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FROM CE JIKWOYI 2, we are grateful to our Man of God for the opportunity to stand the gap with him in prayers #PRAYINGNOW #PCLPRSYERTHON2020 #IAMAPRIESTINOFFICE #CEKARUGROJP #CEJIKWOYI2 #ABUJAMINISTRYCENTRE #NIGERIA

“Recognize those you’re to give access, and be prompt to do what the Lord has placed in your heart Also, recognize those the Lord has placed in your path to give you access, It’s a principle in the Kingdom of God, and you have to understand it” ROR 01/21 #hislovecompelsme

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I am so looking forward to GRAPATHON

Reaching out with the Messenger Angel. Taking the word to every man's world. #RON2019 # Am Abuja #cejikwoyi2

Reaching out with the word and seeding the land through our messenger Angel.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a amazing personality. Pastor ma thank you for always making a positive impact at any encounter with you. Thank you for building lives. We celebrate you even and the heavens rejoice because of you. We love you. - From your children at C E Jikwoyi 2.

Earlier Today: Visitation of the Esteemed director of the church growth international Pst Lanre Alabi at one of our church facility in Bonaberi #ewcaz4 #CGI

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We celebrate an Icon, a missionary soldier. A mighty man of our man of God Pastor Chris. Most Rev. Tom sir ! You are amazingly phenomena. We are grateful to God for the gift that you are to us. We love dearly. -From all your children at CE Jikwoyi 2.

Happy birthday sir. I am always grateful that I met you several years ago. Thank you sir for your selfless services to God and humanity. As you mark another birthday, the Lord perfects all that concerns you in Jesus name. Amen.

Happy birthday sir.

Happy birthday to my one and only daughter, ANGELICA The Lord magnify you, keep you and sustain you all the days of your life. His abundant grace is lavished on your life. Wisdom and understanding are granted you. Your feet shall not slide in Jesus name. Amen. We love you.

i am looking forward to pray!!!! Have you registered?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our highly esteemed Group Pastor. We celebrate a champion, a mentor, a motivator and a man of the spirit. Pastor sir thank you for showing us that the only way is the Spirit way. We love you dearly.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR SIS FAITH. God keep you and sustain you. Your light shines everywhere.

Happy Father's day sir. We deeply appreciate your tutelage and care sir.


ANNOUNCEMENT: POST-#GOHPWITHREVTOM PRAYER AND FASTING PROGRAM BEGINS TOMORROW, MONDAY 10TH JUNE!!! GLORY!!! Beginning from tomorrow, Monday 10th June and throughout this week, we will be praying intensely for the establishment of the great harvest the Lord granted us at The Glory of His Presence, and for the success of all our post-program plans and activities. We will also fast till 4:00pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and converge in our churches by 6:00pm each day to pray and execute our plans. Personal prayer times will be 5:30-6:00am and 10:15-10:30pm daily, in addition to the Corporate Prayer Time by 6:00pm in church. Daily Prayer Guides will be posted here on our KingsChat SuperUser page. Participate joyfully and inform everyone. God bless you. #GOHPWITHREVTOM #AMCGOHP2019 #GOHP2019 #CEAMC #MONTHOFPRAYER

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It's yet another birthday! Thank you Lord for giving me a Teacher, Father and mentor to teach me your word and lead me in the path which I must follow. Lord as I sorjoun in this earth, all I ask is the grace to grow and become more like Jesus everyday of my life.

Prayer rally for GOHP with Rev Tom at old Parade ground. #GOHPWITHREVTOM, #GOHP2019#AMC

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