxano and kids can dance #christmaseveservicewithpastorchris

She was Mary's Cousin #christmaseveservicewithpastorchris

Angel Gabriel visited Zachariah #christmaseveservivewithpastorchris

Jesus is the child of the Holy Spirit #chrustmasevewithpastorchris

Remember those pair shoes you wanted to give out but just as you tried to dust them the hill caps came off? We have a solution at a cost offer you'd appreciate. Kindly contact us; Let's help you take care of those little interruptions. We care about you. #footwear #shoecare #ohoa

It's the Word Game fun time Friday! Yippee! Let us take you up a few memory lanes! Remember GNS101? Come and dine with the Dons of English on STDL. Its gonna be something to laugh about. #stdl #blueelitestaff #realfun #wordgame

HBD to my amazing super duper highly esteemed Director. You're a woman of steel, great zeal, strong faith. You're a pearl of great value & a spiritual giant. Thank u ma 4 loving me specially, 4 being so kind, caring, generous, gracious, loving, & lots more. I love you endlessly.

Let's stretch our minds on stdl. The word game is here again! Its time to relax and calm down in the midst of so much work; let's play! #realfun #stdl #blueelitestaff #ohoa

Let's take good care of your foot wears as well as your feet. #ohoa #shoecare #footwear

It's fun time Wednesday. Let's have lots of fun! Stretch your minds and have great laugh on stdl. #stdl #blueelitestaffportal. #realfun #ohoa

Paraphrasing: Praying more & consistently is an essential key 2 fulfilling your calling and life in Christ without reproach, stress etc; if your prayer life is eaten up by kwashiorkor hmm my brothers & sisters u will struggle & suffer 4 long o #OHOA #blueeliteglobalstafftraining

Its fun time! Play and win our Word Game on stdl. Log on to stdl on the Blue Elite staff portal. The stdl icon is on the Home page. Are you good with words? Its time to display. #fun #stdl #blueelite #staffportal

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#mystdlstory #stdlunlimited Stdl has blessed my life in so many ways. My faith has been strengthened, my personal life and character has been developed, my mental disposition towards my work has been transformed into whole new level. Lots of miracles in my work daily #stdlweekly


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Thank you Lord. You have done me marvelously well. I'm in awe of your wondrous deeds. Thank you Lord for divine health, deliverance, prosperity, help, joy, unending laughter, peace, protection, guidance and much more. I love you Lord. #celvz #church4 #thanksgiving

We are Live!!! The Global Day of Prayer will be airing live on the Blue Elite TV. Remember to post on the Kingschat timeline a picture of you participating at different times during the 24 Hours #GlobalDayofPrayer #BlueEliteCommunity #BEPrays #OHOA #BEPC

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