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Happy birthday dearest Pastor TT Sir...You are inspirational. I love you dearly Sir . Greater heights Sir

My rhapsody of realities . What a food for the spirit. Everyday unveils new diet and menu for healthy balanced diet. The titles alone are a message in themselves that you can meditate on for hours! Not one day should pass without feasting voraciously from its wealthy contents !

Happy wedding anniversary my baby . God is gracious and kind . Together in faith till Jesus comes for us . I love you

My God is an "ALL ROUND GOD".... I heard those words from my Father, Pastor Chris and it inspired this song ALL ROUND GOD...coming out soon ...Watch out...This week is blessed for you .... Amen

My Father My Father.....see you soon when Jesus comes for us at first flight

Their Mum says I have to teach Joel how to dance 😂😂😂...I think I have left that job for Jada to do . ...lemme face other things 😂😂😂😂.. ----------- How was Church today ...Did you invite someone to church ?

Watch this beautiful song JESUS YOU ARE by PeeYuu on ceflix. What a moment:



Happy birthday to our Super and Highly Esteemed Zonal Director Pastor Yemisi. We love you very much. You are so inspiring and your love for the Master is contagious . Thanks for showing the way Ma. Congrats Ma.

Happy birthday specially graced Sis Joisleen. What a delightful Sister you are. God bless you today and forever . Greater heights for you in Jesus name. Amen

After today's message from our Man of God pastor Chris , I'm reminded what he shared few moths back where he said the life we live here on earth is not LIVE! It's prerecorded.....the script has been written and we know the end of the story ....WE WON! What Jesus did is PERFECT

Happy birthday dearest Pastor Bolanle Golden and your amiable daughter Michelle. We love you specially . You have been great family members to us the Mafurus and we trully love you endlessly. Greater heights Mom and daughter ....❤❤❤ from Anna , Jada , Joel and Me.

Happy birthday Dearest Esteemed Pastor Rita . I love you very much. Thanks for being inspiring .

My daugter Jada's mesaage after studying Matthew 24: At the beginning, Jesus foretells the destruction of the temple, when Jesus was sitting on Mount olives, the disciples came and asked what the signs of the end of the world would be. Jesus said they should not be deceived, that many would say falsely that they are Christ. He said we would hear of wars that will come to pass and nation will be against nation, with famines and pestilence and earthquakes, but we must not be worried because the end has not come yet. He talked about how we would be persecuted for his names sake, and it will be a time of sorrow, betrayal and hatred. But only when the gospel has been preached to all nations will the end come. He talked about the great tribulations to come, and that we should be prepared, there will be deception, false prophets and Christ's will arise but we shouldn't believe them. After this time, the sun will have darkened, the moon dimmed, the stars fallen and the heavens shook. And he will come down amidst the clouds and his angels will gather those he has chosen from the four winds. There are certain signs that will show as to when the end is near, as a fig tree putting forth leaves is a sign that summer is near, until everything is fulfilled the generation will not pass, and when they pass, his word will still remain. No man nor angel knows the day when it will come, none except God. He said the coming of the son of man will be as the days of Noah, no one will know when he comes and one man will be taken away while the other is left in the field. If any man had known, he would have watched and prepared so his household would not have been broken apart. Therefore we must be ready, he gave an example of a servant knowing not when his master is coming and does what he would do when he's not around and when he arrives would cut him asunder and lay him among the hypocrites, as it will be whe the son of man comes.

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Happy birthday my amazing Son JOEL. Delightful and graceful. Your days are filled with unparalleled glory and super excellence. You are perfect . I love you my Son. ❤❤❤

Happy birthday great WOG Sinach . Thank you for impacting lives all around the world..Thanks for impacting me personally all these years and for your frontline role in our work for the Master . I love you dearly . Grace has increased even more.

What a great service. Heb 10:23 ; Heb4:14. Faith is the victory. Again I thank my Esteemed ZD for a timely word from the Spirit. Now my son says he wants to start coming to CELVZ. Pastor Yemisi says everything Pastor Chris says so I want to come to your church. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

This Friday .....don't miss out

Great Service today with our esteemed ZD Pastor Yemisi. Thank you Ma. Feeling led to share this video based on Ps91:3 CEV. When you said His word is ever sure I got really stirred and fired up. Glory to God . A fruitful week of amazing testimonies starts today . Amen . WE REIGN!!

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