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Happy birthday Pastor Sir! Behind every successfully zone is a selfless Pst willing to give himself fully to the flock. Sacrificial love

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Celebrating my Daddy! Happy birthday Pastor Lawrence of our SA Zone2. Your great leadership has impacted me positively. You're the best..

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Happy birthday Pastor Sir. You've impacted my life in so many ways words can not express. I love you sir. #cebangkokthailand #cesazone2

Celebrating a heavenly Gift and Beauty! Happy Birthday my sweet angel from above! Your love for the Lord Jesus Chirst and the gospel is unique and inspiring. Your love and honour for our Big Daddy Pastor Chris is an exemplary testimony. You're ever so spiritual, loving, caring, kind, generous, humble, tireless, selfless and so beautiful. You're a special gift from the Lord to our beautiful family. Thank you for the joy and laughter you bring. You're a lifter and a builder of lives. Truly as your name implies, you're a bright and shining light, the light of the world. Your future is great and guaranteed in Christ. You're blessed in all things. I celebrate you always, I love you dearly my darling. Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday to my sweet angel, Praise. Your other name Efua meaning light. What a divine arrangement and pronouncement this month of August There is a unique significance about this year's birthday. This year your light will so shine, that men will see your good works and glorify God in Heaven The hand of the Lord is mighty upon your life. it is evidenced in the manner you are naturally drawn to spiritual things. Your words are filled with wisdom Calm but not naive Caring with words ever so soothing. I call you angel, because that's what you depict. when you show up, there is such sweet presence released all around. Shine on my sweet angel As you increase in wisdom, you will continually bring joy to the heart of the Lord and our Man of God, Pastor Chris Mum loves you very much.

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#GlobalCommunionService #August2017 The Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris has commenced... Beautiful moment of fellowship with the Spirit of God! #PRAYING You can watch the Pastor Chris Live Segment shortly via #LoveworldPlusFlourishing

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FIRST EVER STRATEGIC TRAINING PROGRAM FOR PASTORS & LEADERS IN THE SOUTHERN AFRICAN REGION!!! For those Eligible to attend see you there!!! Highly expectant!!!

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Happy Birthday to our beloved Pastor Itee!! You are such a wonderful expression of the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May God continue to bless and flourish you as you spread his love to the world. We love you!!

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Christ Embassy zone 2 Hospital ministry had a special visitation to one of the biggest hospitals in Pretoria District known as ODI district Hospital,where they met with the highly esteemed CEO, Mrs M.D Mekgoe. She was quite delighted and expressed her appreciation to the Man of God, Pastor Chris for the visit. Copies of Healing from Heaven and August rhapsody of realities were distributed to the patients and the staff with over 18 souls won to Christ. Thereafter, they had a prayer meeting with staff members to encourage them for their service to the community.

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STRATEGIC TRAINING PROGRAM FOR PASTORS AND LEADERS CE SOUTHERN AFRICA 5 DAYS TO GO!!! TIMES - Thursday 10th Aug @6pm, Friday 11th Aug @9am & 6pm, Saturday 12th Aug @9am & 4pm & Sunday 13th Aug @9am & 1pm. VENUE - CE Randburg 2 #stppl #cesazone1 #vision400 #expansion #flourishing

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Finally my brethren the much announced and awaited STPPL is here! Prepare your heart to receive the best from the bests. Gloryyyy!

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Updated his profile photo

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Happy Birthday to my favor from the Lord. My best friend and lovely wife, my sweetheart, has her birthday today. I met her in my third year in university. She had just entered the same school. I had no clue that she was the one that I would spend the rest of my life with. Pastor Ewaen is a Pastor. She has a shepherd's heart through and through. She's loves the Lord so deeply and sincerely that the passion shines through. She believes so much in people that she's ready to give so many opportunities to one and all. Pastor Ewaen is in love with Pastor Chris and his words are life to her. He's her Father, Pastor, her Guide, her Life Coach. There's so much that I can say but no words can do justice in describing my wife. There is one of the certainty of life that I know: Pastor Ewaen loves me to heaven and beyond. Needless to say: I love you just as much, honey. My prayer for you is that you use this esteemed office of a Shepherd of God's flock (in this great sheepfold - BLW) so well that you would purchase to yourself a good degree and great boldness in the faith which is Christ Jesus according to the Words of His holy scripures. Happy Birthday my sweetheart; my very best friend. I love you.

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Highlights of the Day of Bliss Benoni with Pastor Chuks

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HBD my beloved daughter of consolation! Keep up your inspiring love for the Lord. "Daddy, never be intimidated by figures"! Yes, I take it!

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HBD to D-P Lawal.This Prince was born in our Nation. Made a prince at birth by our dad, with greatness conferred on him at dedication by Dad

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Psalm 119:136 Rivers of waters run down mine eyes, because they keep not thy law. #cebangkokthailand #cesazone2

CELEBRATING THE PERFECTION OF GOD'S BEAUTY!🌟🌟 Happy Birthday Beloved Sister Victory Amenkhienan! Thank you for your expressing the perfections of God in all that you do!👑 Enjoy the morning of your life!🌴🌴 We love and appreciate you greatly!💖💖 #SEVZ1 #CEOWERRI

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My girl's birthday loading... 29th July Born...

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