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ARE YOU READY?..., #HSOPC #Autumnsession2020 #healingtothenations #hspn #hspc

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY PST JONATHAN. Indeed your passion and zeal for the ministry is so so inspiring. Thank you for blazing trails with the Message of our Man of God and for being a provision for the Ministry. I love you so so much.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ESTEEMED PST MOSES OLAYEMI. It’s such joy knowing you. You’re so full and love. Thank you for all you do in the Ministry of our Dear Man of God. I love you BIG.

Happy birthday to my Handsome Brother, The son of my father. Each time with you is lively and enjoyable. Brother Gideon Oluwole-Isaac it's your year of PERFECTION. You're set on the path of greatness, excellence and completeness. I LOVE YOU DEARLY.

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Happy birthday our beloved son, Gideon Oluwole-isaac, its your year of perfection. Dad and Mum love you dearly.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIDEON!. 7yrs ago God gave us a miracle in you. Everyday since then, your life has been a miracle. Yet, the best is yet to come. You’re growing in God’s word and Wisdom, you’re a wonder to the world and the answer to the cries of your generation. We 💕 you loads

I CELEBRATE YOU Happy Birthday to my FRIEND and Brother whom I love dearly Knowing u for almost 4 decades, I never cease to be inspired by your Focus & Passion. Every counsel from u is always full of truth & love Thank u for being a Blessing to the Ministry of our Man of God.

Happy Birthday to a great and Perfected Sister and Friend SIS FOLUKE MATTHEW. Thank you for being such a blessing to the Ministry of our Man of God and for loving my family and I so dearly.

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Happy birthday of Perfection to an extraordinary son of consolation to our MOG, Esteemed Pastor Niyi Oluwole Isaac. Thank you for your complete dedication to the vision of our ministry. Thank you for your love for me and my family. You are highly appreciated and I love you.

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Celebrating the Esteemed Pastor Niyi Oluwole Isaac, A committed and consistent son of our MOG. Thanks for all you do for the Lord and your love for the Loveworld Nation. Happy birthday. I love you

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A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Sister and Friend. Beautiful inside and outside, never to be caught without a smile. Thank you for your passionate love and commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Message of our Man of God. Enjoy your PERFECTION!.

Celebrating God's Best! Happy Birthday Pastor Ma! We love and celebrate you.

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Happy birthday sweetheart, I love you. #EXTRAORDINAIREPNO #EWCAZ2

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Celebrating my dear brother, friend, a bona-fide Son of our Man of God, eminent gospel luminary and breaker of records.Thanks for being an inspiring reference point in many things. Thanks for your audacious faith, love and passion. Thanks for raising many to do more. I love you.

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AND WHAT SHALL I MORE SAY? For space would fail me to tell, of how you showed me early; -how to follow the Man of God, - how to dare things and chew up target. You also showed how to; through faith subdue kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtain promises, Happy Birthday Sir!.

A FATHER LIKE OURS, WHO CAN FIND... - Ever-loving and ever-caring, - Always ready to show and teach us the path of life and greatness. - Tender, patient and always kind. - Always believing is us and our dreams - Never giving up on us. A MENTOR LIKE OURS, WHO CAN MATCH - Always teaching us everything to make us the first and the best. - Never withholding anything from us. - Always willing to give a second change. A PROPHET LIKE OURS, WHO CAN BE... - Always praying for us and building us with Words. - Creating platforms for us to affect our world. - Building our life continually with Prophecies. Thank you DAD for being the BEST and making us the BEST. We 💕 ❤️ 💗 DAD, you’re our HERO. Happy Birthday Sir. #Dec7 #dec7 #ewcazone2

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