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Happening Now! June Global Communion Service with Our Dear Man of God. More updates to come... #CeAccraGhanaZone #Supernatural

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My month of Prayer.

TODAY’S NUGGET FOR THE EFFECTIVE MINISTER “Offence is dangerous. Let nothing offend you because satan would try to weaken you through offence. He would create a situation and also instigate you to be offended. Refuse to be offended.” - Rev. Chris Oyakhilome DSc., D .D.  To find out more about Pastor Chris’ teaching at the International School of Ministry and other upcoming events of the ISM, kindly log on to The 2018 International School of Ministry Autumn Session will hold from the 9th April – 3rd May 2018. To find out how you can attend, kindly log on to  #ism #PastorChris #ISMSessions2018 #ISMMNConference2018  #school

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Happening Now! February Global Communion Service with Our Dear Man of God. Stay tuned for more updates... #CeAccraGhanaZone #Supernatural

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It's time to RECAP (Opening Session)... The just concluded 4th Consummate Leaders Camp Meeting was indeed a prophetic rendezvous with several quintessential moments of a life transforming encounter with the Word and the Holy Ghost. Kindly share in the comment space below what you learnt and received in the Opening Session of the camp. Be sure make faith-filled confessions even as you type. Let's begin! #CeAccraGhanaZone #4CLC2018

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Happy Birthday Pastor Kodjo Addo-Quaynor . Thank you for your dedication towards the unstoppable spread of our message and ministry. We love you dearly! #CeAccraGhanaZone

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8DOM; DAY 2 OUTLINE STUDY AND DOWNLOAD ⭐Study for the day from the outline ⭐Declare 'rhema' in faith affirmations. ⭐ Listen to reference messages on PCDL.  ⭐Write action plans in a 10-for-1 Journal.  PDF DOWNLOAD 📝 Kindly click on the link below to download your personal study guide: Be sure to participate!

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Happy Birthday to two of our most loving and inspiring leaders who are touching and changing the lives of many around the world everyday: fondly Rev Ray, and Evangelist Kathy. Thanks for your inspiring leadership these many years. The Lord bless you both more and more and fill your hearts with joy always in serving Him for His glory. Amen. We all love you so dearly. God bless you.

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#PhotoSpeaks: Live Participation from Christ Embassy Accra Avenor in the #YourLoveWorld Final Evening Session. #CeAccraGhanaZone

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At this Telethon, we are learning what the purpose of giving is – and we learn it from THE GREATEST GIVERS THEMSELVES... Praise the Lord!!!

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RELIVE INSPIRING WORDS FROM THE ONGOING TELETHON YOUR LOVEWORLD... PASTOR BIODUN LAWAL  Walk worthy of the vocation you were called to. Vocation means "heavenly invitation". You have been called to be a blessing. Walk worthy of your vocation. Your Loveworld is a heavenly invitation to a feast of blessing, grace and favour.  Through your partnership with Your Loveworld, you are blessing the whole world.   Your seed polices your past and future. With the sowing of your seed, your past will not overtake you and your future will not be harmed. Your seed will stop destruction from coming. Your seed will guide you to your future. Your life becomes a journey with God, the very road God travels on! Your seed will police you to your future and stop anything that will distract you from getting there. The Lord will ensure you get there.  If your seed can leave your barn and be planted into Your LoveWorld, from this day, the Lord will begin to promote you.  - The call to partner with Your Loveworld is a call to feast on God’s grace.  Keep watching and keep calling to be a part of this. It's your time. #YourLoveworld

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CELEBRATING A DISPENSATION, A LEADER EXTRAORDINAIRE, A VISIONARY; OUR PASTOR. Happy Birthday to our Man of God; Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome. We love and appreciate you dearly. #Offer7 #CelebratingPastorChris #CelebratingGreatness

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#CelebrityChef #EWCA #PastorBiodunLawal

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CE ACCRA GHANA ZONE CELEBRATES A COLOSSUS CELEBRATING A COLOSSUS REV. DR. CHRIS OYAKHILOME DSC DD. (President of the BLW Nation) Thank you Sir for the investments of the Word in our spirits thus making us champions in our world today. We love you dearly Sir. Kindly post your greetings using the MY STORY feature on KingsChat #CelebratingPastorChris #CelebratingGodsGift #Dec7

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1 Day To Go: Still Celebrating Our Life Coach; Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome DSc DD. We love you dearly Sir. #CelebratingPastorChris #CelebratingGodsGift #Dec7

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Israeli Geneticists Confirm Divinity of Jesus’ DNA!! Archaeologist Emotionally Shares Evidence ...Jesus’ DNA is 96% from Mary instead of the normal 50% coming from a mother. Thus the Holy Spirit had to have inseminated a virginal Mary with the “Y” chromosome of the one true almighty God of Abraham. “Having 24 distinct chromosomes or 22 autosomes (mother’s are duplicated) in addition to 2 (XY) chromosomes, the 22 autosomes of the mother are equal to the corresponding 22 autosomes of the father (one to one) and the X chromosome of the mother (XX) plus the “Y” sex chromosome given by father being (XY). In total, 2 of His mother’s autosomal chromosomes duplicated times 22, plus 1 (X) chromosome + 1 (Y) chromosome = 23 homologous pairs of chromosomes. Thus, the (Heavenly) Father’s (Y) male chromosome was expressed as Jesus.” Read the full story and watch the emotional speech as this scientist presents his compelling findings on

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Save the dates #EAC2017 #CeLAATeensChurch #CeAccraGhanaZone

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You've got to be around. #EAC2017 #CeLAATeensChurch #CeAccraGhanaZone

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