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Renew your mind with the "I can do" higher life mentality with this video excerpt. "There’s a higher life in Christ with a different way of thinking, a different language of expression," Pastor Chris said to congregants gathered at the LoveWorld Crusade Grounds in Benin City on the opening night of the ongoing 3-day Higher Life Conference. The man of God, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, in the featured video, highlights the crippling effect of the more popular way of thinking and language of expression that says "I cannot". Again, with so much power, he reminded God's people of Philippians 4:13 where Paul boldly declares, "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me!" Be inspired with the video above, and remember to like, share and post comments in the section below. Also stay tuned to LoveWorld News for more exclusive excerpts and highlights from the ongoing Higher Life Conference Benin 2017.

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Celebrating an exceptional leader and pastor. Happy birthday Esteemed Pastor KELECHI Paulcy. #pp1020

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Celebrating #Vision400 in July the month of Expansion, Bro Prince from Glory Church brought 116 first timers to church today in a comrade bus. This is Awesome!!!!! #CeBeninZone1

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SUNDAY SERVICE WITH PASTOR CHRIS Five Blessings in His Name πŸ‘‰ Repentance: Turning away from something, changing your mind from the wrong to the right. Acts 3:25-26. It's a blessing when you get the courage to change your mind from a particular wrong direction to the right. πŸ‘‰ Remission and Forgiveness: Both words were translated from the same greek word, hence they go together. Luke 24:46-47. Jesus commanded that repentance and remission be preached amongst all nations. Remission is the complete removal, the blotting out. In the New Testament, the blood of Jesus doesn't only give pardon (forgiveness) but a complete blotting out (remission). Acts 13:38-39. No more sacrifice for sin is required because the blood of Jesus is the final solution. (Acts 10:42-43). Not one religion in the world offers remission of sin because the blood of bulls or goats cannot take away sins, nor the blood of another human being (it is not pure enough). It's only in Jesus Christ there is remission of sin. πŸ‘‰ Eternal Life: This is the life and nature of God. John 20:30-31, 1 John 5:11-13 To live without God is to live in darkness. Eternal life is not seen or felt by human senses, it is by the word of God. When you are born again, you become alive to the things of God. The veil and scales are removed when a man becomes born again and he becomes aware of his identity in Christ. πŸ‘‰ Healing and Health: Acts 3:6-8, vs 16. The man at the gate of beautiful didn't just get healed but was restored to perfect health. This is a blessing the Name of Jesus brings. Acts 4:8-10 πŸ‘‰ The Holy Spirit and His ministry John 14:26 We become Gods habitation, (His house) when we receive the Holy Spirit. HALLELUJAH! #iExpand #Vision400 #NCRegion

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SPECIAL LUNCH HOUR SERVICE WITH REV TOM. When the word of the Lord comes to you, keep it in focus and use it to war a good warfare. The word of God that He gives to us is authentic, no word of God shall be void of power. Fight the good fight of faith, means the victory has been declared on our side before the war started. Christ in me the hope of glory means, Christ in me, my life, my success, my victory. Every Christian is a Christ in me person. In the actualization of our vision 400 Romans 1:16 must sound continuously. Do not be discouraged. As you keep coming to church your faith is increasing, all you need to do is to keep exercising it. You must act on the word of God. God has said it's our month of expansion. Expansion is you didn't have much before, there is more now. If you didn't have its time for expansion. The only place that is permanent is our place in Christ. Live beyond your salary, your salary is a seed. If you are a civil servant, train your mind against the system that kills initiatives. Romans 4:17 Faith doesn't deny the fact but it changes the fact. Against hope Abraham believed in something higher, the word of God. Weak faith considers circumstance. Strong faith gives glory to God. Stop considering circumstances, consider the word of God. #cedurumi #WednesdaySpecial #RevTominAbuja

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Glorious moment, thanks so much sir. my life is full of favour,victory,money every day. God bless you richly sir i love you so much sir.

Upward and forward life forever

Thank you so much sir! for blessing us on Haven convention with you, i am on next level.

Haven convention with pastor Chris live in Lagos Nigeria

Glorious meeting with Rev Tom

Soul winning in Progress #Blwsoulwinningday #justwonasoul

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The Best part of my Life has just begun πŸ‘

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