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Happy Birthday my beautiful Sister, Dcns Naomi, you are beautiful inside out Ever loving Ever giving Ever caring Ever full of the Spirit I love you endlessly You have increased in wisdom, grace and glory The lord is the portion of your inheritance Glorious things are spoken of you You are a city set on a hill You cannot be hid I celebrate you now and always 🥰😍🎂🍽🥂💕💕

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Happy Birthday beloved Sis Precious! You are a burning and a shinning light. Always full of love. God bless you for all time. I love you dearly.

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Happy Perfect Birthday Presh Baby. You're a rare gem- a great listener, confidant, wise adviser, mother hen, care bear, a warrior...the list is endless. Your life is full of the ever increasing glory of God. I love you Sis and I'm so proud of you...You're the Bestest 💜💙🧡💚❤🤍

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Still Celebrating my Precious daughter Very exceptional in so many ways. Very caring, thoughtful of everyone Excellent, wise, and insightful The great strides you have taken spiritually are very inspiring Keep on flying my sweet girl I love you eternally 🥰🥰🥰💋💋💋🎈💕

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Nice one, Divine.

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Happy Birthday Sweetheart Happy Birthday my sunshine Happy Birthday my Teacher Happy Birthday my Grace Happy Birthday my friend Happy Birthday my General, a true soldier, valiant in fight My father's right hand man A well respected man of God, full of faith and integrity Everyday unveils a more beautiful adorable side of you that is unparalleled God loves me specially to give such a man like you Thank you for the several opportunities of ministry, you have given me Which i will forever be grateful for Now my life is beautiful because of this The Lord continues to honor you with more grace and glory Thank you for your Service to our dear Man of God, Pastor Chris Thank you for the millions of lives you have affected all over the world with your exemplary life. I love you now and always 💋💕💃

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Happy Birthday Dad!!! You are my great inspiration for all time. I am grateful for your patience and unconditional love. Thank you for being the expression of God's excellence. I celebrate you always👑 I love you❤❤❤

Happy Birthday to my one and only 👯‍♀️ You are exceptional and particularly gorgeous. It’s no coincidence your name stands for light. You are a walking, talking, radiant light in your world. I appreciate you and I love you 💗💗💗

Happy Birthday my dear Pastor Freida!!!🥳 I appreciate you, I love you so much❤

🔥🔥!! THE PREACHER’S KID SUMMIT REBROADCAST !! 🔥🔥 The PKSummit was so inspiring and propelling. A dispensation of great wisdom and grace. Testimonies have been pouring in, of the impact of the conference as it was truly powerful!! Did you miss it?? Or maybe you want to rewatch it ?? We’ve got you covered !! The rebroadcast will begin at 9pm GMT+1 !! You do not want to miss this one🔥✨ Click the links below to watch the rebroadcast! ☝🏾 ☝🏾 ☝🏾 ☝🏾 #PKSUMMIT #PREACHERSKID #SONSOFMINISTRY #SOM

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7 DAYS TO GO🔜🔜🔜 Count up to the Preacher's Kid Summit.⬆️ It's the gathering of godly seeds from all across the globe to display the awe inspiring and endless wisdom of God!🌏 If you are a Preacher’s Kid or you know someone that is, ensure to invite them and register for this event using the link below👇 Share it with all the Preacher’s kids you know! See you soon!❤️ #PKSUMMIT #PREACHERSKID #SONSOFMINISTRY #PERFECTION #PRAYINGWITHPASTORCHRIS

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💥NO ONE DOES IT BETTER THAN CE CANADA😉!!💥 Watch this special Challenge from the Staff in Canada Region in celebration of our Highly Esteemed Regional Pastor, Reverend Ken! Happy Father’s Day to our dear Dad! We love you Sir! Here we go! DANCE DANCE DANCE💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 📣📣📣 We challenge our fellow Staff in Ministry the world over! We are the BEST! #FathersDayChallenge #CanadaRocks #Perfection #RevKen #BestDad

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Happy Fathers' Day Dad!!! Thank you for teaching me excellence, and raising me in the most perfect way. I am grateful to have come into this world through you, and to function under the grace that is on your life. I love you❤❤❤

CELEBRATING AN ICON Happy birthday to our Dear Sis Eromoise Amenkhienan. The ever effective, ever proactive, ever excellent Sis Eroms. A leader with a difference! Your love and dedication towards the spread of the gospel is remarkable and unparalleled. May the grace upon your life continue to increase beyond measure. You’ll contunue to walk in joy unspeakable, full of glory always ! We love you! God bless you! ❤️ #MONTHOFPRAYER #PERFECTION #SONSOFMINISTRY #PRAYINGWITHPASTORCHRIS

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My Sissssss!!! It's your birthday today🎊🎊🥳 you are very special to me, so joyful and full of life. Thank you for your perseverance and fervency in the work of the ministry. You are loved and appreciated greatly. I love you specially❤❤❤

Happy birthday to my Super intelligent Nephew, Andrew Edun. So diligent So spiritual So caring So, so multitalented I love you dearly Andrew, and I celebrate your very beautiful life 😘😘💕💕 It was nice speaking with you this morning

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Happy birthday my darling Sister Sophie, very smart, spirit filled, fully sold out to the work of the ministry. I thank my father, our father , Pastor Chris, who keeps giving you several opportunities to be relevant in ministry I love you very dearly my sister 🥰🥰🥰💕💕💕🎂🎂 Keep shining for the lord

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COUNT UP- 1 DAY TO GO! ONLINE YOUTH LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE!💥💥💥 The OYLC is designed to rightly position youths from all around the world for good success and lasting impact whilst maintaining relevance in their world. The leadership conference begins tomorrow, 16th of May by 4pm GMT+1, and every other Saturday in this month; the 23rd and 30th of May, 2020. Our speakers will be addressing various topics including: • The Social Media Influencer • Financial Management for Youths •Communication & Team Building ...and so much more!! To register for the conference, kindly click on the link below: Invite every young person and youth leader that you know. See you there! #OYLC #LeadershipConference #MonthofOpening #Perfection #SonsofMinistry #PrayingwithPastorChris

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BODILY EXERCISE + GODLINESS WORDFEST2020 LIVE!!! 1TIMOTHY 4:8 - Bodily exercise is all right, but spiritual exercise is much more important and is a tonic for all you do. So exercise yourself spiritually, and practice being a better Christian because that will help you not only now in this life, but in the next life too. After a glorious time with the Word in our Sunday Service, it was time to get out in the sun and break some sweat. But the moment wouldn't be complete without the thoughts of the Word that kept bubbling up in my spirit, and so I took a break to appreciate yet again, my father and man of God, Pastor Chris, for the unparalleled dispensation of the Gospel committed to Him, and for raising us with the message that works. This season of the #WordFest2020 affords us all a beautiful opportunity to exercise our spirits through increased knowledge and practice of the word...the true race isn't out on the tracks, it's the race of life, and Pastor is leading us in a perpetual victory parade. So, get out there; take in the fresh air, bask in the sun's rays, enjoy the beauty of nature...but first, load up with the Word for today on #WordFest Day 7 - Seven Factors for a Healthy Spiritual Life on PCDL, and accelerate your progress. Post your Avatar when you're done studying. Remember, our Global Prayer and Fasting program with Pastor Chris begins tomorrow - it's time to re-order the aion of our time. Enjoy the rest of your day, as we anticipate the Special Your LoveWorld Live Broadcast by 6:00pm GMT+1!

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