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Happy birthday dear Pastor Bisola, you are truly exceptional, caring , loving. A true leader per excellence A precious daughter of our Man of God, Pastor Chris Thank you so much for all you do for our ministry. I love you so dearly ❤

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We Are Live!!!!! Day 3 of The ROSA 2021 LIVE SHOW

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ALIGNING THE NATIONS WITH GOD'S PROPHETIC TIMING AT THE SEPTEMBER GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER LIVE ON RADIO There is no telling the tremendous impact that will be made all over the world through your mega sponsorship of this life transforming service on Strategic Radio Stations and Networks Worldwide. LET YOUR SEED COUNT!! #GlobalDayOfPrayerOnRadio #GdopInMultipleLanguages #GdopOnRadioNetworks #GdopOnRadioStations #GdopOnRadioInVillages #1Millionhoursonradio #Pastorchrisonradio #LoveworldRadio #6.5Billionsouls #prayingnow #yourloveworld #ropc2021 #Loveworldasiaprayerweek #Asiaprayerweek #nmtbootcamp2021

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#cesazone1hourofprayer #cepolokwane #cesazone1 #southafrica

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Rhapsody of Realities... Penetrating every city, ever province, every village and every home in South Africa. The ROSA 2021 LIVE SHOW!!!!

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We Are Live!!!! The ROSA LIVE SHOW DAY 2

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Updated her profile photo

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Happening Now!!!!! The ROSA 2021 LIVE SHOW

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ReachOut South Africa LIVE SHOW Taking The Messenger Angel To The People of South Africa. Watch Daily on Rhapsody TV and Loveworld Sat... 2:30pm - 3:30pm

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CE TEXAS ZONE 2 Is So Ready To Have The Ongoing Pastor Chris Digital Library Users' and Subscribers' Conference 2021 Happen This Wednesday 22nd September with Esteemed Pastor Mike Wiggle hosting #PCDLUSC2021 #PrepareWithTheGospel #HappeningInSeptember #PastorChrisDigitalLibrary #watchonpcdltv

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Happening Now!!!! The ROSA 2021 LIVE SHOW

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Watch Out For the Reach Out South Africa Live Show, Coming Up from the 20th of September.... Its Time to seed the Nation with the Messenger Angel.

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#SundayServiceLive CE LEKKI SUNDAY SERVICE WITH OUR BELOVED CEO - 19TH SEPTEMBER 2021!!! The Esteemed Pastor Ofure Ibhakhomu opened today's service with an inspirational session of prayer, rearranging things in the realm of the spirit, there's no stopping us. Glory to God! #PictureHighlights #SundayServicewithPastorDee #CelebratingLights #TheWinningZone #Empoweredtolead #WeAreAtWar #MonthofVisualization #2021YearofPreparation #CELekki #CELZ5

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BREAKING NEWS!!!!!! THE HIGHLY ESTEEMED SECRETARY GENERAL OF THE LOVEWORLD NATION - THE HIGHLY ESTEEMED PASTOR KAY ADESINA WAS LIVE IN CHRIST EMBASSY LEKKI!!! Glory! Glory!! Glory!!! Sunday 19th September, 2021 has been indeed remarkable for us in Christ Embassy Lekki, as we were honoured with the presence of the Most Beloved and Very Highly Esteemed Secretary-General of the LoveWorld Nation - The Highly Esteemed Pastor Kay Adesina. We have indeed moved! '...from the Island to the rest of the world.' Glory to God! #PictureHighlights #SundayServiceLive #EverIncreasingMinistryMandate #SundayServicewithPastorDee #CelebratingLights #TheWinningZone #Empoweredtolead #WeAreAtWar #MonthofVisualization #2021YearofPreparation #CELekki #CELZ5

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#SundayServiceHighlights ✨✨WORD MOMENTS WITH OUR HIGHLY ESTEEMED SEC. GEN. - THE HIGHLY ESTEEMED PASTOR KAY ADESINA!!!✨✨ 🛑 Why We Do What We Do - Why are we like this? - Why are we committed so much to the gospel? - Why do we do what we do? ● Our understanding of the love of God. ' know Him is to love Him, to love Him is to serve Him, to serve Him is to live for Him. John 3:16.' Pastor Chris. It is not because God did not have an option, it is not compulsory that He did what He did. He did it because He loved us. Psalm 8:1-4 KJV, MSG. When you understand the love of God -- that He loved us and sent Jesus -- you cannot but also do what we are doing. 2 Corinthians 5:14-15. What is important to us is what is important to God. Galatians 2:20. The life that we live now is not ours. We are living our lives for Him because He loved us first and died for us. 1 John 4:19. God loved us and gave us heaven's best. ● Our understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He sent us with the same message of love. Gospel is the good news, the good news to let humanity know that God is mindful of their situation and has done something about it. John 20:21. When you understand this gospel, you cannot keep quiet. The gospel is dependent on us. The gospel is committed to men not angels because this is the world of men. Rather than curse the darkness, it is better to light a candle. This gospel is entrusted to us and we will but fail God. ● Understanding our purpose for being. Why are we on earth today? Why didn't we come a thousand years ago, but today? Because this is our time. This is when God wants us on the scene. God left us here for a purpose beyond having a good life. He left us here so the kingdom of God will advance in our time. Galatians 1:11. God called us all. When God called Pastor Chris, He called you and I in Him. God needs you here. ● Understanding of the times. Our understanding of the times compels us to do what we do because we know that we are at the end of the times. This is the time where urgency is required. We want to stand in the presence of the master and tell him that we did all he asked us to do. God wants all men to come to repentance and He sent us. A day is coming when the Lord will reward us for all that we do. Knowing the urgency of the times, we can't help but do what we do. John 4:34-35. Your labour of love is not in vain in the Lord. 1 Thessalonians 5:1-6. God is in a hurry. He wants to reach every man while we still have the time. ● Understanding the LoveWorld Exceptionalism. You can not be in a place like this and not be exceptional. Our mission and passion is for the gospel. So we are pushing it. We belong to Pastor Chris generation. Characteristics of Pastor Chris generation: - Unquenchable love for the master. - Passionate for the gospel. - Militants and activists for the gospel. - They do not take NO for an answer. When something needs to be done, we get it done. - Pacesetters. We lead, others follow. That is why you should not look around at what others are doing. They are the ones to copy us. We are loaded! We are super rich! We are going to bring this world to its knees because the gospel needs to reach the ends of the earth. Glory to God! #PictureHighlights #WordMomentswithSecGen #EverIncreasingMinistryMandate #SundayServicewithPastorDee #CelebratingLights #TheWinningZone #Empoweredtolead #WeAreAtWar #MonthofVisualization #2021YearofPreparation #CELekki #CELZ5

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📣📣HAPPENING NOW : PRAISE NIGHT WITH PASTOR CHRIS 🎶🎷 🎶🎹All Creation Adore you💃💃 Loveworld Singers ministering at the Praise Night with Pastor Chris. Connect to watch now on #loveworldsat #loveworldnetworks #praise #praisenightwithpastorchris

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Dad, This particular birthday celebration is the beginning of many to come but I thank God for your strength and ability to be a father and a mother to me! You’re an example of Grace at work in the life of a man. I wrote a few words to show you how much I love you.❤️ #mpt0919

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I am registered for ROPC! How about you? #ROPC #UKZone2

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Happy Birthday my dear bro.Uche Esemai A very helpful personality. This will be a great and glorious year for you, your light shines everywhere and glorious things are spoken concerning you. Your commitment to the gospel is so inspiring. God bless you and reward you openly. Enjoy

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HAPPENING NOW |PRAISE NIGHT WITH PASTOR CHRIS REBROADCAST IS NOW SHOWING ON cLOVEWORLD Click to participate It's time to birth miracles with your worship

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