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Happy Birthday Dearest CSO we love you @carissasharon

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Happy birthday to my father's daughter, dearest Sharon, an epitome of grace and beauty of the Spirit. Thank you for all the beautiful songs, you have given the body of Christ: I KNOW AN EXCELLENT HOLY SPIRIT JOY, JOY, JOY, JOY Just to mention some Thank for ever being so loving, warm and caring. I love you 😍 💕🌹👌 Enjoy your very beautiful life

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Happy birthday dearest @carrisasharon you are blessed and highly favoured and I love you super 👌, the years ahead are greater 💖

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We prayed We fasted Now we recovered all. #CEVI1 #CELZ5

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📢📢📢📢📢📢 Watch this exciting Lovetoons Affirmations episode with our amazing 🥰🥰 Michelle. Enjoy it🤣🤣, like it💓💝, share it🙏🙏 and make a comment✍️✍️. #lovetoons #lovetoonsaffirmations #lovetoonstv

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MY DAILY CONFESSIONS. TUESDAY MY LIFE IS UPWARD AND FORWARD! My hunger has been quenched through the Word of Christ which dwells in me richly in all wisdom and spiritual understanding. My life is upward and forward only; I’m fruitful in every good work as I increase in the knowledge of God. I’m alive to God, and I belong in the Kingdom of His dear Son where I reign and rule by the power of the Spirit! I walk in the finished works of Christ, being the direct beneficiary of His vicarious sacrifice. I’m strong, because He’s strong! And I live because He lives! Glory to God forever! Download Cetunes mobile App from Google Play Store or Apple App store, use the word "excellence'' as reference code to enjoy unrestricted access to 250+ Radio stations on the LoveWorld Radio networks. Android iOS Kindly reshare! #saythiswithme

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A very special birthday to my graceful and gorgeous Áyongé Mummy. Your commitment to the Lord and passion for his work is a tremendous inspiration to me personally and of course to all the saints. And you look so beautiful at 79. That gives me an idea how my Babe will look at that age. As your days are, so is your strength. I love you so much.

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#PhotoSpeaks📷📷📷 Awesome moments at "NONE OF THESE DISEASES", a Special Online Healing, Miracle and Healathon Service with our Highly Esteemed Zonal Director! LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE THIS! #healingnow #NoneOfTheseDiseases #TheSingingChurch #TheShoutingChurch #TheGloriousChurch #CEPHZONE3

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#PhotoSpeaks📷📷📷 Our Highly Esteemed Zonal Director ministers healing to all participants across Rivers State and beyond, connected via the internet, terrestrial TV and Radio stations. The power of God is being transmitted through the airwaves. Healings and miracles are taking place everywhere. Hallelujah! LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE THIS! #healingnow #NoneOfTheseDiseases #TheSingingChurch #TheShoutingChurch #TheGloriousChurch #CEPHZONE3

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Massive protests in Germany. But most media lying about it. See for yourself

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Full of thanksgiving, I celebrate my dearest daughter Victoria. Happy 18th bday Tori; thanking the Lord for the kind, caring and thoughtful heart He has given you. You are a child of destiny and you fulfil God’s calling upon your life. Love you loads!!! U sure had a blast today!

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Inspiring Session of knowledge, faith &.growth with the esteemed CGI Director at the Abuja MC Business & Entrepreneurship Conference! #AbujaMinistryCenter #CGI #unstoppableChurchGrowth

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Yookos is for Today. Start your account on Yookos ASAP. Follow my accounts on Yookos: @pttdotcom @ptt_incredible #yookos #yearofperfection

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Happy Birthday Dearest Dcns Titi⚘⚘ You are very precious & I love you! Thank you for your beautiful heart, excellent in speech & ever willing to take on more! The lines are fallen unto you in pleasant places; all your paths are full of blessings & peace with prosperity I love u❤

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Happy Birthday Dearest Pastor Gloria⚘⚘ A Most Valauble Team Member! Thank You for your steadfast commitment in service in ministry all these years and for your contributions to the work in ICM4C. The Lord bless you abundantly and increase you in every way. I love you dearly❤

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Have you started your Yookos account? Honestly? Yookos is a fantastic app. I've enjoyed using it. I use it to tell stories that inspire, that are funny, that are informative and thought provoking. It's a more informal space than KingsChat. Best of all, it's from Loveworld. Go and have great, educational, inspirational and commerce fun on Yookos. Yes, you should buy and sell on Yookos marketplace. Download the Yookos app from the app store. Google or apple. By the way, when you get on Yookos, do follow my 2 accounts: @ptt_incredible & @pttdotcom

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Happy Birthday my darling Praise! You're so full of the Holy Ghost, A living Epistle of Christ. Always radiant with His glory and beauty. Ever loving, kind and so caring. Excellent and gracious. What a priceless gift and blessing you are to me. What a joy watching you grow in wisdom and knowledge. You're my pretty Angel. I will always celebrate you. I love you so dearly.

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CELEBRATING GOD’S EXCELLENCE Happy Birthday to our Dear Sister Victoria Akinwolemiwa! You are a burning and shining light. You live a life of excellence and success everyday. Welcome to the morning of your life! We love you dearly❤️ #MONTHOFRECOVERY #PERFECTION #SONSOFMINISTRY #PRAYINGWITHPASTORCHRIS

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ARE YOU A PART OF THIS? #LOVEWORLDASIAPROJECT. The current world population is estimated at 7.8 billion. Asia alone as a continent has 4.6 billion people, this means that about 65% of the entire world population lives on one continent. In pursuant of our divine mandate of 5 billion souls, Asia by reason of numerical strength has become a focal point. Loveworld Asia, a proposed Television station located in the Republic of the Philippines , is a 24/7 TV station that will broadcast the gospel on terrestrial and satellite in major Asian languages to the entire continent. Join us in the actualization of this project!

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Azzadi Music Concert🎶🎶🎶🎶💃💃💃💃 #Happeningnow Ceindia1 🇮🇳🇮🇳

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