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Wow!!!!!!! Wuuuuuuuuuuush! What a time it will be... #doyc2020 #teensministrysazone1

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#worshipSunday #vision400 #cecosmocitycentral #PastorNkosinathi #permanantlyprovoked #cesazone1

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ROSA 2019 - Cosmo City Distribution Outreach. The 3 CE Churches in Cosmo City bombarded the streets of the township with Rhapsody of realities. The light of God's word shined so brightly upon the lives of the residence in Cosmo City. A hearty Congratulations to the Pastors of CE Cosmo City churches on a successful ROSA Outreach, with over 5000 copies of Rhapsody distributed. #ROSA2019 #ReachOutSouthAfrica2019 #ReachOutCommunities #CECosmoCity #CECosmoCityCentral #CECosmoCity(AlexSubgroup)

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#itssupersunday #PastorRonald #mcrichman #cecosmocitycentral #cesazone1

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We Are A Kingdom Of Talkers. It Is Our Responsibility To Prove The Word In Our Lives!!! Christianity Is Called A Confession!!! Keep Saying It!!! Don't Stop Talking It!!! _PastorChris. #LiftChallenge. #MonthOfUplifting. #CeBeninZone1. #THMN. #Ron2019. #LightOfHope.

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HAPPENING NOW: REACHOUT HERITAGE DAY SOUTH AFRICA 2019! The nation of South Africa is already being illuminated with the distribution of copies of Rhapsody of Realities by partners. In Rustenburg, SA Zone 1, the gospel has started recording outstanding impact in the lives of the people. More updates coming soon! Visit to join us in illuminating the nations of the world with the gospel contained in the number one daily devotional.

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Teens Advance Partners (TAP) is a strategic project partnership with the Teens Ministry for individuals, churches, pastors, teenagers and organisations. Become a TAP today! TAP..... for the advancement of LW Teens Ministry. #tapmember #tapchurch #tapzone #tapambassador #tapcorporate

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PROGRAM REPORT: SPECIAL WORSHIP SUNDAY / ROSA 2019 LAUNCH @ CE COSMO CENTRAL WITH PASTOR RONALD It was a divine moment with the Holy Ghost,as people flocked in numbers to have their lives improved and transformed by the potency of the powerful Word from Pastor Ronald. We were also graced with the presence of the anointed music minister , Farlon Lyte.What an exhiliriating moment of worship it was!!! Then came the moment we were all waiting for...ROSA LAUNCH!!! The highly esteemed Deacon Overcome inspired the excited congregants with his earth shaking and mind blowing testimonies, connecting several miracles as a result of his tireless giving towards ROSA. Indeed they overcame him by the blood of the lamb,and the Word of their testimonies.. The man of God, Pastor Ronald ministered with a special anointing to the highly expectant congregants. Cosmo City is ready to run with the vision,sponsoring and distributing the messenger angel... YES WE CAN!!! YES WE WILL!!! #CESAZone1 #ROSA2019 #ROSAReachOutCampaign #ReachOutSouthAfrica2019

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Voila!!! TEENS MINISTRY SA ZONE 1 PRESENTS SUNDAY SPECIAL WITH THE ESTEEMED ZONAL PASTOR. On the 8th of September at 9am. 303 Pretoria Avenue Randburg The set time is here... A time to be heralded into a new dispensation!!!! Glory to God!

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Where else can you be😊

J16 Glory to God 🏃


Pastor Ronald Martin Pk A service not to be missed. For this one let's use #HolyGhostservicewithPstRonald #cecosmocitycentral #cesazone1

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#June16 #youthServicewithPstRonald #cecosmocitycentral #cesazone1

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER SAMANTHA KWENDA. Thank you for your commitment to the Body of Christ. We love and celebrate you greatly. #cesazone1

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OVER 580 IN ATTENDANCE AT CE COSMOS CITY CENTRAL'S TOTAL EXPERIENCE Over 580 people came from different parts of Cosmos city to attend this life changing meeting with Pastor Ronald Kwenda. This meeting featured inspiring praise and worship from the Queen of Praise Sis Portia, Ayavaya, Daniel Myles and in house talents Conscious J and Jessi P. As Pastor Ronald taught the expeactant congregants in the fullness of the spirit on how to take possession of your possessions, the power of the Lord was present to heal and hands were laid on specific individuals as directed the the Spirit. The highpoint of this awesome meeting was when an altar was made and 28 souls received Christ. Glory to God!!! #CESAZONE1 #CECOSMOSCITYCENTRAL

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