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LUKE 13:6-9 WHO'S DRESSING YOU? "He spake also this parable; A certain man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard; and he came and sought fruit thereon, and found none. Then said he unto the dresser of his vineyard, Behold, these three years I come seeking fruit on this fig tree, and find none: cut it down; why cumbereth it the ground? And he answering said unto him, Lord, let it alone this year also, till I shall dig about it, and dung it: And if it bear fruit, well: and if not, then after that thou shalt cut it down". 1. Know, my dear brethren, the believer in Christ Jesus is the fig tree. 2. The Father is the certain man who has planted the fig tree. 3. The dresser is my Pastor who will "dig" and "dung" me with the Word and the "Spirit". 4. After 3 years, where's my perfection ie the results (fruits) of the Father's purpose for planting me? 5. A TREE NEVER EATS IT'S OWN FRUITS ie my productivity is not for myself. I am the beneficent fruit producer. Within 3 years, I am to be (for the Lord) a tree that produces fruit that benefits the Lord (more of this in a later post). 6. The intercession of my dresser is very important. As he digs and dungs me (cell leadership, partnership, Soulwinning), it is very important to me that I respond well to him. #myperfectlife #yearofperfection #abkmc

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#TALKINGSESSION KINDLY SAY THIS WORDS OUT LOUD. Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for Your pulsating life that permeates my entire being. I am a partaker of the divine nature; an associate of the God-kind! I am filled with Your fullness; therefore, health, joy, prosperity, victory and the glorious life are my present-hour inheritance. I’ve been born into the life of dominion, success, and joy. My life is for Your glory. I thank You for You have chosen me, and ordained me, that I should go and bring forth fruit, and that my fruit should abide. In all that I do, I prosper! I am consistently fruitful and productive, making progress and advancing in life on a daily basis in the Name of Jesus. Amen. • Keep saying it, publish it everywhere; noise it abroad! In Christ, we've got something to shout about. Let's flood the airwaves, internet and print media with the reality of Christ. Speak in other tongues now. ~ Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. #uplifting #affirmationtrain #lights #illumination #leadership #empowerment #pastorchristeaching #talkingsession

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Carel Films x LMAM Media Production Presents ☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀ IN THIS PLACE - DEE DORIS ☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀ Watch, Comment, Like, Reshare #peeayforever #peeay #phenomenallife #phenomenallifewithpastoramaechi #cephzone1 #deedoris #carelfilms #lmam

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#communitiesofpractice #ceportharcourt #cephzone1

#THE!! #HAVEN!!! #NATION!!! #CONVENTION!!! #2019!!!! It Is The Gathering Of King's Kids To The Palace To Meet with The King for Instructions and Impaction for Another Higher Level

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DONE AND DUSTED!!! A Proud Revolutionary Confirmed! Pastor Amaechi Udeaku and Partners of Christ Embassy Port harcourt ZONE 1! We celebrate you so specially and rejoice in your light that shines gloriously in the Middle East! #Therevolution #middleeastrevolution #LoveWorldMena

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#wec #ceonitshazone #ceozonalchurch #ceozglobalpcf #ceozmycity

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Happy birthday to my phenomenal Zonal Director!! Thank you so much Sir for your eternal investment in our lives. You have impacted my life personally and I am ever grateful to God for you. I love you Sir

He is full of grace & truth He's got the Word He is very handsome He's got the swag He is phenomenal, NO, he is a PHENOMENON! Happy birthday to my Pastor & Zonal Director. Thank you sir for showering me with so much love. I love you endlessly! #Peeay731 #Phenomcaptain #cephzone1

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Happy birthday to my lovely wife. Thanking God always for gifting you to me. It's a new level of grace and exploits for you. Thank you for all you mean to me, our children and the ministry.

PRAYER GUIDE FOR HIGHER LIFE CONFERENCE PORT HARCOURT, MONDAY 7TH JANUARY, 2019 PRAYER TIMES: 6:00am - 6:30am and 10:00pm - 10:30pm PRAYER THEME:- IMPACT OF THE WORD ◾️Declare that every word that our Man of God speaks on that day will be backed by signs and wonders. He will not speak with excellency of speech or enticing words of man’s wisdom but with the demonstration of God’s Spirit and power 1 CORINTHIANS  2:1-4 And I, brethren, when I came to you, came not with excellency of speech or of wisdom, declaring unto you the testimony of God. For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified. And I was with you in weakness, and in fear, and in much trembling. And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power:) ◾️Declare that as the word comes forth, the Spirit of God will convict the sinner of sin and they will receive the word into their Spirits and be saved.  JOHN 8:9 And they which heard it, being convicted by their own conscience, went out one by one, beginning at the eldest, even unto the last: and Jesus was left alone, and the woman standing in the midst. ◾️Declare that everyone that comes sick will be healed by the power of God’s Spirit. The bound will be made free, the broken hearted will be mended, their questions in their hearts will be answered and we will have mind-blowing testimonies. ACTS 2:43 And fear came upon every soul: and many wonders and signs were done by the apostles. ACTS 6:8 And Stephen, full of faith and power, did great wonders and miracles among the people. LUKE 4:18 The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised. ◾️Thank God for a fresh infilling of the Holy Ghost; and diverse manifestation of the gifts of the spirit at this meeting such that everyone would be literally transported and transformed into a higher level of glory. 2 CORINTHIANS 3:18 But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord. ACTS 4:31 And when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spake the word of God with boldness. ◾️Pray that in this program, we witness healing for the sick, restoration and deliverance to the oppressed, and a total transformation of lives. LUKE 4:40 Now when the sun was setting, all they that had any sick with divers diseases brought them unto him; and he laid his hands on every one of them, and healed them. #HLCPH #HLCPH2019

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SPREAD THE NEWS! A Special Christmas Edition of "Your Loveworld" with Pastor Chris & Pastor Benny Hinn is here! Get ready for another time of Supernatural upgrade on Your LoveWorld ! Showing LIVE on Loveworld Plus & all Loveworld Networks worldwide. Date & Time: Friday, 21st December: 1AM - 4AM & 7PM - 10PM Nigerian Time Saturday, 22nd December: 1AM - 4AM & 7PM - 10PM & 10PM - 1AM Download Loveworld Plus Mobile App today! (Available on Google PlayStore, Apple Store and Windows Phone Store).

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Happy supernatural birthday to my amiable Group Pastor! It's from glory to glory #pbn

Day1 PM Session - Going LIVE!! #SpecialPrayerProgram #YOURLoveWorld Are YOU ready to make tremendous power available for change and transformation around the world? Participate LIVE on all LoveWorld Networks, LTM & Radio Networks and on CeFLIX, LiveTV, CLoveWorld & CeTunes Mobile Apps. Keep following this SuperUser for updates. #MonthofPrayer #PrayingNOW

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Begins TODAY!! #PrayerOnYOURLoveWorld Glory!! It's a "throne-room caucus rendezvous". Starting today @11:00am GMT+1, join our man of God, Pastor Chris in a series of Special Prayer LIVE Broadcasts on #YOURLoveWorld. Showing on all LoveWorld Networks, LTM & Radio Networks and on CeFLIX, LiveTV, CLoveWorld & CeTunes Mobile Apps Remember, we are praying and fasting 6:00am - 6;00pm; keep following this SuperUser for updates. #MonthofPrayer #PrayingNOW

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You: Happy birthday, dear Pastor Mel! May you continue to soar and increase in influence. Thank you for making out work easy!

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