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The Haven Nation Celebrates Our Dear Zonal Director Of The Haven Zone A5; Esteemed Dcn Robert Geri On The Occasion Of His Birthday!! Congratulations!! We love you dearly Sir. From all of us in The Haven Nation. #TheHavenZoneA5 #TheHavenNation

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The Haven Nation Celebrates Our Dear Zonal Director Of The Haven Zone E7; Esteemed Dcns Rachel Akhuetie On The Occasion Of Her Birthday!! Congratulations!! We love you dearly Ma. From all of us in The Haven Nation. #TheHavenZoneE7 #TheHavenNation

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Happy Wedding Anniversary esteemed Pastor Arinze & Pastor Cynthia. It's from glory to glory until the Rapture. I love you both loads.πŸ’–πŸ’žβ£

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Happy Birthday esteemed Pastor Yemisi. One hour was far too short praying for you and thanking the Lord for your exceptionally beautiful life of service and impact as we ushered in May 2 2021. Enjoy a super glorious day. I love you πŸ˜πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸŽˆπŸŽˆβ£

Global Fasting & Prayer beginning today, Saturday 1st - Monday 3rd May. Sometimes, prayer has to be coupled with fasting when times get tough and rough. The prophets, Jesus, and the apostles showed us the importance of fasting. Thus, on certain occasions and seasons as this, we're led to fast and pray more often than usual. Fasting for each day of 1st to 3rd of May, will be from 6am to 6pm. You may break it at 4pm if you need to. As much as possible, apart from your personal times of prayer, pray together with a group or your church as the Pastor directs. You can also join online at http://pastorchrislive.org During prayer, give time and attention to worshipping the Lord with thanksgiving. Pray specially for the nations of the world, that they be brought into alignment with the prophetic timing, plan and purpose of God as delivered to us in the scriptures. With the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, forbid and overturn Satan's plan and agenda to control the governments and nations of the world before the time, for they're not hitherto given into his hands, which shall be hereafter. By the authority of the living Lord Jesus Christ, break the dominion and influence of Satan and demons over the leaders of government and their peoples, which has been exercised through fear mongering and coercion. Pray for ministers, saints of God and the churches of Christ to be protected and delivered from the Satanic deception of these last days. The Lord hear our prayer and have compassion on His people, the churches of Christ, and the nations of the world. Amen.

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Congratulations Pastor Sir, and Congratulations Sister Sharon & Brother Phillip. Welcome Princess Arielle Rachelle-Marise. πŸ’–πŸŽˆπŸ’žβ£πŸ’•πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸŽˆπŸŽˆ

So thrilled with boundless joy to welcome my new baby grand daughter, Arielle Rachelle-Marise. We're all full of praise to the Lord for His priceless gift and grace through Sharon & Phil, parents of the newborn. Glory to God.

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Celebrating Our Advantage, The Highly Esteemed Pastor Joy Amenkhienan... Birthday Greetings from the Highly Esteemed CEO of Loveworld Nation, Pastor Deola Phillips. *WATCH* LIKE* COMMENT* RESHARE* #PJA425 #CelebratingPastorJoy #DerVorteil #CelebratingOurAdvantage

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Happy Birthday esteemed Pst Joy. You make such a significant difference with everything you do in serving the Master so wholeheartedly. I thank the Lord for your exceptional life of faith, grace, excellence, success & victory. It's from Glory to greater Glory. I πŸ’– & appreciate U

Happy Birthday esteemed Pastor Siji. Thank you for all you do in advancing the Kingdom so forcefully. It's from glory to greater glory. I love and appreciate you. πŸ’–πŸ’•

Happy Birthday Sweetie Tolu❀❀❀❀ A delight and a Praise A well watered garden with springs that do not fail An answer to the cry of many! Celebrating you with great joy and a heart of Thanksgiving! I love you so dearly⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘ #GratefulMum #ThankYouPastor

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#FoundationSchoolGraduation πŸ“Œ 2 DAYS TO THE GRAND CONVOCATION OF SOULS WON TO CHRIST Happening @ CELVZ This Sunday From 7:00AM Prompt What A Heavenly Celebration!!! #CELVZ #TheMonthOfTruth #TheYearOfPreparation

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BREAKING NEWS!!! CELEBRATING 100 EPISODES OF THE HISTORIC YOUR LOVEWORLD SPECIALS Once upon a time in history, somewhere in the Year 2020, the whole world came to a standstill. Billions of people were locked up in their homes in fear and despair, the world experienced the greatest fraud of all time. The devil really thought he had it figured out. This was his best attempt at taking the world and revealing the antichrist before his time. But he forgot one thing – THE CONSTANT IN THE EQUATION; THE INDOMITABLE, INDESTRUCTIBLE CHURCH OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST. Then came our Dear Man of God, REV (DR) CHRIS OYAKHILOME with the historic and epochal YOUR LOVEWORLD SPECIALS. With over 250 hours of intense expository of the Word, fervent prayers, intercession and times of worship, our Dear Man of God unmasked the adversary with his lies and deceit, destroyed his plans and strategies, dispelled the fear, unveiled deep mysteries and secrets of the Kingdom, and ushered in a new era for the Church. From episode 1 on Saturday the 28th of March 2020, to episode 2, to episode 10, to episode 30, to episode 50, to episode 99, and to EPISODE 100. From Season 1 Phase 1, to Season 1 Phase 7, to Season 2 Phase 2, to Season 2 Phase 6, to Season 3 Phase 1, and now Season 3 Phase 3. With several billions of people participating daily from every known nation, region and territory of the world, we celebrate 100 EPISODES OF THE HISTORIC YOUR LOVEWORLD SPECIALS with our Dear Man of God, Rev (Dr) Chris Oyakhilome. There is absolutely no telling the unprecedented impact of this special series of programs with our Dear Man of God, and we are eternally grateful to the Lord for his tremendous blessings. #celebrating100episodesofyourloveworldspecials #yourloveworld #yourloveworldspecials #yourloveworldwithpastorchris

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Happy ;Birthday esteemed Pastor Lekan of the most high God. There's no mountain too high nor ocean too deep to keep you from reaching the souls that have to be won to the Lord. Thank you for all you do to advance the Kingdom. I love and appreciate you. πŸ’–πŸ’•β£

Happy Birthday esteemed Pastor Nike. I love and appreciate you. πŸ’–πŸ’•β£

GET READY FOR SEASON 3 PHASE 3 OF YOUR LOVEWORLD SPECIALS WITH PASTOR CHRIS When you stand before the Lord He is not going to ask you "what did your history teacher tell you"; He is going to ask you "what did the Prophets say", "what did the Apostles say"; because the information they gave us was 'God inspired'. Don't miss this next Phase; tell others about it. It will show you the depth of Christianity, what it really means, what the Word has brought to us, what God expects, how to live, and how to win in this world in which we live. ~ REV (DR) CHRIS OYAKHILOME Get set to take a supernatural ride in the spirit and grow exceedingly in your knowledge of God's Word as you join our Dear Man of God Rev (Dr) Chris Oyakhilome for 5 phenomenal days of Your Loveworld Specials Season 3 Phase 3 from Monday 12th to Friday 16th April 2021 at 7:00pm GMT +1, 2:00pm EST daily. Don't miss it. Remember to spend time in prayer everyday against the evil plans of the adversary to divide the world into fully vaccinated tribes and those who are not. Pray against the deception and manipulation of the nations and their leaders by the antichrist spirits of darkness, and pray that people everywhere will come to the knowledge of the truth, that they might be saved. Amen. Remember also to: πŸ‘‰ Write your expectations for the program πŸ‘‰Spend time in prayer for the program πŸ‘‰Invite everyone you know and get them to attend the program 🌎Participate through our Loveworld Network Stations, Live TV and Ceflix Apps, and on all Ministry Online Platforms and Apps. #yourloveworld #yourloveworldspecials #yourloveworldwithpastorchris

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