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Birthday Count up!! We kent keep kwayet! In exactly 48 hours we will be celebrating our esteemed Rev Ken! A Man of God of many parts; full of the Holy Ghost and power, impacting our lives with the investments of Christ's personality within. With hearts filled with thanksgiving and praise we joyfully celebrate God's unique, invaluable and incomparable Man of the Spirit. Thanks be unto God for His Grace and kindness for His Gift of you, dear Rev Ken sir! To know you is to love you! #RevKen918 #Cecanada

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27 years ago I read a book, “Revival in Indonesia” an account by Dr Kurt Koch of the amazing revival that broke out in 1965 in Timor Island and spread all through the 70s in several other islands of Indonesia! As a Teenager I was taken by the amazing testimonies of salvation; people coming to the Lord in their thousands, evangelical teams going from island to island preaching the gospel with signs following, including miracles of healings, walking on water, Supernatural transportation, and even raising the dead! This was the early 90s and you can imagine the shock i experienced when I found out that Indonesia was now the most populous Muslim country in the world! For many years I pondered on this. Then I heard the Man of Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome talk about “windows of Opportunity “ for countries and peoples to receive the gospel and how that such windows could be shut if the church didn’t take advantage of the opening. Sadly the church didn’t take advantage of that window for that move of the Spirit faded by the end of the 70s but praise be to God for what the Lord is doing Now in INDONESIA! I dare say that the Lord has opened yet again for this nation a window of opportunity! See what the Lord is doing today through Rhapsody Of Realities and the Translators Network International! ROR Is in Over 200 Indonesian languages already in one year! A network with over 20,000 ministers in various teams going from island to island preaching the gospel with power! I had the privilege of meeting 100 of these ministers and I tell you they are on fire for the Gospel! We saw over 2,000 people give their hearts to Christ in just two nights, with great miracles of healings and every we went we saw great hunger in the people! Today we heed the warning of the Man of God Pastor Chris and we fully take advantage of this window of opportunity by increasing our partnership with the Rhapsody Of Realities as we continue to bombard this beautiful nation of 17,000 islands with the Gospel of Jesus until as Pastor would say “the Knowledge of the Glory God covers this land as the waters cover sea” Hallelujah! #liftchallenge #monthchallenge #lightupindonesia #rhapsodyofrealities #thephenomenallifewithpeeay #festivalofloveandmiracles @pastorchrislive

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Prayer at 12noon and 10pm (Local/GMT) Mon 9 Sept The Healing School Summer Session concluded with a Healing Service in Toronto, Canada today and it was awesome. We ministered to many from various nations, who suffered from diverse ailments, and they were healed, glory to God! It was an additional blessing to have many ministers of the gospel, from various countries with us at the service as well. Special thanks to you, all our Healing School partners around the world for impacting and changing so many lives. Thanks to our Healing School staff and volunteers, as well as the Pastors and Leaders in the Canada region, for a marvelous job. God bless you all richly. Amen. In the New Testament, there's only one Name for God. Find out in this Monday's Rhapsody. Visit to get the September edition, if you don't have it already. 1 Corinthians 14:4 says, "He who speaks in a [spiritual] tongue edifies and improves himself...' At 12noon and 10pm (Local/GMT), we'll pray in tongues of the Spirit for all 15min. Pay close attention to the ministrations of the Holy Spirit to your heart. God bless you.

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Happy Uplifting Birthday Esteemed Pastor. It is a Season of Uplifting for you. This season brings you all the love and care you graciously bring to others. We celebrate your Greatness and Glory. #Kissyrocks #MonthofUplifting

Happy Birthday dearest Prophet Angel. The Lord is with you as a mighty army. Thanks a gazillion for all you do for the Lord. I celebrate the Lord's grace and love in your life. I love you dearly and God bless you stupendously and answer all your prayers. U are 1000 times greater. ENJOY your UPLIFTING 🥁💃💃🎈🎈🥁💃💃

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#LiftChallenge #MonthofUplifting #EWCAVZ5 #Kissyrocks

Glorraayyy This is IT.... #EWCAVZ5 #SierraLeone #Kissyrocks

Is there someone you knw who needs to recieve Jesus..I advice you to send them this video. Their life will be changed forever . If you are planning your outreach this is also a perfect video.Use it for your projector show.Goodmorning Kindly Reshare

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Ever seen this car sticker?... "Let my enemies live long to see what I will become in the future". ⚒❌ WRONG PRAYER.... With long life will the Lord satisfy your enemies and show them His Salvation. RIGHT PRAYER. ✅✔ #LiftChallenge #MonthofUplifting #EWCAVZ5 #KISSYROCKS

See you in church tonight! #liftchallenge #pcdl #UPlifting

I bring discipline into my prayer. Passion persuades. The Spirit quickens. I bring my mind into captivity to the subject matter of prayer. Should my mind begin to stray again in the place of prayer... I use my mouth.! #Rhapsody #liftchallenge #PastorChris #ewcavz5

Prayer at 12noon and 10pm (Local/GMT) - Wed Sept 4th Don't pray absentmindedly. Get passionate in prayer. Learn more in this Wednesday's Rhapsody. Download the September edition from the store on your Rhapsody app or online at Job 22:29 says, "When men are cast down, then thou shalt say, There is lifting up; and he shall save the humble person". At 12noon and 10pm (Local/GMT), we'll pray fervently in tongues of the Spirit for all 15min; we'll speak words of blessings and upliftment, as the Spirit inspires, over our families, nations, schools, work places, etc. Remember to attend the Wednesday midweek service in Church, onsite or online. This Month of Uplifting, I want us to do something special. Everyday, share on kingschat and other platforms, a word, thought, scripture, testimony, quote from any of our messages or Rhapsody, that has blessed you that day or recently, and will be uplifting to someone else. Take up the 'Lift Challenge' and be a blessing to somebody, somewhere everyday, this month. I look forward to reading and sharing your posts, along with others. God bless you. #liftchallenge #monthofuplifting

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That part of the telecast when pastor says ... 'and now in the name of Jesus" #Myfathermyfather #Gamechanger #GermanShepherd #Uplifting #ewcavz5 à

Welcome to the month of "UPLIFTING". ▪︎ When God talks to you, you have got to respond, that's where the miracle is, learn to respond to God. ▪︎ There's an uplift, for you and your family, for your business, for everything that concerns you this September. ▪︎ You are going to respond to God, in your spirit you are going to be standing strong. THERE'S AN UPLIFT!!! #loveworldsat #communionservice

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#BreakingNews - #Thisisit HIGHER LIFE CONFERENCE GHANA WITH PASTOR CHRIS Gloryyyyy!! This is what we've been waiting for. Date: Friday 25th October 2019 Venue: Black Star Square Ghana is set for a new wave of transformation. A night of Blessings! Gloryyyyy!!! Spread the Word!!!

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Heheh ... glory to God ; Sounds like our new month is going to be fun and amazing ❗️

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Welcome! Welcome!! Welcome!!! To our month of Uplifting! Shout Gloryyyyy!!! Uplifting for the ministry, your church, family, everything that concerns you! My month of uplifting! Thank you dear Holy Spirit!

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Latest moves launched @Wisdom 🤣🤣🤣🤣👌

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📜USHERS OF DESTINY There are people that God brings into your life to give you access to certain regions of the Spirit, as He does in the earth. Except and unless you recognize those He brings into your life to help you get into those regions of the spirit, you'll never get there.  There are regions of the Spirit and God raises someone to come into your life to give you access into that region. Now if that one whom God has raised to give you access, did not do his job to give you access; you will not get there, and God will hold Him responsible for your failure. He failed to help you get access you're in trouble like the one who did not warn the wicked but God will hold him responsible.  In the earth there are people whom God brings into your life to give you access into certain regions in the world - maybe it's business - so it is with the realm of the Spirit.  - Pastor Chris 📜Ptadzworld Publishers

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