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Happy Super Birthday Dearest Sis and Passionate Pastor. You are of a great Blessing in Ministry, In the Zone and To Gods people committed into your trust. Ending Joy, Supply,Greatness,Inceease and Supernatural Miracles are Yours Keep walking from Glory to Glory. love You Sis

Happy Birthday Dearest Highly Esteemed Pastor Temmy Nwankpele. Great Blessing in Ministry and In the Zone. Gracious and Full of Glory. Thank ma for being You to everyone. I celebrate you Esteemed Pastor Ma Love you

Celebrating A Great Productivity. A soldier of War Dedicated Leader Passionate and Exceptional Son of Ministry. Happy Birthday Dearest Esteemed Bro Charles Of your Increase there shall be no end. We Love you So greatly. Thank you for being the Best in your Work with Gods People.

Nothing else in this world matters, but to consciously serve God.Worry free Life is the key. Prayers, Feeding on his word, and let his righteousness rule in all things. #IamaservantofGodWithAdifferent# HAPPY SUNDAY

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Updated her profile photo

Happy Super Birthday Dearest Esteemed Pastor Sir. I celebrate you Greatly for all that you do in Ministry and Gods Kingdom. We Love you Dearly Sir

Am committed to this

Happy Birthday Dearest Esteemed Sis Arianna Mgbe. Light that shines everywhere.I celebrate you Beloveth.For all that you do in ministry and Gods Kingdom.Thank you. Increase Grace. Love you You Dearly

Happy Birthday Sir. We Celebrate An icon, We Celebrate God's Grace, We Celebrate Very Dear Son of our Dearest Father.An Exceptional Pastor with excellent Spirit. Of your Increase There shall be no end.Gods Grace are in abundant unto you.From Glory to Glory Sir. We Love you.

So much Positive Words to say concerning You. Beautiful Wife of my Friend. Happy Birthday Dearest Sister. For your Increase There shall be No End. 😍Love you Dear.😍

Worrying Cannot add Anything to you. When God Smiles at you. Available God and A seeking Person are always sure to find each other.God will Never fail a seeking Person. SEEK HIM ALWAYS. BEAUTIFUL THURSDAY. #ProundMummyRhemaandZoe#

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Happy Birthday Dearest Zoe, My Daughter Name-sake. I pray for you, on your path theee shall be no limitation. Glorious and supernatural of the Lord shall ye continue to do.Life dispenser. Keep growing in Spirit and Gods wisdom. I Love you

Happy Birthday Dearest Esteemed Sis Happiness. Golden Voice, Diligent Daughter and Helper of war. We celebrate you Beloveth.For All that you do in the church, Ministry and Gods Kingdom. we say thank You. Keep waxing greater and greater from Glory to Glory. We Love You

Happy Birthday Dearest Esteemed P.Napo.We celebrate you always. Keep shining and winning. Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Dearest Esteemed Sis Edith, We Celebrate the Christ In You. Thank you for the undeluted Love towards Gods work and your personal Commitments to the ministry.We Love you Dearest Daughter of Consolation. You will do much greater Works. By the power of tye Holyspirit.

Happy Birthday Dearest Esteemed Angel. I celebrate Gods Goodness and Grace on your life.Keep Shining and doing wonders in Gods Kingdom and Ministry. I Love you Big.

Happy Birthday Dearest Esteemed Sis Prudence. For All that you do in Gods Kingdom and for the Bethren. We declare of your increase there shall be no end. You are a true Daughter of our Man of God in ministry. God bless you Mightily. We Love you Dearly

Happy Birthday Dearest Esteemed Bro Samson. Burning and A shining Light. Gods own kindhearted, Humble and Son of our Man Of God. Strong soldier in the body of Christ.Able Cell Leader. We celebrate and Love you Bro Samson. God bless you

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