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The DIPLOMAT PCF, Christ EMBASSY FHA-1 AIRPORT ROAD GROUP ABUJA Ministry centre 1. Top PFC 2. Top Cell 3. Top Soul winner(PHIL WONDER) 4. Best soul Winning cell 5. Top soul winners nominee ( Sis Joy Ali, cell Assistant) ...More souls,Partnership, greater impact, MORE AWARDS!!!

The DIPLOMAT cell. Graduates 12 students Sat 15th baptised 11 members Sunday 9th & had 57 in attendance at the cell Ministry day, Sunday 16th June. Grace is very at work in Us. We give all the glory to God alone #CMD #Diplomatcell #CEFHA-1 #Airportroadgroup #Abujaministrycentre

Success is not a miracle or accidental. "But the application of revealed principles and means" Pastor Chris Dsc .DD. The below picture shows our previous Cell Ministry day membership in March this year and the just concluded one Sunday June 16th... God's GRACE at work in us!

Happening now! The graduation of Christ Embassy Abuja Ministry centre Foundation school students I'M glad 12 of my Cell members Graduates today #AMC #Graduation #AMCFSG #CEAMC

Abuja Ministry centre Praise team rehearsals@The Glory of his presence witb our highly Esteemed most REV Tom #GOHPWITHREVTOM #AMCGOHP2019 #GOHP2019

Join me celebrate An Exceptional soldier in God's army, a mega financier of the gospel...My Pastor, Father, teacher and mentor Pastor Chris Otabor of Christ Embassy Airport road group Abuja Nigeria. I love you with the liquid love sir. Happy birthday sir

Celebrating a dispensation, teacher, father, pastor, mentor and a prophet. The president of the largest and most influential nation in the world. The Loveworld Nation. I love you sir and I love the way you love me. Thanks for you do for the lord.

#CAMC #Inauguraservice

Oct Mega Outreach was a huge success 81 in attendance Even Muslims gave their hearts to Christ. Thank you lord Jesus!

Everybody may give you a 'No', but 'ONE YES' from God is enough for you... Listen as Moss Bliss sings 'ONE YES' at Total Experience Karu with our Highly Esteemed Most Rev. #ceabujamincentre #totalexperiencekaru #RevTominKaru

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Photo speaks...An encounter with Divinity Today is a day I can't forget.. God changed my life. Thanks so much most Rev Tom Sir for coming to deposit so much on me today. I love you sir! #RevTomInMyChurch #GloriousAugustVisit #CELugbeFHA1LovesRev

I'm so glad I was physically present to partake of this grace and blessings that were released. My life will never remain the same again. #RevTomInMyChurch #GloriousAugustVisit #CELugbeFHA1LovesRev

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Happy Birthday to an Exceptional Father.Your love and care is so unique. Thank you for imparting my life. I love you Sir

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#pkenny#b13#Ceadoekiti. Happy birthday pastor sir. Its a rare privilege to be loved by you sir and to be called your son sir..I love you sir

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Happy birthday to my father. I love you pastor

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HIGHLIGHTS OF 2 SERVICES AT CE AIRPORT ROAD GROUP WITH THE ESTEEMED PASTOR UYI IDUGBOE -SUNDAY 15TH APRIL 2018 Earlier today, at CE Lugbe FHA 1 the esteemed Pastor Uyi Idugboe, Group Pastor, Airport Road Group, exhorted the saints on the subject, "How to Make Your Faith Work", emphasising that "taking God at His Word is the first step to making your faith work." Beginning from the truth that every christian has faith, he reiterated that "the kingdom of God functions by faith" and to convert the logos of God's Word into our daily experience, the Christian must do the following (Prov 4:20 - 22): 1. Attend to God's words.  2. Incline your ears to His saying. 3. Let them not depart from your eyes. 4. Keep them in the midst of your heart. The congregants were stirred to demonstrate their faith in all circumstances and win in their world. Also today, Pastor Uyi Idugboe paid a visit to CE Giri, where he was warmly received by the excited brethren. Inspiring the congregants on their significance in the body of Christ and in the Believers' LoveWorld Nation, Pastor Uyi taught that, "Every part makes up the one body. Just as the body needs every part, so you, I and Pastor Chris are doing big things all around the world. It doesn't matter at what level you are presently, God has called you to touch this world." He released words of divine blessing, seeding the brethren for a higher realm of influence with the gospel in their world. #ceabujazone #celugbefha1 #cegiri

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Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

SUNDAY SERVICE MESSAGE HIGHLIGHT BY ESTEEMED PASTOR UYI Idugboe (CE LUGBE FHA 1) At today's glorious service, Esteemed Pastor Uyi Idugboe taught on SUCCESS MENTALITY as founded on scriptures and certain premises: "Success is not a mystery. You don't accidentally arrive at success. The principles and means are already revealed, so you have to find and apply the right principles. If you don't apply the revealed principles and means, success will evade you." "The Holy Ghost is a success. He is the correct definition of success. He has a history of making something out of nothing. He has taken broke people and made them smart and rich." Based these premises, Esteemed Pastor Uyi gave the brethren powerful principles and means proven to deliver measurable results when applied for Ministry, Personal Growth and Financial Increase. And the brethren, armed with revealed principles, are set to achieve more in every endeavour. Glory to God. #ceabujazone #celugbefha1

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