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Happy birthday mama... thank you for loving us so specially.. you are simply amazing.. a caring leader.. I love you now and forever ma #cebayelsa #tlb

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God favoured me, I was on his mind when he sent you to Bayelsa. celebrating my boss like no other.The number one chief enforcer of the Loveworld vision in the Nigerian South South Virtual Zone 1 #hodsappreciationday #ilovemyhod #nssvzone1 #cebayelsa #TLB #themovingBUS

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PRAYER GUIDE FOR OUR THREE DAYS' ZONAL PRAYER AND FASTING RALLY WITH #TLB! DAY 1 - Friday 4th January, 2019 PRAYER FOR OUR BRETHREN IN THE LIGHT OF THE WORD FOR THE YEAR - THE YEAR OF LIGHTS! ● Declare that every member in our Zone is walking in a deep understanding of the Word to us this Year, which gives them a unique boldness and confidence to face whatever challenges come their way. Colossians 1:9 ● Pray that a strong desire for the Word overwhelms all our members and as we voraciously feed on the Word available in diverse formats, we find ourselves flying and soaring on eagle's wings, walking in the dominion of the Word, shining forth our Light brightly for all to see. Psalm 1:1-3; Psalm 42:1-2 ● Pray that every member is working in perfect sync with God's Will and Purpose for their lives this year, bearing fruits for the Kingdom and pleasing the Lord in all things. Colossians 1:9-11 ● Thank God that this year, we truimph over sickness, poverty, failure, unproductivity and anything contrary to God's plans and purposes for our lives, and that testimonies and shouts of praise abound on our lips. 2 Corinthians 2:14 ● We will pray fervently in tongues of the Spirit, thanking the Lord and praying for divine protection for our loved ones and family, associates and for God's people around the Lord. For the Lord saves, delivers and gives peace and rest. Jeremiah 30:10 Remember to meet in your various churches by 5pm today for the Prayer Meeting. God bless you! #ZonalPrayer&FastingRallywithTLB #TLB #CEBAYELSA #CEUGHELLI #CESAPELE #NSSVZONE1 #NSSR

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Happy Bday my dear brother and friend, Pst Niyi. E don tay...... Enjoy your day and much more. God bless you #TLB

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Happy Birthday My Angel Today, Me, Felisa & Josiah With Several Others Friends Celebrate You. You're Special To Us. We Love You So Much More. Thank You For Believing and Standing By Me All through the Challenging Years. God Bless You... Daddy.

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PRAYER GUIDE FOR OUR 3 DAYS ZONAL PRAYER AND FASTING RALLY WITH #TLB! DAY 2 - Saturday 5th January, 2019 PRAYER FOR OUR STATES, CITIES AND CATCHMENT AREAS WITHIN THE ZONE. ● Pray against every form of wickedness, violent and deadly acts of men against their fellow men in our states and catchment areas, and that the perpetrators of these be brought to justice. Esther 3:5, 8-9; Esther 5:14; Proverbs 26:27. ● Pray for institutions and security operatives who have been charged with the responsibility to tackle crime, that their efforts to enforce and ensure peace and stability are successful. Psalm 127:1 ● Pray for the upcoming elections, that through out the period of campaigns until the election day, angels take charge of every nook and cranny, ensuring peace and thwarting every plan to promote violence or unrest. Psalm 12:7-8 ● Pray for Christians in places of authority in government and non-church organizations, that the Lord will grant them more grace and boldness to stand firmly as Ambassadors of Christ and favour His Righteous Cause, and that through them the savour of Christ's Knowledge will be manifested to the glory of God. John 9:4-5 ● Declare that our Messenger Angel - Rhapsody of Realities is permeating like air to every nook and cranny and is unstoppable as the sea waves upon the peoples in our catchment areas. Pray for a strong ministration of God's Word upon everyone who recieves the devotional, such that many will testify of miracles as a result of the Word contained in it, resulting in an outpouring of souls in our Churches. Habakkuk 2:14; Luke 24:45 Remember to meet in your various Churches by 5pm today for the Prayer Meeting. God bless you! #ZonalPrayer&FastingRallywithTLB #TLB #CEBAYELSA #CEUGHELLI #CESAPELE #NSSVZONE1 #NSSR

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Merry Christmas from us. We love you. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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Are you ready? Its Teevo Christmas Concert happening live today at CC1 Teens Church Bayelsa. Its going to be fun filled, inspiring and beyond imagination See you there. #cebayelsa #TLB #blwteensministry

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DA MUSIC in the House! This just spice it up for us. It is sweeting we staff members.. #TLB #StaffAwards #cebayelsa #thelandofgrace #NSSVZONE1 #NSSR

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CE BAYELSA STAFF AWARDS 2018 Our Staff Members have got talents... What a beautiful piece! #TLB #StaffAwards #cebayelsa #thelandofgrace #NSSVZONE1 #NSSR

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🎉🎉Happy Supernatural Birthday Esteemed Deaconess Ifueko Opu-Uge Ogiriki (HOD, Church Growth and Development Department, CE Bayelsa). Thank you for all you do in the Staff Community and for your passionate commitment to the Vision of our Ministry. Supernatural Increase is yours in all ramifications and you shall continually do great exploits for the Kingdom. We celebrate you greatly and we love you dearly. 💖💝💞 #TLB #cebayelsa #ceughelli #cesapele #NSSVZONE1 #NSSR

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Happy birthday dcns ma.. #cenembe #cebayelsa #happybirthday #Dec9

Happy birthday Mr President Sir... Knowing Jesus through you was the best decision of my life.. I love you sir. #Offer7 #Dec7 #ssvz1 #cebayelsa #lmam

Don't Grumble, Refill - Pastor Chris Pastor Chris continued the message on the Power and Pursuit of Purpose by sharing his personal experience. Pastor stated that when he was a Bible Class Teacher many years ago, his class used to be the largest. The chief class coordinator used to take his members and distribute them among other Bible Class whose leaders were not winning as much souls as himself. “I wasn’t discouraged. I continued to win more souls. A year later, I was made the President of that Fellowship. God doesn’t sleep, He was watching all this while”. For more updates on IPPC 2018, follow this Superuser and visit The IPPC TV channel on cLoveWorld is also available for your viewing pleasure. #IPPC2018 #IPPCdaily #IPPCPress

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WE ARE READY TO RECIEVE YOU! Visit the InnerCity Mission Exhibition Stand TODAY, we have a rich variety of options- all in one place, to give you an amazing experience. 💡Know more about our Global Mission Initiative 🏃Make early Christmas plans for the indigent at our Christmas comes Early Corner. 🙋Stop over at our Branded Shop for high quality fashion and lifestyle items, you can also purchase artifacts from countries where we carry out our Global Missions Initiative All this and more... We are located at Campus C, Ruby Stand 1 and 2 #EveryChildisyourChild #EndChildpovertynow

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GLORY! It's something to shout about! CE South South Virtual Zone 1 exhibits at ITPLC 2018 EXHIBITION at the ongoing International Teens Pastors and Leaders Conference 2018. And what a display of excellence it was, with the Highly Esteemed Director of the Teens Minsitry visiting our Stand! #IPPC2018 #ITPLC #TLB #NSSVZONE1 #NSSR

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Words so precious! My Global Advantage on the big screen. #tlbontheglobalstage. I celebrate you Esteemed Pastor Sir. #mypastormyadvantage #TLB #cebayelsa #nssvzone1

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Bayelsa LMAM family when I'm around they know am around..😁😁 😍😍😍 #lmam #cebayelsa #tlb #family

Wherever our man of God #TLB goes we go... Team LMAM bayelsa.😎 #lmam #tlb #ssvz1 #cebeyelsa #NaWeDeyRushOurPastor 🤣🤣😂

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