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Happy Father's Day Dear Dad. You are simply "The Best". I love and appreciate you dearly dad.

Congratulations to Tiff baby da fashionista🥰😍 on your Graduation. It's a new level of 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ times greater Love you gal @tiffanyisesele #GYLF

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Happy Birthday to someone so special and dear to my heart. Thank you so much ma for all you do in Ministry, in LWPM and especially in Church 2 Flourishing Agape Group. Thank u for loving Jesus the way u do. I love you so much. We all love you ma. Keep shining!

#ValiantPLA Uhmmmm.. how best do I describe U?A sister!? friend? An example of other believers? A fun-loving and kind-hearted personality?🤔... A PASTOR 4 alltime? What do you call the person that invited you to join this great ministry at your 100level in the university?😍💖😘🥰

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#ValiantPLA Over two decades ago, at Ogun State University, U invited me to join our beautiful and great nation😘. You said, "YOU SHOULD BE IN BLW" simple invitation with deep conviction,,'like God was speaking thru U!🤔He actually did!😁 Thank you 4 d glorious invite! HBD Mam🥰

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A Boss like no other... A Mother to me... Thank u Ma for d opportunities u have given me,for believing in me and entrusting me wit so much... Thank u for loving me and my family specially... I celebrate the Glorious Light that u are today! Happy Birthday Ma! I love u❤ #ValiantPLA

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Blow D Trumpet in Zion🎺🎷📯 Sound an Alarm in D Holy Mountain A Treasure of Inestimable Value is Born This Day! A Confirmed Daughter of our man of God-Pastor Chris A Helper of D War A Daughter of Consolation Shout it on the Mountain Top🔊 Tell it in the Valley low📣 #ValiantPLA

The Day we've all been waiting for is finally here - Glory to God! Happy Birthday Dear Pastor ma. Thank u sooo much ma for all u do in Ministry, in LWPM, and especially for us CELVZ Church 2 Flourishing Agape. We love uuu. Muahhhh🤩💖☺❤😘💕 #ValiantPLA #CELVZC2 #LWPMFlAgape

The Clock is ticking:Tick-Tuck Tick-Tuck; The D-Day is almost here. Celebration Mode Activated. Dancing shoes are ready👠👡👟👞 We are Praising God in Victory for our Esteemed HOP & Group Pastor💃💃💃. We 💖 u dearly ma🤩☺😘 #ValiantPLA #CELVZChurch2 #LWPMFl.Agape

Love is the flag flown high from the castle of her heart and that's y we can't b Mute till the whole world knows that #06/03/19 is all about #ValiantPLA

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Glory! The clock is ticking for our Estemmed HOP Pastor Lola #ValiantPLA

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Celebrating our Esteemed Group Pastor in Grand Style: -Thank you sooo much ma for saying yes to God. -Our lives have been transformed because u answered the call. -We are so glad you gave. -We love and appreciate you dearly ma🤩😚❤😘💕😆 #ValiantPLA #LWPMFl.Agape #Church2 #CELVZ

Happy Birthday Dear Bro Dayo. Thank you for your faithfulness and commitment to the work of the Ministry. You are a treasure of inestimable value & ur light shines brightly everywhere. Congrats on ur new level. I love you.

HBD Dear Esteemed Sis Vivi. Thank you so much for all you do in Ministry and in LWPM. Congratulations on your new level Grace, Glory, Relevance, Impact & Influence. You're 1,000 times greater. Keep shining Sis Viv. I love you.

What can I say to God for blessing me with this amazing man as my Staff, all I can say is Thank you Lord,I am grateful. Pls join me in Celebrating a Dedicated,Committed, loyal & Faithful Br Dayo You are so Passionate & Faithful. May God continually Bless & increase U greatly.HBD.

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Today I celebrate someone very dear to me @ laviv aka kim😍🤣. How I love you my dearest sister. I celebrate your new level today. The Lord by himself has magnified you for all to see .Thank you for your love and care for me. Biko where are we parrying today🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️😎😂😁

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Happy birthday dearest Leroy, what a fine young man you are growing to become. You are so well mannered and warm to be around. Jessy’s friend and buddy. Continue to grow in grace, wisdom and understanding. We all love you from our side of town. Enjoy🎂🥤🍦🍰

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Getting set for the Pray-A-Thon! What a glorious month ahead 💃💃🕺🕺

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She hears the Word ! She talks the Word ! She does the Word ! She lives the Word ! She wins the Word ! She's the Word ! She's Unstoppable !!! #ValiantPLA

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Glorious Birthday to you Dear Pastor Lola!! Your light shines brighter and brighter.

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