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Presido!!!! So much to say about you Bro Femi and all them good things... God bless your kind and amazing heart. Thanks for the friendship, for always being available, for your calm words and for always being the voice of reason... God bless you richly and abundantly. Much Love

Have you met my Teacher?! He teaches me God's Word and how to live victoriously every day and in all circumstances through the Word. Thank you Pastor Sir #celagoszone2


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Soul winning on course....... 60 Days of evangelism. Mega Outreach planning on the go! We are set!

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Wow... 60 days of harvest is on going.. #lagzone2 #apapagroup

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Day of Bliss....... Every tree a forest..... In our catchment

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The Count up has began..... #celagoszone2 #dobs #megacelloutreach

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60 days of harvest is on. #lagzone2

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APPLAUDING OUR QUINTESSENTIAL PARTNERS IN THE MONTH OF AUGUST!!! With joy and thanksgiving we celebrate the Highly Esteemed Pastor Emeka Eze and Partners of Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 2 for joining hands with us in saturating the airwaves with God’s Word and enabling many more receive the glorious truth of God’s Word through your sponsorship of the Loveworld MENA project. Your sponsorship is making waves in the Middle East. We love you dearly #Loveworldmena #middleeastrevolution #LTMNetworks  

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#BreakingNews - #Thisisit HIGHER LIFE CONFERENCE GHANA WITH PASTOR CHRIS Gloryyyyy!! This is what we've been waiting for. Date: Friday 25th October 2019 Venue: Black Star Square Ghana is set for a new wave of transformation. A night of Blessings! Gloryyyyy!!! Spread the Word!!!

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Happy birthday dear Deacon Jeff. You are a great person. Your love for the House of God and it's progress is inspiring. I love you and appreciate you greatly. Have a beautiful year with increased Grace, wisdom and favour. God bless you

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The Lord has done great things whereof we're glad. He filled our mouths with laughter. We praise His majestic, Holy and oh so beautiful Name. It's Thanksgiving and we're thankful for Abifoluwa Jody, Mololuwa Jefferey & Toluwani Jessie Olawoye. #olawoyetriplets #loveworldtriplets

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Celebrating one so special. Happy Birthday dear Pastor Nat. There's no dull moment with you. Thank you for all you're doing with the Teens ministry. Thank you for being such a helper of the War. I love and appreciate you so much. God bless you immensely.

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#3daystogo - ZONAL DAY OF EVANGELISM!!! Soulwinning Affirmations... Say these words to yourself: 🗣️ I am a soulwinner 🗣️ I have received the ministry of reconciliation and I am fulfilling it daily 🗣️ My life counts for the salvation of many in my catchment and all around the world 🗣️ The gospel is like fire shut up in my bones. I will not be quiet about it 🗣️ I am super excited about the Zonal Day of Evangelism!!! Glory to God!!! #celagoszone2 #zde #wec #iamasoulwinner

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Glooooorrrrryyyyyy It's my birthday And I Have Moved in Grace, capacity, faith etc MY address has changed. I'm 1000 times greater Thank you Jesus

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