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💥Celebrating a Luminary! Happy Birthday esteemed Pastor Femi Ajibodu (Group Pastor, CE Kitchner)!💥 Today and always we celebrate you and all that you represent. Thank you for leading God's people to their inheritance in Christ Jesus. Thank you for your dedication and unwavering commitment to the vision of Our Loveworld Nation. We love you dearly. #LIGHTS #CANADA

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#TALKINGSESSION 30TH JANUARY. KINDLY SAY THESE WORDS OUT LOUD. Dear Father, I thank you for giving me the opportunity and ability to influence those in my sphere of contact with the power of the Spirit. I thank you for your blessings and extraordinary provisions in my life. I live to honour you alone, by dedicating my whole life to the expansion of your kingdom. I thank you because you have given me authority over the devil and his cohorts. The victory of Jesus over the devil and the entire host of darkness was for my sake. The enemy has no place in my home, my body, my finances or anywhere around me, in the Mighty Name of Jesus! #cekano #nnwvz2

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💥Happy Birthday esteemed Pastor Jide Afolabi (CE Scarborough Group Pastor)💥 Today we celebrate an Icon of Wisdom and Freedom, A man of Illumination, A man of Leadership and Empowerment, A man for Signs and Seasons. Thank you for your Impact in our Region and Loveworld Nation. Thank you for your exemplary Visionary Leadership that is characterized by Humility and Stability. Your Dependability, Reliability and Personality are 'submarined' in Integrity. Thank you for being a huge plus to our work and to our world. We love you dearly. #LIGHTS #CANADA

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Happy Birthday Praise. You are a wonder to all that meet with you.

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The greatness of a Nation is defined and characterized by the qualities, Aspirations and Achievements of its Citizens. This week we celebrate an exceptional citizen of our BLW Nation - Pastor Deola Phillips, CEO of Our Nation. Thank you for your multifaceted impact in ministry.

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Happy Birthday Past Sir !! Thank you pastor for teaching me God's word.Every word of God you have taught me over the years,have made me the strong and bold soldier in christ am today.I love you so immensely Daddy 💥💥💃💃💥💥🇨🇦🇨🇦 #PasRichSuperKingingOct20

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When we all get to heaven, what a day of rejoicing it will be, when we all see Jesus we will sing and shout victory. Thank you Lord for blessing us with the gift of the life of our precious sister, Pastor Doyin. We are grateful and we rejoice because she lives on in glory.

Dearest Uncle Strong. It's your birthday, and another opportunity to express our deep appreciation for the amazing gift we have in you. Selfless, ever helping, giving, blessing, encouraging, and teaching. Thanks for holding your little nephews' hands to help them cross the road, taking them to the shops and the cinema; buying them toys and playing hide and seek, football, and other games with them; and helping them with their school homework. They've grown to become Pastor Chris and Rev Ken. Thanks, dearest Uncle Strong. As we've grown, so has our love for you. Happy Birthday from all of us. -Pastor Chris

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This is the day that the Lord has made, I will be glad and rejoice in it!

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🎥You've got to see this! Our Dear Man of God dancing "adowa" as taught by the Groom's dad at the Presidential Banquet. There is excitement in the air. #SharonWedsPhil #RoyalWedding

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A Special Interview with the Royal Couple as they share a story of divine connection. #CSOwedsPhil #SharonwedsPhil #RoyalWedding #DiamondReception #CEPHZONE3

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FATHER - DAUGHTER DANCE AT #THEROYALWEDDING 💕 Watch as our Father, the Man of God Pastor Chris, dances with his daughter. #epicmoments #SharonwedsPhil #ceabujamincentre

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A father's love is everlasting and endures for all generations. Congratulations our dear father for leading your beloved daughter CSO into a glorious future with your son, Philip. The Word has gone forth and so shall it be. Prophet and Blessings to the nations. We rejoice in Him!

"But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him" (1 Thessa 4:13-14).

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My fine Boss. You have raised more than a 100 Pastors for the work of the ministry. You handled zone5CMO Department with the Grace that only God can give. You didn't know me but you housed me becos you tot I should be driving to work with U. I love you always MA. Keep resting!!!

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A STORY OF PREVAILING FAITH: One of the inspiring testimonies shared at the September Global Communion Service is the story of Emmanuel, a young boy who was restored back to his parents after being kidnapped. As the family prayed, Emmanuel's kidnapper began to experience a seizure which led to his evil plans unraveled by those in the vicinity. This testimony will indeed put praise on your lips. Watch,Like, Comment and Share! #CEPHZONE3

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Our God is Great!!! Elo has been found! Glory to the Lord forevermore!

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Elo had been found .....praise God forevermore.....rejoicing with A4 and Rita....rejoice with us

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YOUR CONFESSIONS AND YOUR SUPERNATURAL LIFE (PRT 2) It was with unfettered joy that congregants at the CELVZ Sunday service received the Word from our Esteemed Zonal Director, all the way from the LPC UK. At the service, she laid a foundation on the series of teaching: 'Your Confessions and your Supernatural Life', which she introduced at the Mid-week Online Service. What a blessing it is to be taught God's Word and faith immediately leaps into our hearts. Here are a few nuggets from the faith-building words by our Esteemed Zonal Director. ✅ Christianity is called the great confession- there's no Christianity without Confession. ✅WHAT ARE CONFESSIONS? ☑ Our confessions are God's Words, spoken through our lips to praise Him, thank Him and to fulfill His plans and purposes on earth concerning us, other people, places or things. ☑ It's identifying with God in thoughts or language. ✅ WHAT IS GOD'S WORD? ☑ It's that message, declaration, statement that's consistent with God's provision, plan or purpose.  ☑ It's that message, declaration, statement that's consistent what God has done or the plan of God that's come to us by revelation - This is the basis of our Confession ✅THE APOSTLE OF OUR CONFESSION Hebrews 3:1 Wherefore, holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling, consider the Apostle and High Priest of our profession, Christ Jesus; ☑ Jesus is the message bearer of our Confession, He brought us words that reveal God's plan and purposes for our lives, He's the 'heralder' of the message of our Confession. ✅THE HIGH PRIEST OF OUR CONFESSION ☑ Jesus offers our words up as sacrifice. He's the one backing us to ensure what we say comes to pass - He causes our words to be established. ✍ To Do: Be bold enough to say what God has​ said concerning us; for instance, proclaim in consonance and unity with Him that it's your Year of the Supernatural because He has already declared it Supernatural. #CELVZ #Version2.0

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Sunday Service with The Esteemed Zonal Pastor Lagos Zone 2, Pastor Emeka Eze. Sunday 15th July 2018 The Esteemed Zonal Pastor continued on the Series "God's Principles For Increase" As far as you are addicted to kingdom matters, you constantly live a life of financial surplus. Money locates a man that's kingdom conscious. You should consciously sow seeds  Life is easy when God tells you to do something because he makes the provision for it. 1 Cor 9:6-10 1 Cor 3:6 No matter how big a person is on earth, If he's not connected to God he is small  Zech 1:17 As far as you are connected to God, and all you have is connected to him, grace abounds towards you. FOUR BENEFITS OF PARTNERSHIP 1) Your partnership brings you to the center of God's attention because you are bringing His purposes to pass. 2) Your partnership connects you and everything that concerns you with God's Spirit.  3) Your partnership causes you to live in continuous praise and joy 4) God made you a partner to bless you Follow this superuser for more exciting reports! #LagosZone2

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