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Wow! See the beautiful woman you have become🤗 there's no pic here you are not showing teeth hehe 😆 I love you girl hbd

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Wow! #DavidPrinceLawal Hearty Congratulations once again to the Esteemed Virtual Regional Pastor and the Esteemed Pastor Lisa Lawal. #TheWordWorks #CeAccraGhanaZone

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Dreaming is not enough... You have to train yourself in the direction of your dreams #BLWLEADERSHIPACADEMY2016

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Thk you Lord Jesus for David Prince Lawal. What a gift from God the Father. Thk you brethren for your pure & liquid love. #davidprincelawal

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The Man kind of God Get the full story on LoveWorld News at

8 DAYS OF GLORY - DAY 4 [ HIGHLIGHTS 2 ] The Esteemed Pastor T. T. teaches on 'The Sowing Of Words',  the next level of consciousness for sowing: ⚫ You have to speak the right words. The wasting of words is the wasting of life.  How are your words? 📑 Proverbs 18:30  ⚫ Are you unsatisfied with your life? That means you are wasting your words. It is not the government or the dollar exchange rate. It's your words. ⚫ Don't use your mouth to spoil things. A man's belly shall be satisfied with the fruit of his mouth. Don't ruin or waste your life in order to get a few laughs from others. When things make you angry and sad,  the words that you speak at that time may ruin your life forever. ⚫ To change the wrong confessions,  you have to release faith ( Rhema); that word that you speak with understanding. ⚫ Your mouth is income. You will be filled with the increase (income) of your lips. 📑 Matthew 12: 33-35  ⚫ Be bold to say the things you desire. Say what you want and who God has made you. Declare that you are walking in favour and the favour of God is with you everywhere. ⚫ What do you say in the mornings? Speak about your life. Deliberately make confessions about your life, your money,  your children... ⚫ Don't be too embarrassed to say what you want. If you are convinced of God's Word, say it! ⚫ You have to say what you want.  Our man of God, Pastor Chris talked about Christ Embassy being the largest church in the city. Time has proven it.  ⚫ People may laugh at you, and say that you are arrogant,  but you have to keep saying it. Without faith, it is impossible to please God. You would speak from the abundance of the heart.

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2 Years of BLW Exceptionalism in the Campus Ministry, 2 years of Glorious impact! Happy 2yrs in office Sir. We love you sir. #ExceptionalCMD

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More grace, More wisdom, More growth thank you God for adding another year on to my life🙏🙌🙏🙇🙏

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Congratulations to our highly esteemed CMD sir! Thank you for your unwavering leadership, pure BLW exceptionalism. It's a new level.🎉#CMD

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It takes the power of faith to activate the power of His Presence... #PastorEkele

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The GRACE is with me! #PastorChris #MyLightShinesEverywhere

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"Listen the devil can not tell you to give.. only God can tell you so." Sis Lebo #witsmidweekservice #BLWSAZONE

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You'll always be the character of your thinking. -Pastor Chris

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The Wealth of our Kingdom can only be used by the Wisdom of God - Pastor Chris

T.I.E CONFERENCE WITH THE HIGHLY ESTEEMED CMD (BLW Zone D) The Esteemed Zonal Secretary, BLW Zone B inspires attendees in opening session of the TIE Conference. #blwcampusministryrocks

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Amazing Boss... Wonderful Pastor Sir... TMM in Style Pastor... #Blissful2years

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"Are you in the marvelous light? that means your life should be a marvel!" #MyManOfGod

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Congratulations Sir. its been 2years of exceptional and inspiring leadership. I Love you Sir. #cebeninzone3

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I Salute the Commanding Officer of the BLW Campus Ministry Soldiers.Thank you Sir For leading us in Triumphant Procession.I Love You Sir.

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#2BlissfulYearsinOffice Thank you Pastor Sir, for your concern and vision for young talents. #CTH Crew.. #RockStar #DanceMachine #CMD

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