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The Gathering of Eagles (TGOE) Have you taken time to invite your friends, family and loved ones? Soul winning is our responsibility! Romans 10:14.....and how shall they hear without a preacher? #TGOECAN #Canada

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💥The Gathering of EAGLES is 11 days away!💥 Have you invited your friends, Family members and colleagues to this Historic program? This is another opportunity to win the Lost for the Lord. Be smart! Soul winning is our divine responsibility and Mandate. God is counting on you and me to win the Lost into His Kingdom. THIS IS WHY JESUS CAME. #Aheadship #Canada

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Happy birthday to my amazing sister. May this year be your best year yet. You’re a go getter and unstoppable. I love you plenty Charl! God bless you 🎉❤️🎊

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Dearest Charl. Today begins another glorious year for you, as you bear testimony of His love, grace and faithfulness in your life. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and for speedily helping others, even when it's adventurous to do so. The Lord bless you more and more to fulfill His purpose and calling. Happy birthday. Dad.

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Happy Mother's day to my momma! I love you ma! Thank you for the special gift of the word from PCDL. You are a special gift from God to all of us. We are grateful Ma. #CEVAUGHAN #CECANADA

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Happy Mother's Day Mum! Another day to celebrate you! Love you so much mum. You're such a bright and shining Light! Illuminating the world and impacting many lives. I love you loads! 💓 #June5Soon #Ptadzworld #MothersDay

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Available on May 7! Stay tuned

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Happy birthday Dear Sis Priscilla. You're Indeed a worthy Levite in the house of God, a helper of the war & an adornement of grace to the work in the Canada region. God has given you a great story extraordinary exploits to tell in your new year. Enjoy your day and God bless you.

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We Celebrate with our Highly Esteemed zonal Pastor, Highly Esteemed Pastor Linda Okocha; Regional Pastor, Nigeria South South Region. You are so special to us; Happy Wedding Anniversary Ma. #Cephzone2.

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Happy Wedding Anniversary Sir & Ma, its from glory to glory. Congratulations. I love you dearly Reverend & Pastor.

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'GLOW' by Zoe Adesina GLOW is a deep and introspective spoken word piece about the glory of the recreated human spirit. The poem parallels the way we admire outward beauty with the unnoticeable glow that beams from every Christian. Your face will be beaming after listening to this one! FOLLOW THIS LINK to watch and listen: Watch the lyric video or just listen to the audio; either one will bless you tremendously. You can bless someone else by sharing it with them! Let's let the whole world know about this GLOW! Zoe is graciously gifted daughter of the Secretary-General of the Loveworld Nation, Pastor Kay Adesina. Check on KingsChat: @thebestkindlife

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#influentialPJK #PJ0510 #cecottawa #cecanada Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men...that’s our PJK!

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💥Happy Birthday to an esteemed General in our Region. A true Soldier of Jesus Christ, A triumphant personality in our Loveworld Nation. Happy Birthday esteemed Pastor Joseph Ogbebor (Group Pastor, CE Ottawa)💥 This is one time of the year where words are simply inadequate to convey precisely the levels of impact and the measure of your worth in our lives. Today we jointly celebrate an epitome of excellence, diligence and Prudence. Today we celebrate a man of Passion, Vision and Action. Your lifestyle epitomizes Capacity and Audacity. Your Results have repeatedly shown that you live in the Estate called Wisdom, and your next door neighbor is Understanding. Today our Nation and Region celebrates an endless achiever whose life was drawn from Emmanuel's veins. Thank you for your loyalty to our dear Man of God. Thank you for moving our Region forward through your endless contributions and innovations. Your words bring solutions, your presence solves problems. Today and Always, May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob grant you endless strength from His Ageless Zone and bring you support from His Timeless Pole. Thank you for being a true Shepherd in all areas to the Brethren. We love you dearly. #Leadership #Canada

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Happy birthday Pastor Joseph sir, thank you so much for the impact that you are making in our Loveworld nation! Thank you for your leadership. Thank you for the inspiring life that you live. Keep shinning sir!! I love you! #cecanada #cebramptonwest

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Happy Birthday dear Sir! Thank you so much for all you do and for who you are! You are a force to be reckoned with Sir. Thank you for always being available and dependable Sir. I love you specially Pastor! #CANADA

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Celebrating our super influential Pastor Joseph! Thank you sir for being a dependable son of God to Reverend and Canada region. You are a blessing to the church and to us all. Happy Birthday Pastor! We love and appreciate you so dearly sir. #Cecanada

HBD Dear Pastor Joseph! Thank you be for being a true leader, a shepherd of many and a lover of souls. Thank you for your great influence and impact in our Region. HBD! I love you so dearly! #influentialpjk #CECanadaregion

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Happy Birthday dear Pastor Dupe! An iconic woman of God with great warmth, love and grace. I love your immence dedication, grace walk, talk and smile. We celebrate your excellence, creativity, administrative mien and distinguished life lived unto our Christ, in service to Him, our dear Man of God Pastor Chris and our Loveworld Nation. We celebrate your life of decades of steadfast service, influence and impact on so many lives far and near; within and without our Loveworld Nation. It's a great joy and inspiration to know and be known by you. Have an awesome new year of awesome manifestations of Grace heaped upon Grace! We love you dearly! 💝💥🔥🙌 PSD, PTAD AND FAMILY.

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"Influential Pastor Joseph!!!" How true!! Celebrating you is celebrating impact, influence and grace. Thank you for being such an ardent follower of our man of God, a great support to our esteemed Regional Pastor and an inspiration to us all. I love you dearly sir.

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A man fullllllllll of wisdom! I celebrate you sir! #influentialPJK #cecottawa #cecanada #NOW #0510

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