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Congratulations Bro Yinka ( Eyan yiii) and Pastor Toun. It can only be God I rejoice greatly @ptoglory @christlivesinme

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Congratulations Brother Yinka and Pastor Toun,we thank God for our LWPM new additions.We welcome our beauties into the LoveWorld Nation.God’s loving kindness is overwhelming. This is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes. We are filled with praise and thanksgiving💃💃💃💃💃

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It's Thanksgiving! Glory to God! Behold the Olawoye Triplets!!! Welcome to the LoveWorld Nation!

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The Lord has done great things whereof we're glad. He filled our mouths with laughter. We praise His majestic, Holy and oh so beautiful Name. It's Thanksgiving and we're thankful for Abifoluwa Jody, Mololuwa Jefferey & Toluwani Jessie Olawoye. #olawoyetriplets #loveworldtriplets

Celebrating a beloved jewel of inestimable value - valiant Pastor Lola! A gallant and valiant soldier for Christ. A gospel activist, dependable and excellent in all things. A daughter of consolation to our man of God. Thank you for your love, zeal, passion and commitment to the vision of the ministry and Pastor. I appreciate your special love for me and invaluable support and impact in the Publishing Ministry Rhapsody and CELVZ. You'll continually be a pillar of strength and influence to your world as God’s grace is multiplied towards you in all things. Keep shining and soaring with aheadship @1000 times greater. I love you dearly! #ValiantPLA

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LANGUAGE (/ˈlaNGɡwij/) "A system of communication used by a particular country or community" E.g "The Rhapsody of Realities is available in over 1100+ languages It's the season of languages; Did you hear that glorious testimony from one of our members from the CELVZ Yoruba Church tonight? We are spreading the Gospel in as many languages as possible. This Sunday, at the Language church(es), we are ready to receive your guests and souls won in whatever language they speak. You can send names of these souls won to: 09092131655. #CELVZ

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Happy birthday Pastor @pfd I love many things about you but one of the many that easily comes to mind is your selflessness inspite of of all and your very inspiring commitment to the Gospel (thats 2 😁). Your testimonies are always jaw-dropping. I love u ma.

Today i celebrate 45 years of God's goodness! 29 years of following my Man of God, 22 years of working in this great ministry & 18 years full time! And in these years God has brought amazing people across my way. I'M STILL HERE!!!

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Thank you Among PLA. You're ONE in a million. Im sure i got my passion from you. Thank you for being so open and for being so blunt in your appraisals You are priceless indeed and you made an indelible mark in my life. God reward you ma'am. I'M STILL HERE!! I'M STILL HERE!

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THE SPECIAL THEME IN GOD’S DISCIPLINE IS LOVE! When people hear the Word ‘Discipline, oftentimes, their first thought is on punishment and chastisement. However, our Esteemed Zonal Director, teaching on the ‘Discipline’ aspect of the series: Character, Integrity, Discipline and Excellence, which she began last Wednesday explained that this isn’t always so. Discipline, she explained, is the attempt to improve behavior or orderliness by training, conditions or bringing of specific roles- conditions that are imposed for the improvement of behaviors. The Holy Ghost is a person of discipline, integrity, and order (Genesis 1:1-4), which is why it's important to be in Church because that’s where He has placed the 5-fold ministry gifts over us for the training and discipline of His body that we may be thoroughly trained for His work. The Church is a place for the coaching on the things of the Spirit - to be triumphant and victorious in every circumstance. She added that Discipline isn't only about punishment and chastisement and that the central theme in God's discipline isn’t to destroy, humiliate or embarrass but Love (Revelation 3:19) - to bring up to maturity and perfect discipline. Having this knowledge, do consider the following nuggets from the glorious message: ⭐  God can’t use you or take you from one level of service to another except you're disciplined/trained because training makes you reliable, dependable. Reuben was described as unstable, untrained, and unable to control his appetite- he had all the abilities but couldn't possess, because he lacked the character and character is built through discipline ⭐  Always desire to be a vent for the manifestation of the Spirit because God wants to do big things with you but you have to be ready by way of training. This is because there's an improvement in behavior that's required. ⭐God wants us to mature through the training by His Word- He can stir in you a desire, but the action must come from you (John 7:37-38). No matter your opinion or culture, the final authority must always be the Word of God, because He wants to bring order in your life and He does that through the coaching of His Word. ⭐  As good as being disciplined is, there's a higher level in self-discipline (1 Corinthians 9:24-27). Self-control /self-discipline is a proactive measure to limit the reactive nature from outside sources, which is important because God doesn't want you to lose your crown and His desire is that there'll be a complete manifestation of His life through you — He doesn't want anything holding you back, but wants you to shine very brightly, which is why He's training you (Luke 16:10). ⭐ One of God's principle for advancement is diligence with what you've been given, including your body. Don't wait to be chastened or rebuked, invoke self-discipline on yourself, it prepares you for the next level. ⭐ God desires that when you start something, you finish it; He wants you to be a perfecter, a finisher, one that completes that which is committed to you (Zechariah 4:8-9). #CELVZ

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CELVZ LEADS GLOBAL PRAYERS FROM 1PM - 2PM TOMORROW WEDNESDAY JUNE 5TH! Glory to God! CELVZ will be leading the Global Prayers at the Pastor Chris Live PRAY-A-THON from 1pm - 2pm tomorrow, Wednesday, June 5th. Click here to participate: Do kindly find the schedule below: 🕐 1:00pm - 1:15pm - All Church 1 Groups 🕐 1:15pm - 1:30pm - Church 2, 3, 4 and the First Timer's Ministry 🕐 1:30pm - 1:45pm - LCA Churches 5&6 🕐 1:45pm - 2:00pm - Teens Church, Youth Church, Phenom Church, Foundation School, Children's Church and others. Do kindly participate in these glorious times of prayer and remember to post on your Kingschat timelines using the hashtags: #PCLprayathon2019 #Nigeria #CELVZ #PrayingNow

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Happy birthday dearest Pastor ma. I love you ma #Valiantpla

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Happy Birthday dearest Ma. You exceptional in every sense of the word; a worthy icon and one of the truest examples of followership. I love you ma and thank you for loving me so dearly ma #ValiantPLA

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Celebrating a symbol of absolute loyalty...#ValiantPLA

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Celebrating with the esteemed Pastor Lola Aisida @sheryl1234, you're an inspiring minister, exemplary leader, a passionate follower of our beloved ZD and our man of God. I'm glad we're on the same team and I love❤️ you very much. #HappyBirthday

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Happy Birthday Ma. You are a blessing to your generation. No dull moment. I love you BIG

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Happy birthday Pastor Lola. I wish you a great day and many more glorious years ahead. Thank you for your passion for ministry and dedication to the Master's work. Love you dearly. Congratulations

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