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My name is Edafe Oghenekome and I challenge @jolomiesimaje and @preciousisa to create thier LGGC avatars and post on kingschat. #LGGC #AvartarChallenge #LGNRules #NetworkingSuccess

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Loveworld Graduate Network congratulates our Highly Esteemed Zonal Pastor and members of the Corpers Loveworld Christ Embassy Kano, North West Zone 2 for participating in the project 1000 Outreaches across all Local Government Area in Nigeria in the first half of the year. #LoveWorldGraduateNetwork #cekano #nnwz2

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Loveworld Graduate Network heartily celebrates your support to the Corpers Loveworld 'Project 1000 outreaches' across the Local Governments in Nigeria. We appreciate you dearly. Thank you Sirs, thank you Ma. #LGNRules #NetworkingSuccess

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Grand Recognition of Our Top Zones for the strategic involvement to our work in the Loveworld Graduate Network in the First half of the year. We celebrate the unique commitment to the graduates of the Loveworld Nation. Thank you Sirs and Ma. #LGNRules #NetworkingSuccess

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Pastor sir ,I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me still trying to look for the word that is greater than love to express my self #pm #pastormanny #may23rd #5:23

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Celebrating Greatness and Success in a Personality. Happy Birthday Pastor Manny Obikpe. We love you so Dearly. #PM #PASTORMANNY #CELEBRATINGGREATNESS #MAY23

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Thank God He brought you to us. We love you. Birthday in a bit. #PM #PastorManny #05:23 #Birthday

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THANK YOU ESTEEMED PASTOR OSAGIE OSAGHAE ! We thank the Esteemed Pastor Osagie Osaghae and the members of Christ Embassy Kano North West Zone 2 for sponsoring electronic copies of "Now That You Are Born Again" to new converts at the 'Your LoveWorld Special' with Pastor Chris. You too can reach out to new converts today through your sponsorship. #LWPM

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SPECIAL EASTER SUNDAY SERVICE WITH PASTOR CHRIS Broadcasting live on Sunday 12th April 2020 at 6pm GMT +1 on all Loveworld TV & Radio Networks, the Live TV app, CEFLIX, all Ministry Websites, and on local and satellite TV Stations around the world Don't miss it!

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Highlights Songs in Worship with our esteemed Zonal Pastor, Pastor Osagie Osaghae... PhotoSpeaks... #cekano #nnwz2

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EARLIER TODAY- MESSAGE HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE CORPERS LOVEWORLD LEADERS' FIRE CONFERENCE WITH OUR HIGHLY ESTEEMED MOST REVEREND 👉Being in Loveworld Nation and in the Corpers Loveworld is your opportunity not to miss your way in life. You have no excuse for failure because God has brought you here to set you on the right path. 👉You are outside of God's will when your ambitions and dreams are disconnected from God's plans and purposes for your life. 👉Until you come into Christ, you cannot fulfil your  God-given destiny. 👉If you're born again and filled with the Holy Spirit, get ready- you are a world changer. 👉Don't let the things of God be unattractive to you. 👉Don't be easily impressionable. No room for naivety, or weakness in character. 👉You have to know the path that you must follow so you can set others on the path that they must follow 👉You are strategically positioned by God and are relevant, but you have to prove your relevance. Never be a victim of circumstances whether the nation sees you as such or not.  All you need for your life and future 1. The Holy Spirit 2.The Word of God. 👉The Holy Spirit will teach you all things. He will guide you through life. 👉You can be young but you must catch your sense of dignity early in life. This will distinguish you from all others and  cause you to live an exceptional life. 👉Being  a Youth Corper at this time is your TICKET. What will you do with it? Are you going to burn it, waste it, utilize it? 👉If you will change China, America , the whole world, start now. Start now to shine. Start now to execute the mandate. 👉Let your character be overwhelmed by the person of the Holy Spirit. It's not about your looks or the sound of your voice! There is no female Holy Ghost. 👉There are many Corpers who do not have a future; Give them hope. You are the one who shows others the way to God. 👉You're  not a job seeker, you're about your Father's business. You're a job giver, an employer of labour. You're unstoppable and the fire that burns in you is unquenchable. 👉Mind the voices that drive you. What's your motivation? Make up your mind that wherever you are, you'll be God's voice, Gods ambassador. Let nothing stop you Hallelujah!!! #CEAMC

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Corpers Loveworld Leaders live @ the Loveworld Convocation Arena ready for the Worship and Healing Service with our Man of God. 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 #CLWFIRE #LGNRULES

Corpers Loveworld Leaders Fire Conference with our Highly Esteemed Most Reverend Tom. North west zone 2 has received power for service! #CLWFIRE #LGNRULES #nnwz2 #cekano

IMPARTATION OF THE SPIRIT Our Corp members have been equipped and trained for the spread of the Gospel with the Holy spirit and the word. #CLWFIRE #LGNRULES

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On the Fire Conference, The Esteemed Director Loveworld Graduate Network speaks.#clwfire, #lgnrules

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Alot of expectations from our Corpers across the Nation. Make Plans to attend the Corpers Loveworld Leaders Fire Conference with the Highly Esteemed Rev Tom Amenkhienan. Click on the link below to register #CLWFIRE #LGNRULES

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From the East to the West to the North and the South, the Expectations of our are Corpers are high rising. We are going to have mighty testimonies as a result of this conference. #CLWFIRE #LGNRULES

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WELCOME TO OUR MONTH OF BLESSINGS. Make it a conscious state of mind to be blessed this month, have an expectation and think BLESSINGS...... HALLELUJAH!!!!! #monthofblessings

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