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Rejoice!! Corona virus has been CUT OFF! We are still within reach. Secure a house or land at Asese or Shimawa with 30% deposit! For enquiries and more information call us or reach us on our social media and instant messaging platforms. #makingeveryoneahomeowner #kelseygreeneproperties


We’ve got the victory HALLELUJAH! Every knee has BOWED, Every tongue CONFESSES HE IS LORD!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Texas & The United States for Christ Jesus💥

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CELEBRATING GOD'S PERFECTION🎉🎇 Happy Birthday Dear Esteemed Pastor Becky Kanamkai! Thank you for your commitment to the work of the ministry. We love you! #birthdays #march #monthofknowledge #perfection #cephzone3

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GLORIOUS TESTIMONY!!! This Testimony was sent by Sis Lynett (Elegance cell, CE Nairobi 1). Good morning everyone. I have a testimony! Yesterday just after supper,at around 8pm, my baby started coughing and vomiting. Then out of nowhere, her temperature shot too high. I tried all I could, including giving her calpol, but her situation became worse. She was crying and helpless. I didn't know what to do at that moment. I thought of rushing her to the hospital but I was afraid because there were policemen everywhere. I thought of calling my neighbour who has a car to help me take her to the hospital but then, just before I opened the door, the Holy Spirit of God prompted me to just login to the Global prayer program which was almost beginning. Immediately I logged in, I saw that section for 'send your prayer request' then I did. Immediately there was a response that ' your baby is going to be well by the end of this program'. This gave me peace. As we were watching and praying, just before Bishop Clarence McLendon started speaking, my baby fell asleep. By the time the program ended, she woke up and asked for food which she ate very well without vomiting and went back tosleep. The baby slept peacefully without fever or anything. She woke up this morning at 8am, eating and playing normally. Perfectly healed! Glory to God! #gdop #globaldayofprayer #cekenyazone

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Thanks to all of you ministers of the gospel, and many wonderful saints of God for helping to organise tonight's extraordinary prayer meeting. We've made tremendous changes in the realm of the spirit. The Lord answered our prayers and blessed us all. Over 3 billion people participated around the world; probably the largest online prayer meeting ever. The testimonies are overwhelming. We're receiving messages and testimonies from so many who had never been Christians, deeply impacted and received salvation in Christ tonight. The Lord be praised evermore. Watch out for the rebroadcasts, and as we said at the meeting, we'll have live programs for you and with you everyday for the next 7 days beginning tomorrow. Remember the fasting and prayer from 6am to 6pm daily, be sure to indicate which 15 min segment of any of these days you'll be in the prayer chain, using the link: Thanks again. The Lord bless you more and more, in Jesus' name. Amen.

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IT'S TIME TO BOOT-OUT THE DEVIL! Join Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn at the Global Day of Prayer holding tomorrow! Get your GDOP Avatar @ #ism #GlobalDayofPrayer #PastorChris

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To participate in Arabic للمشاركة بالعربية

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BEWARE OF CYBER CRIMINALS! Don't click on links in phishing emails or reveal your banking information to anyone impersonating your bank or World Health Organization. #globalfinancialliteracyinitiative #financialliteracyforall

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CELEBRATING DENISE Happy Birthday My Sweet Dear, Daddy loves you very now and always.. Grow in grace and wisdom as you enjoy your new age... Rule and dominate your world for Jesus till he comes.... I am so proud of you!

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8 DAYS TO KNOWLEDGE CONFERENCE Don't miss it for anything!

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Today is my mum's birthday 🍷🍾🎂🍨 Deaconess Felicia Mebaghanduneye Edun. She also birthed me spiritually. Mum made me memorise large portions of scriptures as a child and till now, whenever I pray, these scriptures come to my consciousness. Happy birthday mum. @edunfelicia

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OUR ARABIC-SPEAKING MINISTERS ARE READY FOR THE GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER WITH PASTOR CHRIS AND PASTOR BENNY HINN! انضم إلي الراعي كريس و الراعي بني هين لتجعل الطاقة هائلة والديناميكية متاحة في عملها (يعقوب ٥ : ١٦ ب) منن الترجمة المكبرة "ampc" عرض مباشر عبر جميع المنصات مدرسة الخدمة الدولية (ISM). التوقبت (7 مساءً بتوقيت غرينتش+ ١ ) للاستفسار عن كيفية الاشتراك ، يرجى الاتصال على الأرقام التالية: +2348023390631 ، +2348086753317 ، +2348173910271. يمكنك أيضًا إرسال بريد إلكتروني إلى: #ISM #GlobalDayofPrayer #PastorChris

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WHAT IS FINANCIAL PLANNING? Financial planning is not about pinching pennies, working with massive spreadsheets, or working extra hours to make ends meet. It is about having the right systems in place to build wealth. Financial planning is making the most of your assets in day-to-day life and in planning for your future. #financialliteracyforall #globalfinancialliteracyinitiative #monthofknowledge

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Watch this Special Video on The Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn; coming up this Friday, March 27th, 2020.

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This Friday, March 27.

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Genesis 6:13-14 (NIV) 13 So God said to Noah, “I am going to put an end to all people, for the earth is filled with violence because of them. I am surely going to destroy both them and the earth. 14 So make yourself an ark of cypress[a] wood; make rooms in it and coat it with pitch inside and out........ Gen 6:22 (NIV) Noah did everything just as God commanded him. #financialplanning #financialliteracyforall #globalfinancialliteracyinitiative

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Do you have a financial plan for 2020? Its our month of knowledge thus, in the next few weeks of this month we will be sharing information on Financial Planning. You don't want to miss it! Follow us and turn on post notification. 😉 #globalfinancialliteracyinitiative #financialliteracyforall

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Happy Mothers Day ma..

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Amidst the chaos and fear in the world at this time, here are words that will bring you HOPE, JOY AND STRENGTH. Truth is, you'll be glad you clicked this link below👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

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A4A STARTUP & INNOVATIONS GRANT RECIPIENT CONCLUDES PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PHASE, SET TO HIT STORES!! The Startup & Innovations Grant is both an Incubator and Accelerator Program for young budding entrepreneurs in Africa; providing requisite funding, mentorship and business development fundamentals to aid market penetration and scaling. A4A Youth Initiative, through this program, provided funding for a young innovator whose signature chemical process converts plastic bags into premium shoe polish. Research and development for the product has been concluded with new products discovered in the process; bye products of the chemical process have now been converted to Germicides and Hair Creams (Initial product sale to begin from retail stores across Nigeria!). With new jobs already created, imminent local adoption, cut in importation of related products and evident export potentials to international markets, this is a huge win for the African socio-economic framework powered by Africa for Africa Youth Initiative! ..maximising Africa's resources.. #Africa4Africa #A4AYouth #A4A

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