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Celebrating an exceptional Sister&Friend, Specially graced with superior admin skills, Not forgetting your anointed voice🌟 HBD Deberemu herself😂 I love you specially😍❤🤗

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When you worship and pray, use the right words so as to get the right results. God cannot empower a word that is not His. Pastor Chris- Your Loveworld @spirit @uchesokocha @pastorayotunde @pshegs @lightyelo #liftchallenge

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Happy birthday dear pastor Sade Adewunmi. Its always the right time to celebrate you. I salute your passion since you were a teenager and sustained always. A great daughter of consolation to our Man of God. Happy birthday. You have moved.

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Today i celebrate a doer of God's word. This new phase is daily loaded with benefits.I rejoice wit u ma #Decusdecoris #PSABeauty #AgelessPSA

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Happy birthday Esteemed Pastor Shade, thank you for your warmth and very endearing smile. I celebrate you Ma. #PSABeauty

It’s been 26 Beautiful Years of Friendship with Incredible You You’re a Global Success, Impacting Lives with the Investment of Your Personality My Vivacious Darling You Light Up Everywhere Kind, Caring, Loving I Celebrate You I Love You Enjoy Your Limitless Level Happy Bday

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Your Love for Jesus is absolute and thank you ma for always making d word of God ur final resolute. #Decusdecoris #PSABeauty #AgelessPSA

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Celebrating a Super Star, a champion that wins for others. Muah!!! #Decusdecoris #PSABeauty #AgelessPSA

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#PSAbeauty #AgelessPSA #DecusDecoris Let's do a dance 💃💃💃🕺🕺🕺💃💃💃 as we celebrate an outstanding luminary. Pastor, we love you dearly.

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I celebrate your tenacity, boldness and the way you so easily express the liquid love of Christ. Happy birthday Ma....I love you Ma.

📸 Jeremy and Jordan Adebayo!

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Celebrating a luminary of galactic proportions! Thank you for blessing us all with your prodigious feats. Thank you for being a flagship product of the ministry of our Man of God. Thank you for making "impossible" obsolete. I am grateful we are family. I love you dearly.

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In the years I've worked with you ma, I can't count how many times your words and instructions has kept me in the path of life. One day I'll document some great words you've sown in me and write stories of how they saved me. I love you dearest ma. Happy birthday ma

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With a heart full of praise and thanks to God, and my dearest Dad, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, I am most happy to announce the arrival of the latest additions to the Loveworld Nation of twins: my TWIN BOYS, JEREMY and JORDAN ADEBAYO! Glorrrrrrrrryyy!!!! Pictures coming soon!

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SPECIAL SONG COMPOSED TODAY IN CELEBRATION OF PASTOR DABA MCDUKE I am singing and dancing, grooving and rocking. Celebrating you in style Celebrating you in style. You are the apple of his eyes and the joy of many Generations Celebrate  Celebrate Happy Birthday  Happy Birthday  Go Pastor Go Pastor Go Pastor Daba uuh Go Pastor Daba uuh It's your Birthday Happy Birthday ENJOY THE VIDEO AND HELP JOIN ME IN CELEBRATING PASTOR DABA BY SENDING YOUR POST. LIKE, SHARE AND COMMENT HERE ALSO. SHE'S SWEET, HOT BEAUTY AND AMAZING. INDEED A TRUE DAUGHTER OF OUR MAN OF GOD PRAISE GOD FOR THIS AWESOME GIFT TO THE LORD THANKS TO KINGS CHAT VIDEO WE HAD FUN

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Happy birthday dearest P Rebecca, thanks for always being so helpful. (Thanks for your special sense of humour. 😆) I celebrate your life of service to the Lord and the ministry. I love you dearly

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