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Happy Birthday Dearest Esteemed Pastor Tony Duke Sir- we love you so much 😍😍😍 family members story for another day.😁😁😁

Happy Birthday Dearest Vivi - Daughter, Friend and Sister - I love you so much...Your life greatly beautified. Family members things 😍😍😍

I love you so much - God bless you 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🎂🎂🎂🎂💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 Thank you so much for everything.

12. I can go on and on and not end on this matter of Bro Abayomi Koredele - Our father and Pastor - The Highly Esteemed Rev Chris has already pronounced blessings on you by declaring this month the Month of Beauty - your life is already fully graced and beautified. Reign On...

11. Bro Bayo the standby - I lost my immediate younger sister - Oluwatoyin - Dec 24th, 2018 - after burial - guess who was helping with moving her things... and helping till the very end. Yes you guessed right - Bro Abayomi Koredele - I can go on and on... 😍😍😍

.10. Bro Bayo will go the extra mile - I live off Ago Palace way, Okoto. - Bayo went to Ajah to bring my birthday cake from Sis @abiolalawaladedokun (BB) from Ajah as a surprise. Aha! 😍😍😍😍

9. Bro Bayo is a Decorator by profession - Bayo has decorated my house for years on my birthdays - this year is no exception - woke up on Monday, July 29th to a most beautiful and colourful ceiling yet - bursting with colours, covered with ballons.

8. Bro Bayo is a kind leader, selfless, loving and generous, full of the Holy Ghost, worthy of emulation and humble.

7. Today, I will like to use this appreciation day in celebration of some of these my family members - starting with one - younger brother, friend and son from church - Bro Abayomi Koredele

6. In this family "Jesus blood is thicker than water" the unity no part 2 - so we say "family na family" no shaking... it does not recognise earthly ethnicity - know we no man after the flesh. This is what Roms 8:31- 39 is about - who shall separate us from the Love of God.

5. This reference to my brothers and sisters from church is because we've all so gummed ourselves and become addicted to our Loveworld. My mum knows that they are now our family members.

4. My mum will often ask me in yoruba "awon aburo e nko? (How're your younger siblings)Or "egbon e nko"(how is your senior brother- he was my cell leader now pastoring in the abroad 😁)or "awon omo e nko"(born in the cell ministry many years ago and are all doing great in church)

3. They can never be ashamed of their own - they walk in love always. We met in church and we've all continued to inspire each other, full of the Holy Spirit - marching on in the things of God.

2a. This family from church has provided support, love, hope, extra cushion, strength, faith, name it - they are people who love God so much and cannot but love His people. They are life builders.

2. So let me start - I will particularly like to appreciate Christ Embassy, my church for giving me the opportunity to have additional family members.

1a. People are quick to point out seemingly the church shortcomings but may not remember all the great and glorious things the church is doing right now.

1. I have always felt we should push for a Church Appreciation Day - the church is the body of Christ and the church does so much for the well being of her body.

Background - I have tried so hard to be quiet but alas the Holy Spirit will not permit me. So I write now - My first post for Church Appreciation Day.

THANK YOU PFA MA FOR RAISING ME IN THE WAY I SHOULD GO. Thank you for the many sacrifices.. Happy Birthday Sweetest PFA.. I Love you so much. Kisses from Christine 😚😚😚😚. Look at your girl now... all those years of counseling really paid off. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MA.

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The Best Daddy in the whole wide world. Happy Father's day sir. Thank you kindly sir for been a most exceptional father to all of us and especially me sir. I love you sir. #HFD #HappyFatherDay. #CeaccraGhanaZone. #Ceavenor.

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