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REACHOUT SENEGAL 2019 PICTORIAL REPORT 2. The Partners of Rhapsody Of Realities Were All Over The Senegalese Independence Square Dakar In The National Colours Preaching The Gospel And Distributing The Messenger Angel To The Attendees At The Independence Ceremony. Remain Glued to this Super User for further Reports ..

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Happy enlightened birthday to you daddy thanks so much for your teachings I love you dearly #SOSHININGPJ502 #CESENEGAL

Loading...... Happy birthday service in honour of my Pastor #SOSHININGPJ502

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Impactful and Exciting special meeting with the teenagers. Glorious things are happening! #CEChad #CEChadTeensministry #Blwteensministry

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The viewing center in Senegal is ready and set for the GYLF Online Conference. Watch it live on www.gylf.tv #GYLFOnlineConference

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WATCH CSO TALK ABOUT THE UPCOMING GYLF ONLINE CONFERENCE! The GYLF Online Conference is 4 days away. Watch this exciting video as CSO talks on the importance of participating in the conference. Don't miss it! Register Now @ www.globalyouthleadersforum.org/conference

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CELEBRATING SAPIENCE!!! Happy Birthday to our esteemed Director & CEO of the BLW Nation, Pastor Deola Phillips! An Archetype of the BLW Exceptionalism! A Beacon of Hope and Light to the World! An Innovative Creator! A Game Changer! We follow you as you follow our man of God, Rev Chris Oyakhilome! Thank you MA for raising us as champions of life and champions for life. #GYLF #Celebratingsapience #1029 #sapiencechallenge

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#Celebratingsapience #1029 #sapiencechallenge #GYLFSenegal #GYLFONLINECONFERENCE #GYLFFrancophoneRegion Thank you so much mam you are an inspiration i love you

CELEBRATING GOD'S GRACE!!! Happy Birthday to our esteemed Coordinator of the Global Youth Leaders' Forum, Pastor Rhoda Olusina. An astute and ardent follower the Lord Jesus Christ; a daughter of consolation to our Man of God, Rev Chris Oyakhilome D.SC DD. and our highly esteemed Director, Pastor Deola Phillips(CEO, BLW). We celebrate your impact on the lives of millions of youth around the world. Thank you for raising us to be champions for life. GYLF is the Al Queda of Christianity! Gbam! (in Pastor Rhoda's voice). We love you sweetly. #SupernaturalPRO #PeeRhodsRock #HBDPRhoda #GYLF #GYTV

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#supernaturalPRO #HBDPRoda #GYLFsenegal I love you ma

World influencer. I love you, Ma! #SupernaturalPRO #HBDPRhoda #GYLFAfrica

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International Youth Day.... Celebrating youths in Senegal ! What an amazing day ! #IYD2018 #GYLF

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Ce fut des moments extraordinaires sous la conduite du Saint-Esprit. #C.E.S

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Une adoration particulière à travers les multiples talents des jeunes #C.E. S

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#GYLFCLUBSÉNÉGAL #GYLFFrancophoneregion #WorldImpact #visitingOrphanage

#GYLF #impactinWithPastorChris

Happy #supernaturalDeji birthday sir Have a glorious day Love you

With my daddy pastor Jonathan Thank you for building me sir Love you #ReachoutSenegal2018

#ReachoutSenegal2018 SN for jesus

Happy supernatural birthday mommy i love you dearly thank you for your teachings. You are the Best. I pray for more blessings in your life

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