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Still celebrating Pst. Esther. ....Your love is amazing..

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Happy Birthday to my Big Sis! Pastor, thank you for building me with the word and setting me on the right path. I love and celebrate you!!!

HBD Pastor Esther God bless you for your commitment and Consistency to the work and brethren CECanada &Clayson say Thank U We ūüíĖ u dearly

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The right posture when reading a book in bed.

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Unwana shares her testimony..... #iflourish #loveworldpay #Epayment

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HOW BIG IS THE WEB? How big, really, is the Web? The growth of the Web has been exponential over the last decade with no sign of stopping. Hundreds of thousands of websites have emerged on every subject imaginable, with literally millions of web pages online.  Internet Live Stats, a site that measures Internet statistic estimates that every second, there are at least 7000 Tweets sent, 1140 Tumblr posts posted online, 733 photos posted on Instagram, 2207 Skype calls, 55,364 Google searches, 127, 354YouTube videos viewed, and over 2 million emails sent. Remember - that's the average in just one second on the Web. Extrapolate that out to an hour, a day, a week, a month, or a year, and the number quickly reach towards an unbelievable state. 

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THE PURPOSE: KNOWLEDGE GIVES BIRTH TO VALUE Why do you learn? How do you determine if your learning effort is worthwhile? Can you use the skills to make a difference, to make significant impact? Technology is not a "cure-all". Knowledge must add value. Otherwise what is the point? Value is not a theoretical concept. It must add to others in a significant manner. Do your skills and knowledge make you, your clients and employers more productive, efficient and profitable? Feed your brain and remove all limits. It's an upward value push. Learning moves you from being a consumer to being a producer, to being a driver of developments. How obvious is the value proposition you offer? Empowerment is More Knowledge! More Power! But your knowledge is your power only when you use such knowledge to add value. In reality your value, not just your knowledge is your power. Expertise must translate to value. At the end of the day, what are you bringing to the table? 

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What matters is how you see yourself. #myinfinitycard #nobsl

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updated his profile photo

An Atmosphere OF The Miraculous #ZECM17

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FMA (FIXED MENTAL ATTITUDE) This is also known as MINDSET which equals your Gross Mental Output (GMO) Our mindset is what determines our response to God, Life, People and Situations. * Why are we the way we are? or see the way we see? Through the years our Man of God and Life Coach, Pastor Chris has built in us (through the word of God and the Holy Spirit) a mindset of Victory, Success, Excellence and Courage. This is why we are so peculiar and stand out in all things and everywhere we go. Thank you my father sir for today's Meditation on Rhapsody of Realities. You're the best Programmer!

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Total Experience Lagos.... #totexlagos #celz3

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You can't THANK God and Ur TANK will not be FULL

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Fear is the misinterpretation of the situation. Wow! #BLWUSARetreat17

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Hello! My name is Bellissa; aka Pastor Chris' Daughter. I'm new here. Watch out world, I have arrived!

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There's a story to be told where I am a lead actor!! God has a script! I AM GOD'S STORY!!! #BLWUSARetreat17

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I have been inspired to be an author. I will rewrite the the lives of men. Glory to God! Thank you Pastor Amaechi Sir. #BLWUSARETREAT17

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"Pride is your opinion elevated over God's word. So if God says you are are rich!" #BLWUSARETREAT17

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Graced.. Bold... these fellow "co-authors" and I, of course are fired up and ready. We're looking for trouble so beware! #BLWUSARetreat17

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