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TESTIMONY! TESTIMONY!! TESTIMONY !!! Weeks prior to yesterday's Healing and Worship Service with our Man of God pastor Chris, I had been experiencing this excruciating back pain . T'was really bad! My medical knowledge had played various music tones in my head and I had countered every tone with the WORD. I noticed the pain was getting really uncomfortable with every step I took , when I would bend to wear my shoes or sit for long it was sooooo difficult. I did all I could not to make it visible , not even my wife noticed cos I hid it well as I declared the word daily. On Saturday while we rehearsed 6 hours at the LCA one of our choir members came and said "PeeYuu sorry I noticed when you came you sat with a lot of effort; I know you must be tired sorry ehnnn" . I thanked her but in my mind I said "hmmm she doesn't even know how bad I'm feeling here!" Fast forward to Sunday and we are in the Healing and Worship service with Pastor , and I'm sitting on the keyboards these hours playing and no one knows the extreme discomfort I'm experiencing on my seat, not even Bro. Isaiah. I did all the manipulations on that seat and it didn't work . Pastor went on and on and I'm like I can't leave here without this pain coming to a permanent riddance. So as we ministered alongside I was speaking to my body constantly. Then Pastor said " PeeYuu will be singing JESUS IS HERE" . I stood up , went to the stage and ministered the song . While I sang I noticed the careful movements I had been taking were no longer necessary. I could move effortlessly. In my mind I'm saying " oya finish this song first and you will know whether it's true" . So I got done , went back to the keyboards and forgot I was in pains. Later, Pastor said some of you have noticed some degree of change from the way you came in here . That's a sign ! What you need to do now is "seize your healing". That was when I realised the pain had reduced markedly. So I spoke loudly while on my keyboard and seized my Healing!!! By the time the service ended I didn't even remember the pains. I got home , bent to take off my shoes and there was no pain. I screamed " yesssssssssss". It's overrrrrrrrrrr!!!! I woke up this morning and no single pain Phwwwwwwwww!!!! Praise God !!!!!!! What a day to live in . To know we are not helpless. It's beautiful. Thank you Pastor Sir for helping us see God's word as REAL and seeing the RESULTS of the WORD in our Lives. No room for illness in my body anymore...kpam!!! sealed !!! It's a new day !!!!!!!

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After MBTC5 I’m Full of the Spirit I see I do And in 1 day, 3,000 were added

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Beautiful Pastor Lebo @plebo Happy Birthday Thank you for being so inspiring And for your dedication to Pst Ose I love you so so much 💕

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Bro Jean Paul & Sis Sarah Trace, we’ve officially welcomed you to the LoveWorld Nation today so no more play play🤪 Bro Jean Paul, you’re to reach 3.5Billion people with ROR by March 31st Sis Sarah Trace, I saw the innovative way you sucked your pacifier , so you’ll do more!

Love is Amazing Pastor Chelsea QED

The Best JTC Group of 12 in #CELVZ Our time together will be great We'll: 1. Win Souls & Retain them, not just preach 2. Bring FTs to church 3. Be a part of 1MillionRhapsodyOutreaches with pictorial evidence Ilovemygroup🥰🤗

Happy Birthday Aunty Josephine. I love you 😘

Happy birthday to a good man, Bro Henry Siyaka @henrol . I love you

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CELVZ ON THE MOVE ~ IT'S PRAYER FESTIVAL & COMMUNION SERVICE WITH OUR MAN OF GOD @ LOVEWORLD CAMP GROUND, ASESE We Are Boarding & Moving Already If YOU Are Not Here Yet, Hurry! Your Bus Is Waiting For You If You Are Driving It's Go Time We Are Going To Camp Ground We Are Expectant Accelerating The Year of Perfection Hurray!!! Call Everyone & Let's Go #CELVZ #prayerfestival #communionservice

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Updated her profile photo still feels like a dream..... Online Ministry Dept- Winner, 1st Position; Department of the Year 2019 (Caregory B), - A tie with ISM Dept

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Who else is feeling the January 2020 Rhaposody Cover

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When a Picture Speaks More than a Thousand Words...... Congratulations my beloved Director, Sister Please give this picture a Caption as our way of celebrating with Esteemed Pastor Omoh Alabi 😍

This video brought smiles and tears.. Particularly the ending I've watched this video severally I'm watching it again as I write Still the same impact Overwhelming gratitude, smiles and then, tears.. Tears of joy... Many things come to mind The times of prayers, Listening to the Holy Spirit Following the guidance of my man of God... Countless hours of reviews, planning, meetings, work ... hard work.. Late nights, little sleep, no sleep Sheer determination to make it count, To distribute more, reach more, save more, translate more, enlist more... all came to this - That in the 2019th year of the Lord, In the year of lights The Rhapsody of Realities Department of the LoveWorld Nation would be crowned triple - the Most Innovative Department of the Year, the Partners' Department of the Year and the Ministry Department of the Year. What a year! The joy on the faces of my co-labourers.... so heartwarming This is for you Lord Jesus Thank you for the commendation Thank you Pastors and partners Thank you translators, ministers, everyone...for working with us. Thank you Pastor Sir for telling us Well done Now I look forward even more eagerly to that day when I shall hear it from the lips of the Master. From a grateful heart Please join me again to thank the Lord #rhapsodyofrealities #thankyoupastorchris

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for everything and more... 🎶Alpha and Omega The beginning and the ending My life belongs to you Worthy of all glory To you my hands I raise 🙌 My life belongs to you. I give to you all the worship For my life belongs to you Hallelujah I sing praises🎶🎷 For my life belongs to you. Thank you dear Holy Spirit for my year as a burning and a shining light Please join me to thank Him....

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