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Happy birthday Pastor Betty Ma. Thank you for inspiring me to serve Jesus. Thanks for your love & care. I love you so much ma. ❤😍

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I'm ready for Sunday.

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Happy wedding anniversary Pastor Sir and Pastor Ma. We celebrate you today. I LOVE YOU Dearly.

Happy Birthday Dear David Prince. Indeed you are a child of the word. Happy Birthday.

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Highly Esteemed Pastor Louis Osademe, and our dear partners in C.E East Africa Virtual ZONE 3,  thank you for partnering with the BLW Campus Ministry in the month of April, 2017. Through your partnership, many young people all around the world have been brought out of darkness into the glorious light of THIS GOSPEL according to Pastor Chris! We Love and Appreciate you dearly Sir. For more information on how to partner, Kindly send us an Email @ #3000Fellowshipsin150countries #BLWCampusministryrocks!!!

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Insight & Increased Knowledge at the 2017 IEYC Pastor Chris asked the youths, "How will you impact your generation? You’ve got to make a decision that your life is for the glory of God. No matter what you do, do it for the Lord. There's something supernatural inside us, and we’ve got to learn how to use it." The evening ended on a high note, and the youths departed with heightened expectations for the days ahead. Stay connected for more live updates from #IEYC2017. #GYLF #IEYC2017

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Death could not hold Him down 🙌🏾 #HeIsRisen #JesusIsAlive #TheTombIsEmpty #PastorChrisInZimbabwe #cesazone5 #cehararecbd #Resurrection

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It's our set time; Gulu oyeeeeee #TEG2017

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Highly esteemed zonal pastor arrives to Rwanda for the highly anticipated Kigali miracle crusade. #kmc2017.

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A very happy birthday to our esteemed Pastor Bisi Ma. You are an amazing inspiration to us all in the zone. I love you so dearly Ma

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Happy Birthday to our Highly Esteemed Woman of God. Thank you for your teachings and your Labour of Love to the ministry of our Lord Jesus

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Happy Birthday to the pastor wey Sabi... The brain box of East Africa VZ3... I love u so much Ma... #PBO

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Happy Birthday Pastor Ma I love and appreciate you very very dearly. Thank you ma for your Love and Support.

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Happy Birthday Pastor Ma. You are such a great inspiration to me personally. We celebrate you Ma. Have a blissful day Ma.

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A Happiest Birthday to my Brother Maurice. Thanks for the Spirit-filled & great touch in the music you produce. #producermomo

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Jesus is Lord #PCLiveatBHM

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#PCLiveatBHM "...when God talks to you, He let's you be you" @pastorchris

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'5 Solid Facts of the Gospel' — Pastor Chris at Benny Hinn Ministries "The greatest miracles are performed with words," Pastor Chris teaches global congregation. Get the full story on LoveWorld News at #newyorkmegalopolis #usavz2 #usaregion #PCLiveatBHM

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