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Happy birthday dearest Pastor Seyi!!! You have such a large heart, beautiful spirit, always full of Joy...thanks for being open always for new things...this year is Yours..perfection excellence, fruition in all areas of your life. I love you dearly!!!!

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Happy birthday dearest Pastor Oluwaloseyifunmi! My Prayer for you in this year of Perfection is that May God's vision continually override your vision in such an usual way that you have never seen before, and your Faith continually subduing kingdom's. I admire you a whole lot

#HappyBirthday beloved Pastor Oluwaseyi Onofowokan @pshey Indeed God is not through with you yet. I'm excited about the many accolades you will win for the Kingdom this year. I loveπŸ’Ÿ you! #CELVZ #LCAChurch4 #GateWay

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When the power of God touches you, it doesn't just heal your physical body, it brings about creativity, wisdom, accuracy and insight. Pastor Chris- Healing and worship service February 2020

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He showed me great love, gave me great victories and clothed me with garment of honorπŸ™ŒπŸ™πŸ™ŒπŸ™ Don't judge this Lioness yet, God is not through with her! The deal is till rapture of the Church My birthday in the Year of Perfection (17 - 02 - 2020)

Tnk u dear Pastor for making 2019 a most extraordinary yr in everyway! Tnk u for the investment of Gods word in me, Tnk u for ur faith & confidence that I would produce results, Tnk u for ur love, kindness, patience & tolerance. Becoz of u,I have testimonies! I luv😘u dearly sir

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Tiaraoluwa Akinyelu says thank you Lord! How will they take it if baby onigele doesn't give them...

Happy Thanksgiving, you have done so much for us that we can't tell it all.. OCEO rocks #Annualthanksgiving# #OCEO#

Great is your faithfulness my Lord! Thank you for your mercies that endured forever Lord. We've got EVERYTHING IN PLACE in 2020 Beautiful souls Grateful for the opportunity ma's

We are grateful for the relevance, promotions, God's unfailing love. Thanks to dear man of God, to our highly Esteemed CEO. We love you ma

Merry Hearts, full of thanks and praise #Annualthanksgiving# OCEO#

Congratulations Sis Tolu Alabi on your Masters degree in Literature and culture. We are so proud of you. God Bless you.

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Grateful hearts, we are forever grateful to God for the gift of YOU Dad

Best daddy! Best Teacher! I love you sir

CELERBRATING OUR Dad! #YourLaughWorld #LaughWorldTV #LaughAThon #offer7 #OfferFun

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I am glad I met you at the early stage of life sir! My root is deep because I found JESUS early still because I met you....God had me in mind when you said YES to HIM

Through your teachings I learned importance of speaking in tongues, how on earth would I have known that casting out of devils was my right and not His (Jesus) only through your teachings sir! Thank you Sir!!

I came in contact with your message @ age 15, one of the BEST choices I ever made......Your VISION gave my life a meaning. Thank you sir!!!!!! I love you sir

Happy Wedding Anniversary sir/ma! Your marriage is such a Blessing to d body of Christ and humanity, a testament that marriage is sweet wen u marry ur FRND & sweeter wen d HOLY GHOST remains the chief judge. This journey can only go in one direction, UPWARD AND FORWARD ONLY.

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