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Happy Wedding Anniversary to my father and mother Thank you so so so much for your CARE LOVE & TRAINING All through the years God will continue to CARE LOVE & GUID you Sir/Ma in all that you do in Jesus Name. I love you Sir I love you Ma. Enjoy your anniversary Sir/Ma

Getting Ready For Healing Streams Live Healing Services. The Esteemed Sis Oluchi inviting someone for the epoch-making program. Watch this! #healingstreams #ceenugu1 #sez1

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Children’s Sunday @ CE Enugu 1. Affirmations Segment. #childrenschurch #loveworldchildrensministry #ceenugu1 #sez1

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Children’s Sunday @ CE Enugu 1. Rhapsody Reading. #childrenschurch #loveworldchildrensministry #ceenugu1 #sez1

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Thank you Pastor Sir for believing in us and for giving us the opportunity to be trained. We Love You Dearly Sir #ceenugu1 #sevz1

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Celebrating our advantage. #425 #Theadvantage

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Dad, I believe in you just like you always believe in me. You have been an amazing Dad. Thank you for making me a responsible person, Dad. I owe you for every single thing you’ve done for me. Happy Birthday Sir I love you passionately Sir God bless you in all area Sir.

Dad, you have been my compass all this time. Thank you very much for showing me the right path and guiding me when I go wrong. Father, you are not a one in a million, you are one in a billion. Actually, you are one in a trillion! In fact, you are one of a kind. I Love you Dad!

Happy Birthday Dad, you taught me how wonderful this world is and how to face challenges and difficult times in my life through your teachings  I built my personality based on you and my life just like yours. You were always the best example to follow and I’m so proud of you Dad!

Happy birthday! Dad, you've given me so many invaluable things in life and I will always be grateful for them. May your special day bring you plenty of wonderful surprises! I am glad I have the best father in the world, a father who truly loves me with all of his heart.

Happy Birthday to my Father What shall I say to you on this special day Sir? All I have to say is THANK YOU SIR Thank your for changing my life with all your investment Thank you Sir for your fatherly love and care Thank you for your prayers I love you so much Sir You're my BEST

Happy birthday man of God Thank you for all you do in the kingdom God wisdom will continue to pilot you in Jesus Name. Enjoy your day

We’re grateful to our Man of God for raising our darling Director, Pst Yemisi Kudehinbu who loves us. 25 SUVs & 2 Sedans (27 cars) given out in 1 day & still counting😮! That’s like 1 car for each day. This response from faithful Bro John made me cry. Pst Yemisi, we love you ma😘

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🏆🏅CHRIST EMBASSY BAYELSA STAFF AWARDS!! Still celebrating our Staff Members: 🎖️Special Commendation Awards to All Esteemed Members of Staff Congratulations👏👏👏 #CEBayelsaStaffAwards #TLB #CEBAYELSA #CEUGHELLI #CESAPELE #NSSZONE1

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Rhapsody of Realities....... ... Changing Lives Everywhere.......... #Art2win #Create2win #Wincash #RhapsodyofRealities

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#christmasevewithpastoechris #TundePrecious #Nigeria 1. Joseph 2. Angel Gabriel 3. Elizabeth is Mary causin

Happy Birthday to my Father Happy Birthday to my Pastor Happy Birthday to my Mentor Happy Birthday to my Hero Happy Birthday to THE Pastor of the whole world Happy Birthday to THE JESUS OF OUR TIME I love you Pastor Since I came across you my life has been from GLORY TO GLORY...

It’s few hours to THE QUEST, are you ready to be fascinated???🔊🔊🔊🔊 It going to be an exciting game show tonight and I hope we are ready to cheer our favourite contestants and Teams. Who do you think will win THE QUEST tonight???🎤🎤🎤 Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, tell us what you think 🦸🏿‍♂️🦸🏽‍♂️🦸‍♀️ #Thequest#Teamexcellence#Teamalignment#Teamfruition#TeamCompleteness#Theimmortals#Superheroes

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Our 5th contestant, all the from South East Virtual Zone 1. Let’s give it up for.... This is a lot easier, let’s see how we do guessing who the Hero is ✍🏼 Comment!!! Comment!!! Comment!!! #Thequest#Teamlignment#Teamexcellence#TeamCompleteness#Teamfruition#Heroes#immortals

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THE QUEST promises to be big and exciting!!!! 9 Contestants ☘️ 3 Teams 🔥 1 Winner ⭐️ Guess who our contestants are? 🎤 Leave your comments down below ✍🏼

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