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Dear heavenly Father thank you for loving me specially. I have seen different pages of God's love. I'm a living testimony of the efficacy of God's word. I never knew life could be this glorious until I met Pastor Chris Oyakilome. Pastor Chris taught me how stand on Gods word

Happy birthday Nwanyi oma, Beloved Pastor Shade

Happening Now!! July Kingdom Rally. Prayer Sessions. #photospeaks

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6 years of glory

It's my Pastor's birthday! Happy birthday highly esteemed Dad!!! Meeting you, Knowing you and serving God under you sir, is a Grace, one for which, I am eternally grateful. On this special occasion sir, I celebrate the impact you've made in my life and in my family

Happy birthday to you my beautiful daughter Akuabata.

Thanks you so much Pastor Chris for Loveworldplus. My seed into Loveworldplus opened mega doors for me in my business. Just this year alone I have sold the heightest number of Projector.

Rhapathon on my mind

#Rhapsodystudy NOTHING CAN PUT YOU DOWN For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith (1 John 5:4). There’s a higher life in Christ—a spiritual life, which we’ve received as Christians. We’re not ordinary. We‘re not in this world as victims; we were born victors. 2 Corinthians 2:14 says, “Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ, and maketh manifest the savour of his knowledge by us in every place.” This is your life; you’re victorious every day, everywhere, and in all things. ...You’re seated right in the place of His authority and power, and this is the reason you can’t be defeated. It’s the reason nothing can put you down, for greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4). It doesn’t matter what your experience in life has been; it doesn’t matter how long you may have suffered or been in darkness; light has come to you. Truth has been unveiled: Christ is your life, your strength and your victory. You’re more than a conqueror. You were born to have dominion, and live triumphantly every day. Hallelujah! Culled from today's Rhapsody of Realities – Wednesday, 19th September 2018 🔴Study the full Rhapsody of Realities article for the day. You can download your copy @  🔴Watch this excerpts from the message 'Our Calling to Glory'. The full message is available on the Pastor Chris Digital Library App, @ or kindly call 07089996051 or e-mail: for enquiries. 🔴Follow this Superuser for daily Rhapsody Study. God bless you. #supernatural #CELZ5

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The glory of the Lord has increased in my life




#prayingnow #mycountry (#Nigeria) #mydeclaration. #prayermonthtestimony

PDM - a unique model of a Pastor; when flocks're celebrating or hurting, bringing them the Word of Joy&Comfort. #whyilovepdm #CEIsherirocks

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#christembassy lagoszone5 mainlandgroupmeeting

#ongoing #yourloveworld #Excerpt THREE IMPORTANT THINGS THAT JESUS MADE POSSIBLE 1.Jesus made remission of sin possible - by his sacrificial death. What was required was the sinless blood of Jesus. Now we can tell the world that there is remission of sin. 2. Jesus made eternal life possible, he made the life and nature of God possible. When you know you have eternal life sickness will never thrive in your life The life of God comes with righteousness. Eternal life has been made available and that life makes you righteous. When you receive Christ into your life you receive divine life. 3. Jesus made fellowship with God possible. He gave us his wonderful precious Holy Spirit. He gave us his Holy Spirit to make fellowship possible. - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Call on Kingschat: Yourloveworld 1-15 Call: +23416311806; +23414407316 SMS Only : +234 903 533 3905 Or You can make a direct pledge via

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My mum gave birth to 4 kids : 3 boys and a girl. I am number 3 in the line-up. I have 2 elder brothers. That simply goes to say the fourth child is the one and only girl. It also means she's the only one of my siblings I'm older than. She was and is our favourite in many ways: 1. She was my dad's favourite and so didn't need to do any house chores; just sit on dad's back while they both watch TV together. 2. She was elders ' favourite in that they used her to get what they couldn't ask dad for directly. 3. She was my favourite in that she was the only one I could beat up whenever the need arose. And yea, the need arose many times when we were kids( that was before the first picture in my collage). One day though, the beating had to stop. Let me tell you why and how: So Joy waited every Friday when my dad would come from his week long work in another city and would tell him of all the beatings I've done all week while he was away. And so Fridays were payback days : where I got lashed for daring to lay a finger on Joy. This fateful day though wasn't Friday. Joy had annoyed me and I was on my way with the usual slaps on her face..gbam!!! This time though my grandma was around. She had said many times "stop slapping her, she's your sister". Unrelenting , I went ahead with the uncontrolled slap and alas I overlsapped Joy this time and my hand landed on my grandma's face. I stood there frozen and stupefied. I waited for the worst. But grandma just said calmly "it's better you slapped me instead of your little sister" Her response even got me more remorseful than the act itself. Believe me that was the last day I ever slapped or displayed any iota of violence domestically or abroad. My life changed that day!!! I have been a gentle man since then lol. And needless to say, Joy has become my favourite in all good things till date. And guess what. Today is her BIRTHDAY. And she's got two lovely kids who are my favourites also. Happy birthday to the best Sister anyone could ever have. I love you so so much. Greater heights for you darling. Your best days are not only ahead, they are here and up and up you go till the perfect day. Congratulations!!!❤❤❤❤❤

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