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HURRAY!!! I celebrate a worthy Father and Mother. Happy wedding anniversary of the highly esteemed most Rev. Tom and the highly esteemed Pastor Joy Amenkhienan. Thank so much Sir /Ma for the inspiration of your marriage, life and ministry. I love you dearly


C E JIKWOYI 2 RHAPATHON SESSION: Celebrating our nation with our messenger Angel


Still on the "every Teenager a TEEVO BIBLE" matter. Thank you Most Rev. Sir

Thank you Most Rev. Sir for the gift of the TEEVO BIBLES. " Every Teenager a TEEVO BIBLE " is a done deal. #amcabuja#everyteenagerabible

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HURRAY!!! IT'S R815 : Celebrating an Icon. THE MOST REV. TOM AMENKHIENAN. Thank you sir for the opportunity to be in your AION. I love you dearly. #R815 #celebratingrevtom

KCCSMW2020 CATCH-UP HAS BEEN A PHENOMENAL SUCCESS!!! Join us today for the final session of the CATCH-UP...Log on to to access all the Super sessions, workshops, product launches and more! The classes will be available on demand on DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY. #kccsmw2020

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1Million outreaches fiesta participants fro CE JIKWOYI 2 Karu Group, AMCAbuja. RORFiestaFCT, #1moutreachfiesta, #fctabujafiesta, #AbujaMinistryCentre, #CEAMC.

Participation from CE JIKWOYI 2, Karu Group.RORFiestaFCT, #1moutreachfiesta, #fctabujafiesta, #AbujaMinistryCentre, #CEAMC.

Celebration Grace, Passion and Excellence. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR. We love you. #peloho2206

I am stired for intercession. The smallest church can change anything #EXPOSE'onprayer #amcabj

With a grateful heart I lift my voice in praise... It's another BIRTHDAY today. I celebrate God's abundant grace in my life, with a grateful heart and Thanksgiving.

Christ is my wisdom and sanctification and righteousness and redemption. Glory to God#wordfest2020#Abujaministrycentre

God trusted Joseph nos. 1,2,&3 and they delivered. I am Joseph no. 4(the fourth man) He can trust me. #wordfest2020#Abujaministrycentre

I am a sent one. I use my faith for the gospel. I belong to the final leg of the relay. #wordfest2020#abujaministrycentre

Loving Jesus and making him my focus is not optional. Loving him is to keep his word. Doing his word is by knowing his word. Study the word#wordfest2020#abujaministrycentre

I make spiritual advancement in life. I am equiped for this.#wordfest#wordfest2020#CEAMC#Abujaministrycentre

Sights without sounds from CE JIKWOYI 2 2019 awards#AMCabuja,#karugroup,#jikwoyi2

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