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💥CENTRAL AMERICA MISSIONARY TRIP WITH OUR HIGHLY ESTEEMED REGIONAL PASTOR💥 Central America is a region found in the southern tip of North America. This region is bordered by Mexico to the north, Colombia to the southeast, the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west and south. it is made up of seven, mostly tropical countries. Namely, Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. El Salvador is a nation in Central America with a population of 6,344,722. In the month of October, our highly esteemed Regional Pastor and brethren embarked on a four day missionary trip to El Salvador with the sole purpose of reaching the inhabitants with the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and to establish Christ Embassy. READ THE FOLLOWING EYE WITNESS REPORT: Friday: City Center of El Salvador Our Highly Esteemed Reverend and the team set out to explore El Salvador and to give out copies of the Rhapsodic of Realities. Starting at the San Salvador historic downtown district where the capital city of El Salvador has been located since the 16th century. This district has long been the country's political, economic and religious center. There were thousands of people walking around - A Kingdom harvester’s playing field - and we took advantage of it by distributing the Messenger angel and leading many to Christ. Saturday: TV Station/ Radio Morning We set out very early sourcing for media outlets to broadcast our Ministry materials. We located a television station called TaberTV 24/7 and Bautista Radio FM97.7 which happened to be owned by a Christisn ministry called Tabernaculo Biblico Bautista Amigos de Israel translated Baptist Biblical Tabernacle "Friends of Israel" Founded in 1977. When we arrived the officials met with us and gave us a detailed tour of their broadcasting studios. Radio Bautista 97.7 FM, which is the top radio station in El Salvador, extends to Guatemala and Honduras. After a great time discussing television and radio broadcasts, we have sealed a deal to work with these stations to broadcast our Ministry message across Central America. Glory to God! The Cuscatlan Park Afternoon: Cuscatlan park is a very popular park in El Salvador where families come together on the weekends to relax and enjoy their time with one another. It has a vast amount of fun activies to keep the youth in El Salvador engaged. As we went out for evangelism we perceived that their hearts were open and very receptive to our Messenger Angel, the Rhapsody of Realities. They were so excited to receive a free gift from us and many gave their hearts to Christ. The City of Panchimalco Evening: In the evening we continued exploring Elle Salvador and took a trip to the city of Panchimalco. Panchimal is a town in the San Salvador district of El Salvador. Panchimalco has 35,000 inhabitants, sometimes called "Panchos," who are descendants of Pipil Indians fleeing the Spanish takeover of San Salvador during the 16th century, into areas originally inhabited by Mayan and Nahuatl peoples. We had a great time exploring this city and we took advantage of the opportunity to distribute the Rhapsody of Realities. On Sunday morning, the last day of our glorious Mission trip, we set out very early to Metapan, El Salvador for a Sunday program which had many in attendance. Our highly esteemed Reverend Ken mounted the stage and the congregation were highly expectant to receive words that would propel them to greater heights and salvation for many more. Reverend expounded on the life of God that Jesus brought to the Christian and that the life of God is superior to satan and sickness. As Reverend ministered, the tangible Presence of God was present to heal. Reverend called out many cases by the power of the Holy Spirit. As they came out Reverend laid hands on everyone and they received their healing with great joy and gave their hearts to Christ! After the service many of the congregants came to Reverend rejoicing thanking him for the impact of the message. Reverend prayed for them. What a glorious time it was. Hallelujah! Watch out for more Praise Reports from Central America. God bless you. #Blessings #CentralAmerica #Canada

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So glad to see this day mum finally graduates from FOUNDATION SCHOOL at 85... its truly my year of light ..congrats Mum. A big thank you to Dcns Uwagbale for a good work done. #cebeninzone1

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It is my month of Blessing I am extremely conscious of blessings Thank you Pastor for loaded blessing @ today's communion. I love you sir. 💋💋💋 #pose1115

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#Ce Etobicoke Central #Month of Blessings #Canada What a beautiful glorious communion service with our man of God Pastor Chris. Yes! We’ve taken over. From Glory to Glory!

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#Ce Etobicoke Central #Canada # Month Of Blessings It’s a new Level. Wow! We are blessed. New levels of Glory & Esteem & Expectancy.

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A great honour to celebrate our most precious, loving, kind, graceful, thoughtful & caring Pastor. Pastor Ma'am you are always in Office and Full of the Spirit. Our lives are so enriched and full of BLESSINGS because of your touch. I ♥️ You Dear Pastor! #POse1115 #Cecanada

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#Ce Etobicoke Central #Month of Blessing #Canada Awesome communion service today. Feeling so blessed.

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#Ce Etobicoke Central #Month of Blessing #Canada It’s a new Level, a higher level the highest the excellent the shining. It’s indeed a new level for us. Upward only.

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Our Group Pastor, Pastor Dave ministering the Holy Ghost and salvation to attendees. #ceedmonton #CECANADA


Welcoming First timers to CEMARKHAM @Super Sunday Service. #CECANADA #CEMARKHAM #SUPERSUNDAY

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Ghana will never be the same again. Truly a Night of Massive Blessings. Praise God forevermore!! #ANOBwithPastorChris #Thisisit

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GLORY! GLORY!! GLORY!!! And our dear man of God pastor Chris is up now! Ghana is in for a miracle! #AnobwithpastorChris

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#Ce Etobicoke Central #Canada #Month Of Ministry #Super Sunday 1 Day to Go!

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#Ce Etobicoke Central #Canada #Month of Ministry #Super Sunday It’s About time to Shine Ever So brightly 1 Day to Go!

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# Ce Etobicoke Central # Canada #Month of Ministry #Super Sunday 3 Days to Go! Glorray.....

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It's happening live @CE ETOBICOKE CENTRAL ! Join us on SUNDAY 27TH OF OCTOBER 2019, to fellowship,worship, thank and give glory to the God Almighty for another glorious month of Ministry in God's presence. Pst GB will be Ministering . #SuperSunday #Ceetobicokecentral #CeCanada

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#Month Of Ministry #Ce Etobicoke Central #Baby Dedication #Canada Welcome Baby Othniel Chibuifem Moneme. Congratulations! We love you. ❤️

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💥Happy Birthday esteemed Pastor Sola Olubode (CE Milton, Group Pastor)💥 We celebrate an iconic citizen who has impacted many lives with the Gospel of Christ. A true soldier and worthy son of our Father, Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome. Thank you for always adding color and value to every place you are. Thank you for enlightening and enriching many with your God given wisdom and revelation. Thank you for your loyalty, humility and sincerity of heart. We celebrate you today and always. We love you dearly. #Canada #CanadaBirthdays

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