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💥RECEIVE THIS SPECIAL PRAYER FOR PARTNERS FROM OUR HIGHLY ESTEEMED REGIONAL PASTOR, REVEREND KEN. GLORY! HALLELUJAH!💥 *Remember to share the special prayer with others. God bless you. #RevKen #Perfection #Canada

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Celebrating a beautiful and glorious union! Happy Anniversary to our esteemed group pastor, Pastor Kobby & Pastor Cythia Saah! Thank you for you liquid love and exceptional leadership! We love and appreciate you! #cecalgarygroup #cecalgaryne #cecanada

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💥Psalms 100 (KJV)4 - 5 4 Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise: be thankful unto Him, and bless His name. 5 For the Lord is good; His mercy is everlasting; and His truth endureth to all generations.💥 Come and let’s celebrate God’s Goodness in our Lives. Happening this coming Sunday, it’s our Annual Thanksgiving Service across the Region. Yes, we are giving thanks for a Most Glorious Year of Lights. Glory Hallelujah! Blessings in Thanksgiving 🙌🏽 #THANKSGIVING #CANADA #BlessingsinThanksgiving #Lights

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The Spirit of God says, "You're indestructible! Nothing shall by any means hurt you". It doesn't matter where you might find yourself or what has happened around you, there's a 'divine' atmosphere to shield and protect you against the harsh conditions and negative circumstances of life. You're divinely shielded and immune from everything that hurts, binds or destroys. Everyone around you may have an infection due to the outbreak of an epidemic, but not you. There's something about you, in you, and around you that makes you more than a conqueror! There's something that creates an atmosphere of health and victory around you; it's the indwelling and abiding presence of the Holy Spirit. So refuse to fear. You're shielded from harm, evil and destruction. Though a thousand may fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand, it shall not come nigh thee." Glory to God. ~ Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. #thanksgiving #wehavemoved #lima #blessings #talkingsession #ippc2019 #ministry #loveworld #affirmationtrain #thankyoupastorchris #newyearservice

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You cannot be defeated unless you choose to be defeated. No defeat! - Pastor Benny Hinn #YourLoveworld #Praiseathon

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PAPA PROPHESIES TO US AT HIS BIRTHDAY BANQUET. TRANSCRIPT: Dec 7 2019 Banquet and words of Prophesy from Our dear man of God Pastor Chris... 2020 is going to be an extra ordinary year and the Lord has put everything in place. It’s all in place and all we have to do is just step in His plans . In 2020 no complaints. It’s like this the picture is before you act like it. He will show you the picture and when you see the picture act like it and when you act like it everything the picture holds will be there, act like it… When I see the picture that I am standing here, all I need to do is not to care about all what I saw that is not yet there .. All I need to do is to stand in the way I saw in the picture and all others will show up. When you start acting like what you saw in the picture everything else will be there. The Lord will bless you more and more in Jesus name Amen Because the Lord has given His word and He has stopped the enemies advancement The distraction that was planned by the enemy has been stopped by angels. Do not be afraid for I am with you. He said his presence with you cannot be denied and that which Satan has planned has been turned. They will not only enter into 2020 with soundness and grace, but they will finish it with victory. None will be ashamed and by his mighty hand we will sing a song of Praise and joy.💝

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Glooorrryyy!!! Our Dear Bro.Chibukem preached in his school and won over 30 grade nine students to Christ. We preach the Gospel everywhere! We are truly inspired! #CECalgary #CECan

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More from Loveworld UK zone 4 precelebration activities for the children. In honor of our Man of God Pastor Chris. Thank you Sir for giving our lifes a meaning. We love you Sir

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We love you sir! #IDS2019 #Offer7 #cebramptonwest #canada

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CEKITCHENER “Roll up your sleeves” in community service in commemoration of the Birthday of our man of God, Rev.(Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome by donating food and rendering services within our community. Spreading God’s love and the gospel of Jesus Christ !!!! #IDS2019 #CECanada

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Celebrating our Man of God on his birthday #Offer7 #IDS2019 #InternationalDayOfService @ #CEMontreal #Quebec #Canada Feeding, giving out care packages, warm wear, ROR & sharing salvation prayers with some lovely homeless persons at our city centre.

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CE Calgary still celebrating our dear President. The children's cottage home say big thank you Pastor. we love you Pastor! #Dec7 #Celebratingmypastordec7 #Cecalgarygroup

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CE Calgary Teens still celebrating our dear President. we love you Pastor! Thank you sir. #Dec7 #Celebratingmypastordec7 #Cecalgarygroup

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Happy Birthday to our Life-Coach, Teacher, and Father. Thank you Sir for your enthusiasm to teach us The Word. We love you so dearly Sir. #Offer7 #Dec7 #DanceChallenge #CECalgaryGroup #CECanada

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It was our international Day of Service in recognition of our Man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Birthday. It was our honour as Christ Embassy Calgary to present special gifts to the Children’s Cottage in order to make positive Changes in the lives of families and their Children in the community. We are privileged to celebrate our Dear Man of God by making a positive Influence in our community and truly impact the lives of those in need as we have been called to do. We Thank You Pastor for this Opportunity!  🎉 Happy Birthday Pastor! 🎉 #CECalgary #CECanada

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CE Calgary still celebrating our dear President. we love you Pastor! Words are not enough to quantify your impact in our lives. Thank you sir. #Dec7 #Celebratingmypastordec7 #Cecalgarygroup

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Happy birthday to my Pastor, Mentor, teacher and father. Thank you for transforming my life with the word of God. I am ever so grateful. Love you Sir.....

Good morrning Beloved Saints of God. Its the birthday of our President Pastor Chris 💥💥💥 thank you Sir for transforming my life. I am a product of the Word of God that you preach. I love you dearly Sir💥💥💥💥

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FATHER AND YOUR FATHER! Today Our Loveworld Nation is the Confluence of The Celestial and Terrestrial Celebration. Today Man and His maker are rejoicing, Today there are births recorded, but no deaths Contemplated, today Angel's rejoice in their duty post with Myriads of them in Lagos to witness Order, Excellence and Beauty in their full Strength. They have come to see the Power and the Force of Wisdom at work in this Man of God whom their Creator talks to so frequently. Today our Nation Celebrates Light, Love and Leadership. Today Our Nation Celebrates Vision, Passion and Action. Today, we Celebrate Capacity, Vivacity and Audacity. Today we Celebrate Agelessness, Timelessness and Pricelessness. Today, The World Celebrates the Word of God, the Worship of God and the Wisdom of God Lovingly and Liquidly manifested, endlessly expressed and Lavishly Displayed in this rare Seed of Abraham, born of David's Line, whose life and times through the years have been Characterized by Healings, Miracles, Signs and Wonders that were not done in a Corner nor through cunningly devised fables. How do you Celebrate this non mysterious mystery ? Hardly does he call anyone his son or daughter yet millions of Sons and Daughters yearn for his FATHERHOOD all around the World. Isn't this a mystery? ( If you think it's not, just think of how many have run or retired from your fatherhood, then you will appreciate my cogitation ) we call him The Man of God, Our Man of God, Pastor, Father, Daddy, Shepherd,, Mentor, Life Coach, Captain, Pilot, Master, Boss, Commander, Our General, Our Teacher, Our Apostle, our Prophet , our Friend and Senior Brother etc. These are not titles! No, they are not. Truly, Pastor is these and more in our lives individually and COLLECTIVELY. Thank you sir for Structuring our lives for endless growth and Possibilities. Thank you sir for positioning us in the right direction. Thank you for helping us to choose the essence and leave behind the nonsense. Thank you Pastor sir for guiding our pursuit of purpose in Christ Thank you sir for ensuring eternity is constantly set in our hearts. Thank you sir for your understanding of the times and knowing what Israel (the church) ought to do. We are constantly at your command. Today and Always we celebrate you, our dearest President, the Father and founder of our Loveworld Nation, Happy birthday to youuuuuuuuu!

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