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Happy birthday dear sister Funmi. Glorious things are spoken of thee. Thank you so much for all you do in touching lives with our messenger angel. God bless you.

Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor! Thank you so much for all you passionately do for LTM. We love you very dearly ma

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Happy Birthday mighty woman of God

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Wow!! Another time of refreshing today praying on Pastorchrislive. Thanks to D Teams Pst Tunji & CE North East Pst Femi & CE Akobo Pst Ojo & CE Felele Pst Oaks & CE Apata #pclprayerthon2019 #prayingnow #swz1 #pastorchrislive #nigeria #southwestregion #prayingwithpastorchris

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Happy birthday to a woman of faith. Glorious things are spoken of you. Have a splendid day. #Ceyola #NNEVZ1 #Northernregion

SPECIAL SERVICE WITH HIGHLY ESTEEMED SECRETARY GENERAL OF THE LOVEWORLD NATION Sunday 16th of June 2019 will remain memorable for a long time as Pastor Kayode Adesina (SECRETARY GENERAL LOVEWORLD NATION) shared profound truths about FAITH with the brethren of Christ Embassy Ibadan North . Taking his text from Hebrews 11:1-6 Matthew 4:4, Romans 4:17 and Numbers 13:27-29, he emphasized some key points: ☆Faith is simply working the word of God. Faith is a law. Denying the law of gravity is not a proof that it doesn't exist. ☆If you understand how faith works it will work for you but if you don't know how it works it will work against you. ☆The way God talks is different from the way man talks. ☆Our tomorrow is already God's yesterday. ☆God doesn't recognize impossibilities. ☆Never forget in your life, majority report does not work. The report of the 12 spies was evil because it was not consistent with God's provision in his word. Several people were led in the prayer of salvation. Worthy of note is the prayers and prophecies he pronounced on the brethren, Oyo state and the people of the state. It was indeed a glorious service. WATCH OUT FOR MORE UPDATES! #secgeninibadannorth #pastorkayadesina #ceibadannorth #nswz1 #swregion #monthofprayer #Yearoflights

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STILL SHOWING GRATITUDE FOR OUR 10 YEARS WEDDING ANNIVERSARY * A big Thank you to our Highly Esteemed CEOs and Directors over the years for standing with us from the beginning. * A big Thank you to our Great CEC Members * A big thank to our CHAIRMAN and his lovely wife #JUNE13

10TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY GRATITUDE TO OUR FATHER. Our lives have been a magnificent demonstration of the words that you proclaimed upon our lives 10 years ago. Thank you so much sir. We love you. #JUNE13 #SHELLYLIGHT #BRENDAJORDAN #PASTORCHRIS #YEAROFLIGHTS #CEIBADANNORTH

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Celebrating a Dynamic Duo!❤👨‍❤‍👨💍 Our Pastors, Pastor Light & Pastor Shelly Morafa on your 10th Wedding Anniversary!!! Your union has been a joy to the kingdom of God and you truly encapsulate the scripture that, "two will put ten thousand to flight"! We Celebrate you today as always. #ceibadannorth #ceibncelebrations #10thweddinganniversary #yearoflights #nswz1 #southwestregion #prayathon

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CE IBADAN NORTH MONTHLY LEADERS CONFERENCE Good morning esteemed leaders. In a few hours (9am to be precise) we will be having our monthly leaders conference. Today's meeting promises to be insightful, interesting, thought provoking, action promoting, doubts dissolving, motivating, captivating, result oriented, reassuring, powerful, strengthening and 'health improving'*(Spiritual, mental, psychological, emotional and physical). The previous month, we looked at the LEADERSHIP PROCESS... Our Theme for today 8th June, 2019 focuses on - " THE PRICE OF SUCCESSFUL LEADERSHIP. In leadership, there's a price to pay. We will emphasize the value, cost or Consideration for a leader to be successful. In Law, for any contract to be valid, legal and binding, there must be 1. An offer 2. An acceptance 3. A Consideration (price, cost or value) Leadership is like a contract: 1.God offers it to you 2. You accept it 3. You pay the price or consideration for it to be valid (Successful) According to our man of God Pastor Chris, Growth or success is not a miracle or a mystery. It is the application of revealed principles and means. Find out some of those principles and means at today's leaders conference. You will be glad you did. We will also be reviewing at our 1.EXCEPTIONALISM 2. EXPANSIONISM 3. PERFECTIONISM as a nation. I look forward to seeing you and your members being raised. God bless you. Pastor Light Morafa CE Ibadan North. #monthofprayer #leadersconference #ceibadannorth #NSWZ1 #SouthWestRegion #Pstlightmorafa

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No holding back! #Ceibadannorth #NSWZ1 #SouthWestRegion

#Rhapathon live from Nigeria South West Region Zone 1 earlier today. Pastor Light Morafa leading the prayer session from CE Ibadan North. #pclprayathon2019 #prayingwithpastorchris #ceibadannorth #nswv1 #prayingnow #nigeria

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We say a very special thank you to the Highly Esteemed Pastor Light Morafa. The Advantage Conference Ibadan North was very successful. Thank you sir.

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#TAC2019 #TACIBADANNORTH2019 #LGNRULES #LGNIBADAN #LGNGLOBAL Do This: - Create content that would meet needs - Market the content created - Deliver content You would be rich,powerful and successful. Discover a need and meet it.

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#TAC2019 #TACIBADANNORTH2019 #LGNRULES #LGNIBADAN #LGNGLOBAL The Highly Esteemed Pastor Light Morafa (Group Pastor CE Ibadan north)

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TAC2019 #TACIBADANNORTH2019 #LGNRULES #LGNIBADAN #LGNGLOBAL Opportunity + preparation = success The Holy Spirit gives the advantage Never cut corners, there is no short cut to excellence

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#TAC2019 #TACIBADANNORTH2019 #LGNRULES #LGNIBADAN #LGNGLOBAL Would you rather endure the pain right now and enjoy i future or ignore the pain and regret in future. Anticipate success, what you don't expect you can't get.

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Excitement in the air as Christ Embassy Ibadan North in conjunction with the #LoveWorldGraduateNetwork hosts The Advantage Conference tomorrow June 1st, 2019. LGN: Networking Success #TACIbadanNorth #TAC2019#TAC #LGNIbadanNorth #LGNrules #LGNGlobal #ceibadannorth #southwestregion #staffweek2019 #blueelite

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