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🙋‍♀️🎤Truth HIS CHARACTER REQUIRED PURGING AND REFINING FOR A DIVINE PURPOSE The Holy Spirit speaks expressly to you Beloved. When your heart is overwhelmed, you "feel" betrayed, let down, disappointed, mistreated, misunderstood, illtreated, overlooked, ignored, badmouthed, dissed, trashed, vilified, disparaged......When your feelings try to create blurred lines between God's Truth and your convictions of Him; when your feelings become treacherously doubtful, upset, angry and you can't seem to really see clearly blinded by your hurt........ Don't discuss it with anyone. This is the time to go to confide it to Him in PRAYERS and learn to LEAVE IT WITH HIM.....Notice I said PRAYERS....Consistent, fervent, heartfelt PRAYERS. Cast yourself on HIM, He knows you more than you know you. Until His PRESENCE calms, mantles, stays your heart on HIM ALONE. And His love for the object of your hurt floods your heart with compassion, righteousness, peace and joy towards them; wishing them ONLY GOD'S GOOD, HIGHEST AND BEST......Then your heart is FREE again to SERVE AND LIVE FOR THE LORD.... These are perilous, pernicious and difficult times of testing. God, Life, People, Situations, Circumstances and the WORD will TEST YOU. Question is will you pass your TEST? Praying for that special precious someone who's heart before our Lord resonates with this➡️❤❤❤ PS: Psalms 105:16‭-‬22 TPT So God decreed a famine upon Canaan land, cutting off their food supply. But he had already sent a man ahead of his people to Egypt; it was Joseph, who was sold as a slave. His feet were bruised by strong shackles and his soul was held by iron. ➡️God’s promise to Joseph purged his character until it was time for his dreams to come true⬅️. Eventually, the king of Egypt sent for him, setting him free at last. Then Joseph was put in charge of everything under the king; he became the master of the palace over all of the royal possessions. Pharoah gave him authority over all the princes of the land, and Joseph became the teacher of wisdom to the king’s advisors. #mentalhealth #love #mentalhealthawareness #authorsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #truth #jesus #bible #life #spiritualawakening #spiritualjourney #jesusistheanswer #jesussaves #salvation #spirit #faithhopelove #faithwritersofinstagram #faithbloggers #christianblogger

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June is the Month of Prayer Haman and Mordecai King of Assyria and Judah Esther 3:8-11; Hanan set out to eliminate the Jews. Verse 13-15; Chapter 4 Mordecai perceiving what was planned rend his clothes and cried out with a loud and bitter cry for his people and sent a message to his niece Queen Esther. Esther 4:1, 3- 2 Chronicles 32:1-3 How the Assyrians under Senacherrib planned to destroy Judah to take over Jerusalem. Something Hezekiah said to the children of Judah in Verse 5- This King of Assyria had destroyed other kingdoms and no Kingdom had withstood Assyria. Verse 7-8; 20-21. God knows how to handle everybody. He knows what to do. This month of June is the month of prayer. Give time to Prayer.

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💥 WORDFEST3 - DAY 28💥 MESSAGE FOR THE DAY: INTEGRITY OF THE WORD VOL. 1 PART 2 📺 Watch the FREE message by using our unique Zonal link 👉 📚 Use the study manual at the above link to maximize your studies. 🖼 Create your personal avatar after watching today's message and share on Kingschat, Yookos and other social media platforms to inspire others to participate. 🔸 Organize a WordFest outreach today. #WORDFEST3 #WORDATWORK #CETXZONE2

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🌏🇮🇳JUNE GLOBAL COMMUNION SERVICE IS NOW LIVE🇮🇳🌏 ➡️Be transformed,renewed and refreshed as you join our Man of God,Pastor Chris for the June Global Communion Service in the Year of Preparation. 📺📺Tune into to participate. God bless you!!!❤ #yearofpreparation #lwindia #loveworldnetworks #globalcommunionservice

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06/05 - one of the most special days in the year. Happy Birthday mummy! I love you❤️🎉

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🖊️ As a child of God, you are a blessing to any organization you are working in. Don't let anyone deceive you that they are doing you a favour. 🖊️ If they are mandating you to carry out acts that jeopardize your salvation, honorably quit. Don't be afraid! Click any of the links below to participate. CeTunes 👇 cLoveworld 👇 Loveworldradio 👇 #LTMnetworks #Loveworldradionetworks

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🖊️ You are unified with God, so don't engage in practices that put you in fellowship with demons. 🖊️ Only engage in fellowship inspired by the Holy Spirit. 🖊️ Astra Projection, the act of inducing a person's spirit to travel, isn't of God. Click any of the links below to participate. CeTunes 👇 cLoveworld 👇 Loveworldradio 👇 #LTMnetworks #Loveworldradionetworks

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The wait is over for Ignite-Season 2🔥🔥🔥 📺📺📺Watch this space for more details!!!! #loveworldnetworks #lwindia #teamignite #yearofopreparation #monthifillumination

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FEED THE COMMUNITY DRIVE IN CE BANGALORE, PUNE GROUP, LAGOS ZONE 3. The InnerCity Mission, in collaboration with Christ Embasy Bangalore, pune Group Lagos zone 3 held a Feed The Community drive in a slum in bangalore india reaching 35 Families, with over 100 individuals. Over 100 souls men, women and children were lead to Christ and given groceries to feed their families enough for 1month. We also distributed copies of rhapsody of realities to these families. The Assistant Commissioner of Police of the Area attended the program. He conveyed his appreciation and gratitude towards the InnerCity Missions for the work we do in providing for the lesser privileged. It's been an honor to bless the slum dwellers with what God has blessed us with. All Glory to God. #CELZ3 #celz3nity #GO2Inc #Godliveshere #EndChildPovertyNow #EveryChildisYourChild

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Happiest birthday to my Highly Esteemed Zonal Director Ma. Thank you for all that you do. I love you dearly!!❤️ #thephenomenalwoman #iconofgraceandexcellence #PDIROCKS #PSTDEE #CELZ3 #CEpunegroup

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Celebrating a mighty Woman of God and our Highly Esteemed Zonal Director, Pastor Dupe Isesele. Happy Birtday Ma! Bro Milind sends his greetings. We love and appreciate you dearly Ma!❤ #thephenomenalwoman #iconofgraceandexcellence #PDIrocks #PSTDEE #celz3 #cepunegroup

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Thank you for making the work in India a Top Priority in the zone.We sincerely appreciate & love you,My Highly Esteemed Zonal Director. Happy birthday ma! Courtesy CePune Pastor's& Cordinators #thephenomenalwoman #iconofgraceandexcellence #PDIROCKS #PSTDEE #CELZ3 #CEpunegroup

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Celebrating a mighty Woman of God and our Highly Esteemed Zonal Director, Pastor Dupe Isesele. Deaconess Jerilee sends her greetings Happy Birtday Ma! We love and appreciate you dearly Ma!❤ #thephenomenalwoman #iconofgraceandexcellence #PDIrocks #PSTDEE #celz3 #cepunegroup

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The Day has arrived!!! As I celebrate your day I celebrate your impact in our lives. Thank you Maa for making LZ3NITY A HOME FOR US.Maa You've Birthed Champions everywhere. I LOVE YOU PERFECTLY MAA #thephenomenalwoman #iconofgrace #PDIROCKS #Pstdee #Celz3 #Cepunegroup

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Our Book Excerpts 📖 📢📢📢Now Sings My Soul Volume One and Two...A Spiritual Guide to Sound Mental Health.....available by clicking Link in bio or by downloading from Apple and Okada Book Stores....Coming soon on Barnes and Noble and Kobo Books🇨🇦🇰🇪🇳🇬 #life #spiritualawakening #spiritualjourney #faithoverfear #spiritualgrowth #nowsingsmysoulvolume1and2 #bible #christianity #mentalhealth #jesusistheanswer #faithhopelove #mentalhealthadvocacy #mysoulsaysyes1234 #mentalhealthawareness #authorsofinstagram #faithwritersofinstagram #faithbloggers #christianblogger #christianbookreview #christian #christianbooks #christianauthor #christianauthorsofinstagram #mindset #mind #mindsetiseverything #mindrenewal #mindtransformation #church #writersofinstagram

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Pray-A-Thon 2021 - Wed May 5 We're perfected forever in righteousness. Learn more in this Wednesday's Rhapsody. Visit Luke 18:1-8 says, 'And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint; Saying, There was in a city a judge, which feared not God, neither regarded man: And there was a widow in that city; and she came unto him, saying, Avenge me of mine adversary. And he would not for a while: but afterward he said within himself, Though I fear not God, nor regard man; Yet because this widow troubleth me, I will avenge her, lest by her continual coming she weary me. And the Lord said, Hear what the unjust judge saith. And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them? I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?' At our times of prayer today, we'll pray fervently in tongues of the Spirit, and for God's people who are in any trouble, that the Lord may intervene in their behalf to His glory. Amen. Pray fervently in the Spirit. Remember to attend the Midweek service today in Church onsite or online. God bless you.

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From Saturday, May 1st to Monday, May 3rd, we will join our Man of God, Reverend Dr. Chris Oyakhilome, for a special 3-day Prayer and Fasting program. Be transfigured to a higher realm of glory and greatness as you hearken to the voice of the Spirit. Don't miss this for anything!!!! #loveworldnetworks #lwindia #yearofpreparation #prayerandfasting #pastorchrislive

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When you're born again, you don't have to change in your outward body but the power is on the inside to be lived out 🙌 It's Day 19 Study with the Message titled "7 GREAT CONFESSIONS OF OUR SOLID FRONT Part 1" still airing on #ExposeonTruth #HappeninginApril #A21DayStudy #watchonpcdltv

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📸📸📸Proclaiming Truth on every street Outreach in Jiwa. #lcm #ceaz #abujazone #aprilcelloutreaches #monthoftruth #graceliveshere

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