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Happy Glorious Birthday to a great man of God, full of the Holy Ghost and Visions. You are a passionate Pastor, the General of our Army. Thank you for your selfless service to see to it we are a winning team.

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Happy birthday to my precious sons, you make your dad and I so happy and we rejoice in God's love and perfection in you. You are growing excellently in Grace, favour and stature. From a young age you will love and honour the Lord with your lives. I love you boys very dearly

Happy Birthday dear Pastor Kunbi. God bless you. Thank you for your diligence and excellence in service. I love you very much. Have a glorious new year of greater achievements.

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Happy Birthday dear Pastor Kunbi. God bless you. Thank you for your diligence and excellence in service. I love you very much. Have a glorious new year of greater achievements.

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#HappyBirthday to someone who is kind, giving, very generous and dearly beloved. Esteemed Pastor Daba @pstdaba, you are just such a blessing and I thank God for your inspiring life of service. I love😍🥰 you. #CELVZ #LCAChurch4

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It's always a joy to celebrate you.. So much to thank God for concerning you. You are a mighty woman of faith. Full of the Spirit. A goal getter! A pacesetter! A trailblazer! An inspiring and inspired Leader. A leader Par Excellence. You are very Kind. Considerate.Thoughtful. Helpful. Sweet... And Beautiful You are a complete package.. just Perfect! Your commitment and dedication to the vision of our man of God is inspiring. Thank you for all you are to Pastor, and the blessing you are to our nation. It's so easy to love you. And all you have seen is little compared to what God is going to do through you. Keep shinning Dearest Baby /Lil Sister! I love you always ! Happy Birthday! 😊love 💘❤💕♥💖

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Happy Birthday dearest and Esteemed Pastor Daba. Thank you for all you do for our beloved Man of God and for the ministry and thank you for your inspiring life. May the Lord increase you more and more in every way. I love you.

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Happy 7th Birthday to my dearest Sasha and Lucia. You bring so much joy to everyone around you. Keep shining your lights ever so brightly. You will fulfil God's plan and purpose for your lives. I love you.

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Happy Birthday Sasha and Lucia. How the years run fast beautiful queens of our beloved nation. You are blessed baby girls. I love you both yum yumly. ENJOYYYYYYYY a great year 😘😘😘😘💃💋💋💋

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Happy Birthday Pastor Daba. Great helper of the work and the war I salute you. ENJOYYYYYYYY a phenomenal year of grace and glory. Such grace that makes the heavens applaud. I love you dearly and God bless you 

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Happy birthday to the Esteemed Pastor Rebecca Wealth-Eriya. You are so amazing pastor. Thank you for all you do for the Lord and His people, particularly for the indigent in South Africa. I love you pastor.

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Happy Birthday Dearest and Esteemed Pastor Rebecca Wealth-Eriya We celebrate you very specially this year and we say thank you for your indispensable role in the Loveworld Publishing Ministry and Rhapsody of Realities. Thank you for all you do and your steadfastness in the work of the ministry. You are well beloved and appreciated. We are grateful to God for your life of service and the joy you bring to our man of God, our Director and to everyone who works with you. We love you!

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CELEBRATING THE GOSPEL - CENTRIC PASTOR REBECCA - WEALTH ERIYA!!! 🥂🍾🎂🎈🎈 Happy Birthday Highly Esteemed Pastor Rebecca-Wealth Eriya. Thank you immensely for your consistency, committment and dedication to the expansion of the kingdom and the vision of the Rhapsody Evangelistic Outreach Network (REON) The work of God is prospering in your hands!!! We love you so dearly ma❤️ #flawlesspstrebecca #pstrebecca #pr3103 #reon2021

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Happiest Birthday Pastor ma. You are an epitome of love. Thank you ma for being a great blessing to us and the body of Christ.Thank You ma for your love, warmth and smiles, they are priceless. #flawlesspstrebecca #pstrebecca #pr3103 #cesazone1

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Ma loving you is so easy, Even those who have not had personal encounter with you love you. Thank you for showing us how to serve our Esteemed Director with practical examples. Thank you for giving us platform to stay relevant in ministry. Thank you so much Ma

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Happy birthday esteemed Pastor ma. I'm truly thankful and grateful for your kindness and your love. Thank you ma for your graciousness and words of wisdom I've been privileged to receive. I love you ma. #flawlesspstrebecca #pr3103

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New Soldiers of the Lord!

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She has more than enough love to go round with each person getting a 100%. She loves just like Jesus....she is esteemed Pastor Rebecca Wealth - Eriya. Thank you for your love for me, hubby and the boys. I love you very dearly ma. Happy birthday mama!

Happy Birthday to my flawless mama. The love in your heart can go round the whole world, back and still be enough. Thank you for taking your time to teach me things I could never have learned on my own. Thank you for loving me uniquely. I love you more. #flawlesspstrebecca

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Happy birthday love🥰 You are simply the BEST!....d BEST of d BESTs..💏 I am so grateful to God and Pastor for bringing me to you and ensuring the actualization of this union.💞 It is your birthday and a time to celebrate YOU, your greatness,kindness and love. Waoh! What a wonder you are!😍 You are a tower of STRENGTH, HOPE and LOVE. I am thankful for your resilient spirit and your LOVE...which is ALWAYS in its purest state❤❤❤😘 Thank you for STANDING BY ME when I needed that so much!🙌🙌🙌 You are many things MOG... I honestly think 1st Corinthians 13:4-8...best describes you 4 all time😊😊😊 U are PATIENT😚 U are KIND😚 U do not envy or boast😚 U are not arrogant or rude😘 U do not insist on your way🤗 U are not irritable or resentful ☺️ U do not rejoice at wrongdoing🤗🤗 U rejoice with the truth😋 U bear all things, believe all things, hope all things.😙 U endure all things...💃💃💃 U LAST!😍 I love you FOR ALL TIME!😍😍😍 Happy birthday Sugar!😍

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